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5 Reasons To Line Dry Your Clothing

5 Reasons To Line Dry Your Clothing

Line Dry Clothing

Tsh from Simple Mom just shared 5 reasons to line dry your laundry.

It’s a great read and has definitely inspired me to do more line drying!


  1. Leia

    This was a great article. I’ve really started to use our line again this year. I used to use it a lot then with two babies I never seemed to have the time. I decided with the price of electricity and smart meters (I do my laundry in the day – I’m not waiting for 9 pm to use the dryer!) to start using it again. I’ve even decided to put up a line in my basement for over the winter. The last few months I’ve saved up to $20 a month from this time last year (I do 8-10 loads a week…). mind you I do put my husbands dress clothes in the dryer for a few minutes after they’re dry so he doesn’t have to iron as much ;).

  2. Heather

    I love hanging my laundry out on the line, but most of all I love hanging the cloth diapers out in the sunshine. The sun bleaches them and they always come in without any stains (seriously, no stains at all) and smelling like sunshine :). With a toddler and an infant in cloth diapers, I can use all the help the sun can give me!

  3. teachermum

    I’d love to hang my clothes…but with allergies it just brings all the pollen in! Drives me nuts as I’d love to save the money and I love, love, love the smell of fresh sheets on the bed! People used to ask her when we were babies how she got our things so white-guess she was the only one line-drying!

    My 75 year old mother still hangs all her laundry…year-round…look up sublimation!

  4. Cassie Howard

    I always thought that hang-drying my clothing was a waste of time. It takes longer than just throwing them into the dryer, but perhaps it is worth it! All of the arguments Tsh makes in her article are leading me to believe I should give it a go. 🙂

  5. Jenn

    We have been hand drying our clothes for the last four years, and we LOVE IT. The summer we started doing that, we also put insulated curtains on our windows and in our first year we saved $400 on our electricity bill. We have gone up by only $2 in the last four years, and that is even after several rate increases.

    In the winter we set up our ranks in the basement, and we open a vent above them, so as the furnace heats our house it also dries our clothes.

    We will likely continue to air dry for MANY years to come.

  6. Gwen

    My family lived in the country for years and we line dried our clothes most of the time. When we moved into town, my husband thought we should use the dryer instead of stringing a new clothesline. Well, this summer has been very hot and our air conditioner has been working overtime so our electric bill was crazy high. When I explained to my husband that the dryer was creating more heat in the house, therefore making the AC work harder, he relented and strung up a line. Our electric bill dropped by $45 the first month. Our son is going off to college, so there will be less laundry, and I can just hang out a load of wash before I head off to work. Thankfully, our backyard is very private and no one can see the laundry to complain about it. We also try to wear some of our garments more than once if they don’t get dirty. I really enjoy hanging out the clothes because of the way they smell, but I also love the energy savings.

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