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10 shortcuts for cleaning your home in record time

Clean Your Home Fast

What if you could clean your home in half the time (or less!) than it takes you now?

It’s possible! You don’t have to spend an entire weekend cleaning a week’s worth of messes anymore. With a bit of creativity, there are many ways to clean your home in record time.

1. Keep a cleaning caddy on each floor of your home.

Instead of having just one bucket of cleaning supplies that you have to tote around with you to each floor of your home, consider having one set of supplies for each floor. We have a small caddy (purchased from the dollar store) in each of our bathrooms and it makes cleaning up so much easier.

2. Wipe down your shower after each use.

I have to admit that this is something I was told time and time again by friends and family, but I would always forget to do it after I was done in the shower. Not anymore! My husband and I have been doing this for the past few months now and I am amazed at how long our shower stays clean.

We have a squeegee hanging around the showerhead and we just quickly wipe down the walls after a shower. This prevents grime from building up, which means I don’t have to clean the shower as often – which is a huge relief, since that is my least favorite chore!

3. Sweep the kitchen floor every night.

Do a quick sweep after dinner every night and you don’t have to worry about mopping your floors very often (we clean ours 2-4 times per month, that’s it!). When there is even just a tiny bit of dirt on your floor, if you spill a drop of water, it will really accentuate the dirt. Now, if you sweep every night and the water spills onto the floor, it will simply dry and won’t look dirty.

4. Have a 10-minute tidy session every night before you go to bed.

Like I’ve mentioned before, a great way to keep your home clean and organized is to spend just 10 minutes every evening to quickly tidy up your home.

Get rid of all trash, put out of place items back where they belong, and make your home inviting for when you wake up the next morning. This little bit of time will make waking up much more enjoyable.

5. Load or wash dishes and wipe down your counters after each meal.

Every time you finish a meal or snack, load your dirty dishes into the dishwasher (or wash them by hand) and quickly wipe down your countertop. It’s a much more tedious task when you have a huge pile of dishes to load/clean at the end of the day than it is to take care of just a few dishes at a time.

Also, wiping down your counters often makes messes much easier to clean.

Truth be told, this is still something that I am working on, but the progress that I’ve made so far has really been helpful. I no longer dread walking into the kitchen to make our next meal.

6. Do one load of laundry per day.

Most people do laundry once per week, and if it’s just you at home, or maybe you and one other person – then this schedule might work. However, with little ones, pets, and a whole lot of messes, once a week laundry can be something that eats up an entire day.

I recommend doing one load of laundry from start to finish every day. One day could be towels, then children’s clothes, then mom’s clothes, then dad’s clothes, then rags, etc. Get into the habit of completing just one load of laundry each day and you may finally be able to tame the laundry monster.

7. Make your bed every morning.

Making your bed is another thing I suggest doing on a daily basis. It’s a simple task that only takes a few minutes in the morning and it really does make your whole room look cleaner.. even if it isn’t.

8. Clean messes when they’re fresh.

Nothing is worse than having to scrub dried jam off of your countertop at the end of the day because you didn’t clean it up when you spilled it. Messes are much, much easier to clean (and less time consuming) when they first happen, as opposed to hours later when they have had a chance to dry.

Don’t waste your time scrubbing away at messes every night. A quick wipe when the mess first occurs is a much better idea if you want to save time cleaning your kitchen.

9. Easily clean caked-on messes in your microwave by heating up a bowl of water and lemon juice.

Do you often get food caked onto the inside walls of your microwave from splattering food? You’re not alone! An easy way to get rid of the gunk without scrubbing is to put a bowl of water and a splash of lemon juice (or vinegar) into the microwave and heat it up for 30-60 seconds. The steam will work to loosen all of the caked-on food.

Then, simply wipe the microwave clean with a rag (dry or damp).

10. Keep kitchen counters clutter-free.

One of the best ways to make your kitchen appear bigger and cleaner is to remove as much as possible from your countertops. You should only keep out the items that you use on a daily basis (such as a knife block, tea kettle, etc.) – but everything else in a kitchen cupboard or storage.

Your kitchen will not only look cleaner with less stuff on the counters, but it will also be a lot easier and faster to clean because you won’t have to keep moving things out of the way to clean underneath them.

To clean your home faster, follow just 2 or 3 tips from this list. I assure you that they will make so much of a difference in your life, that you will want to try more of them and eventually cleaning your home will not feel so much like a chore!

Do you have any time-saving tips for cleaning your home?


  1. Amy

    Tackle one task every day. I do half an hour of chores every day instead of hours on the weekends. I’m more motivated because I only have a little to do – it doesn’t seem as overwhelming!

  2. christine

    We have created a chore chart. Each member of our household has a job each night. For example monday sweep floors, tuesday clean powder room. It only takes 1/2 hour each night and the weekends are free to enjoy. Its better then just flaking out on the couch and we share the workload.

  3. Christina

    Close closet doors, kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers! I find that throughout my day, I leave these open as I put away dishes, laundry, towels, etc. or go about my daily routine. But I found that if I make a habit of closing them (although the content inside of them may not be organized) it gives the appearance of a cleaner house!

  4. Connie

    Great post Cassie. I try a lot of these and they do make such a difference. However I do fall off the cleaning wagging once in awhile and everything gets done on the weekend.

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