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Top 5 things to buy online after Christmas

The holiday season may be winding to a close, but savvy shoppers know that prime shopping time is just about to get underway. Retailers are anxious to clear out holiday stock and will often offer some pretty deep discounts to keep the old stuff moving. Brick and mortar stores will discount everything from cosmetics to housewares to electronics on a gradual scale, starting the day after Christmas on Boxing Day. Some items can go for 80% off or more! You don’t have to venture out to brick and mortar stores to find some pretty awesome after Christmas deals. There are plenty of year end deals available online as well. Nor do you have to limit yourself to Canadian retailers. There are a number of US merchants that offer reliable shipping to Canada so you can take advantage of year end deals abroad.

Let’s take a look at the top five things to buy online after Christmas.

5. Winter clothing

Most retailers will carry an expanded variety of winter clothing during the holiday season. Sweaters, coats, jackets – even warm pyjamas are often discounted after Christmas as new merchandise is brought in. True, some of it may have a seasonal motif, but even so, you can always wear it next year!

4. Toys

Toys are always a popular item during the holiday shopping season so merchants who carry them plan for it well in advance. Most end up overshooting their mark and have more stock on hand after the Christmas rush than they anticipated.

3. Perfume/cologne sets

Because these items are always popular gifts, most retailers will offer a large variety of choices to holiday shoppers. Just like with toys, they tend to overcompensate for the demand and are left with a lot of extra stock to move. This is a great time to get high end, designer fragrances at a fraction of their regular retail cost.

2. Digital cameras

These handy little items have been hot sellers since they were first introduced on the market years ago. Manufacturers often offer special deals on digital cameras during the holiday season, like rebates or bundled deals. These perks, combined with percentage off sales that are very common on electronics after the Christmas rush, can add up to some amazing savings.

1. Computers

Computers are the number one item to shop for online after Christmas for a variety of reasons – including all the ones already mentioned in this article. Additionally, computer technology is always changing and new stock is coming in all the time. What was new, fresh and hot at the beginning of the shopping season could very well be obsolete within a few months. So instead of having to write these (potentially) high-dollar items off as a loss, retailers are much more likely to cut deals to keep even marginal profits coming.

Author Bio: Todd helps write for the blog, a place to find the best deals online. He’s an avid online shopper who prides himself on always getting a good deal.


  1. Jessica07

    Very good tips! As soon as Christmas is over, I’m always out looking for PJ’s with coffee or snowflake motifs. They always seem to be one of the items get go on sale with the largest bargain. Perfume/Cologne sets were another great idea. The prices on those are always drastically reduced. Last year I found one set that went from $55 to $1.50. Simply amazing!

  2. retirebyforty

    We got the Mrs. a bath robe yesterday, but I think that will be it this year. No more shopping. Black Friday weekend kicked our butts and busted our budget. 🙂

  3. Barb Friedberg

    Actually, we usually avail ourselves of after xmas sales but usually at the malls. Only deep discounts +70% for us!

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