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4 ways to clean your bathroom faster

Cleaning the bathroom has always been my least favorite chore (right after doing the dishes). Unfortunately (and fortunately, in other ways) we have 3 bathrooms in this house. The one that sees the most abuse would be our master bathroom.

I’ve found that cleaning the bathroom is only a pain if you don’t know how to clean it properly and keep it clean! I was reading Cas’s website a few weeks ago and she said that one of the things she uses when cleaning the bathroom is a black light.

Yes, a black light. Why would you need that, you ask? To search for PEE of course. I thought, wow, that chick is totally insane. Who would ever go that far? And that’s when I went out and bought a little handheld black light of my own. What? I couldn’t resist!

The moment I got my little light home, I went into the downstairs bathroom and turned off the lights. Then the black light went on and – oh my gosh, you guys. I swear, it was like a really bad, bloody crime scene. Except instead of blood – it was PEE!

I had peed all over the toilet (duh), on the floor, all the way UP THE WALLS, in the sink, on the door. I’m pretty sure my eyeballs were halfway outside of my head when I saw this. It was absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe I am telling the internet how badly I clean my bathroom, but man I SUCK AT IT. Apparently.

I scrubbed that bathroom for a good 2 hours until my blacklight finally showed no more signs of pee – and then I realized I still have 2 more bathrooms to clean. Of course, that’s when I get sick. Ugh. So once I am feeling better, those other 2 washrooms are getting hit with lots of cleaning power!

So, how clean is your bathroom really? Bring a little black light with you in there and check it out. Then you will REALLY see how clean it is!

Now that I see how badly I have been cleaning the bathrooms, I have decided to put myself on a more strict cleaning schedule. One that includes DAILY cleaning of the bathrooms instead of my usual weekly cleaning sessions. Here are some tips to make cleaning your bathroom(s) go much quicker:

1. Clean daily – You can save the cleaning of the shower for weekly if that’s a bit much for you, but at least wipe down the counter, the faucet, all doors and doorknobs and the floor. It would be great if you wiped down the toilet as well. The more often you clean it, the easier it will be to clean!

2. Don’t put anything on top of your counter or toilet – I really don’t like this rule, but I have found that by having nothing on the counter (except hand soap) or toilet, cleaning is just that much easier.

3. Keep your cleaning supplies in the bathroom – Try to keep your cleaning supplies right in the bathroom so that you have no excuse not to clean while you are in there. Before I started doing this, I got lazy and would just say “ah, I’ll grab the cleaners when I go downstairs and when I come back upstairs I’ll clean the bathroom”. Yeah, guess who never did clean the bathroom?

4. Use the same cleaner for everything – Vinegar and Dawn dish soap can be used to clean almost everything. I use it to clean my shower, toilet, floors, countertops, etc. I have a spray bottle in my bathroom cupboard and just spray and wipe. Easy! I do love me some Windex though, so I use that on my mirrors.

Once you get into the habit of cleaning your bathroom every day, it won’t even be a big deal anymore. And bonus – your bathrooms will ALWAYS be clean. Yippie!


  1. Ashley

    Yikes! I’d be far to scared to see what are on my walls and all over my bathroom!! I will admit I DESPISE cleaning the bathroom, and it seldom gets cleaned. The shower has to be the worst part to clean. Thank you for the tips, and I will definitely try vinegar and dawn dish soap. 🙂

  2. Freckles

    Where does one purchase a black light?

  3. Cassie Howard

    I found mine on Ebay. 🙂

    Ashley, I agree that the shower is the worst. I dread cleaning it every week!

  4. Lyndsey

    Do you mix the vinegar with the Dawn? Curious cause I might try it 🙂 I am dreading the day my hubby and 2 boys start using the same bathroom…EWWWWWW! Right now, both boys are still in diapers

  5. Cassie Howard

    yep, i do. no water or anything. the smell is pretty strong after awhile but it’s better than bleach and it leaves everything to shiny and clean!

  6. Mary

    I’ve found that eye glass cleaner and hydrogen peroxide are great for cleaning mirrors..the eye glass cleaner is safe on your computer screens I’ve found..anyone else out there use’s cheaper then buying speciality cleaners for the computer screens..

  7. Cassie Howard

    Mary: I did not know that, thanks for sharing!

  8. Keith

    How much vinegar and how much dawn do you put into a bottle?

  9. Cassie Howard

    Keith: About half of each. 🙂

  10. Monique

    Scrubbing Bubbles Mega Shower foam is the best I’ve found for the shower and tub. It’s the only thing I will use.

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