There are many different sites online that can help you establish a budget, track your expenditures, save for special occasions, and manage your money online. Here are 10 free sites that are worth exploring in your spare time.

Mint – Mint is a free money management tool that helps you see how you are spending your money. It was originally designed for American users but has since evolved to include tools for Canadians as well. Not every Canadian bank account can be linked to this site, but Mint is constantly adding new institutions to its list.
PiggyPal – Credit Canada, a non-profit agency, created PiggyPal to help people monitor and improve their daily spending habits. The tool notifies you when you have gone over budget and congratulates you when you control your spending.
Yodlee – Yodlee's free Money Center makes it easy to track your spending, pay your bills, and control your budget. The site allows you to view all of your information online or print detailed finance reports.
Wesabe – Wesabe helps you get answers to your finance-related questions. The site's built-in community also offers plenty of support and ideas for personal and family budgeting.
BudgetPulse – Unlike many budgeting tools, BudgetPulse does not link to your financial accounts. It is perfect for the security-minded individual who wants to establish a budget, create saving goals, and track their spending online without entering private bank account information.
The Savings Spot – Created by the Royal Bank of Canada, this free tool helps you determine how much you can save based on your income and expenses. The tool is easy to use and even includes a savings calculator designed to help you meet your savings goals.
Canadian Capitalist – Canadian Capitalist offers several useful online calculators in addition to a portfolio tool that allows you to track your investments and see how well they are performing. Other site features include forums, a free newsletter, and articles on saving, spending, investing, taxes, and retirement planning.
MoneyProblems – MoneyProblems provides online calculators, a free debt evaluation, articles, an anonymous Q and A blog, and other budgeting tools for Canadians. The site also offers a free forum for people who would like to discuss their debt problems and lean on others for support.
Fiscal Agents – This financial service group provides a range of free tools for individuals, including saving and investment calculators, retirement planning calculators, and personal budget planners and worksheets.
Red Flag Deals – Red Flag Deals is an online bargaining community that can help you find deals on the things you buy. Although this is more of a spending site than a saving site, it can help you keep your budget under control.
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