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10 tips for longer lasting clothes

Longer Lasting Clothes

10 tips for longer-lasting clothes

Clothing can be very expensive, which is why it’s extremely important to take good care of the clothes that you do have, so that you don’t have to replace them as often.

The following are a few tips for longer-lasting clothes.

1. Invest in high-quality staples

I don’t like to pay full price for anything, but there are some things you should invest in, and that includes a few staple clothing items.

For example:

  • Winter Jacket
  • Spring Jacket
  • Jeans (2-3 pairs)
  • Dress Pants (1 pair if you don’t get dressed up often, 2-3 if you do)
  • Bras
  • Underwear
  • Socks (100% cotton – to prevent stinky, sweaty feet!)
  • Little Black Dress
  • Belt

You save money by investing in some key staple items, because they usually last longer, so you don’t have to replace them for quite some time after you make your purchase.

When you are investing in a high quality article of clothing, be sure to look at the seams. Are the sewn properly or do they look messy?

How does the garment feel? If it doesn’t feel good in your hands, it’s definitely not going to feel good on your body.

2. Hanging or folding?

Make sure that you are folding all clothes that can be folded and not hanging them, and clothing that needs to be hung is not being folded.

  • T-shirts – Folded
  • Dress Shirts- Hung
  • Jackets- Hung
  • Jeans – Folded
  • Leggings – Folded
  • Swimwear – Folded
  • Pajamas – Folded
  • Sweaters – Folded

3. Avoid frequent washings

Washing your clothing breaks the fibers down, so you want to avoid washing your clothes for as long as possible. This is key for longer-lasting clothes. You honestly do not have to wash an article of clothing every single time you wear it. I know it seems normal to toss your clothes in the hamper when you take them off, but sometimes that’s just not necessary.

Of course, if your clothing is clearly dirty, wash it. If it’s covered in sweat, wash it. But if it’s neither of those things – it’s probably okay to wear at least one more time before you throw it in the washing machine.

This is going to sound totally disgusting, but if I can’t tell if a shirt is dirty or not, I smell the armpits. That’ll often tell you if the shirt is dirty or not!

4. Wash in cold water

Many (but not all) fabrics hold up better when they are washed in cold water, as opposed to hot or warm.

There is no need for you to wash clothing in anything but cold water (unless of course, your clothing tag states HOT). Not only will your clothing last longer, but you will save loads of money off of your energy bill as well.

5. Zip and tie before washing

Always zip up all zippers and tie all strings together, to avoid those articles of clothing from ruining everything else that you have in the washing machine (and possibly ruining themselves)!

One time I forgot to tie up the strings on one of my hoodies and when I took it out of the washing machine, the string was all 3/4 of the way out of the hood and was all chewed up. I never did end up getting that string back into the hood.

6. Wash your clothing inside out

This is one of the absolute best ways to ensure longer lasting clothes – when you wash your clothing without turning everything inside out, the colors are going to fade very quickly.

If it’s too much work for you to turn everything inside out before a wash, do it as you take your clothes off and toss them into the hamper. That way everything is all ready to go on laundry day.

7. Wash your undergarments with care

Bras and underwear made of fabrics other than cotton tend to break down quickly when they are exposed to the heat of a dryer. Hang them to dry instead, so that they will last much longer.

Don’t forget those little mesh bags for bras. You can find these at many dollar stores and they are fabulous for keeping your bra straps from getting tangled around other articles in your washing machine (don’t forget to fasten the bras, as well).

8. Clean your shoes often

You should try to wipe down your shoes often, to prevent dirt from sticking around for good.

Just use a damp cloth and clean off your shoes before putting them away. It’s a good idea remove any large dirt clumps or pebbles from the bottom of your shoes as well.

9. Treat stains immediately

Stains are much easier to remove from clothing if you tend to them right away. Don’t let them sit… and definetely don’t try just putting them through the wash. If you put a stained item into the dryer, that stain is going to be there for good.

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10. Separate your whites & darks

Always seperate your whites from your darks, if you want your clothing to last longer. Dark clothing can bleed onto your white clothing and white clothing can leave lint on your darks.

Do you have any tips for longer-lasting clothes?


  1. LPC

    Here are other tips:
    * don’t use bleach when cleaning whites. First, you don’t need it, since there are better ways to get stains out. Second, it breaks down the fiber, affecting how long you can wear the garment.

    * don’t use fabric softener (liquid or sheets). Fabric softener is another product you don’t really need, since it coats fibers, affecting how much water they absorb. The only instance you might need it is when a garment contains polyester and you want to reduce static cling.

  2. EF

    Please be careful with cold water detergent. We were told after we needed a repair man (wanna talk $$$$??) in to fix our washing machine that an occassional HOT wash is necessary to keep build up from affecting your washing machine. If you ALWAYS wash in cold, it will wear your washing machine out faster.

  3. Alix

    I find the Blue Dryer Balls are exceptional for reducing static and are far more environmentally friendly by not adding more chemicals onto your clothing, and exhausting out into the air, through the dryer.

    I bought one set about 6 years ago now and have never bought fabric softener since! Imagine the savings to my wallet and the environment!! 🙂

    For scent, I sometimes added a small swatch of fabric with a few drops of lavender or tea tree or some essential oil scent into the load. Also nice in the vaccuum cleaner to freshen the air in the house!

  4. Erin

    A tip if you DO forget to tie your hoodie strings and they come out: Loop the string onto a safety pin. This makes it much easier to feed it back through, only takes a minute!

  5. Cassie Howard

    LPC – Thanks for your tips! I try to only use fabric softener on my sheets and that’s only because IT SMELLS SO GOOD! We hardly use bleach here, either.

    EF – Oh, I totally agree that you should do a hot water wash every once in awhile for sure, just not every single time you wash things. 🙂

    Alix – That’s a fabulous tip, thanks for sharing!

    Erin – Thank you for that tip.. if only I had heard it back when I made that hoodie mistake, haha. Now I know, because I’m sure I’ll do it again sometime. 😛

  6. zoey

    What about line drying the wash? All the lint you see in the dryer trap is bits of your clothing wearing off. If possible, line dry at least T-shirts with the graphics and they’ll last forever. We have three teenagers and it does keep their T’s looking good a long time.

    I enjoy your articles so much but ‘seperate’ (as in separate whites and darks) is spelled incorrectly, and it isn’t the first time I have noticed this in your articles. Sorry to be nitpicky.
    Thanks for the great hints.

  7. Cassie Howard

    zoey – Yes, line drying is another great way to save money. I don’t do this often, as I find my clothes too stiff afterwards, but some people don’t mind it.

    I’m sorry about the spelling mistake. I will try my best to correct that from now on.

  8. prince

    how to take care of jeans for long lasting use please post the comment here

  9. Missus @ Five Frugal Acres

    Re: line drying clothes to make them last longer. Yes, I agree line drying clothes can result in stiff clothes.
    In order to lessen this effect, and lower our power bills, I put my clothes in the dryer for 5 minutes or less before I hang them up.
    This “fluffs” them a bit and takes out the kinks from being in the washing machine.
    I do the same thing again once I take the clothes off the line.
    Overall this has the effect of saving money on electricity, making the clothes last longer, without having stiff or wrinkled clothing.

  10. Deanna

    Invest in a clothes steamer……spot clean stains and then steam….saves big bucks – hardly ever need to dry clean.

    Another tip, change out out your good clothes as soon as you get home (at least before making dinner).

    Hang up your good clothes too….no leaving on a chair overnight.

    • Cassie Howard

      Good idea about changing before you make dinner. I’ve ruined many clothes by not doing this.

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