8 things you should splurge on

Last week I talked about things that I would never pay full price for and this week I would like to talk about things that I would splurge on. There are certain things in life that are worth spending a bit of money on.

Being frugal does not mean purchasing the cheapest items possible, but rather purchasing the best quality items for the best possible prices.

Following is a list of things you should splurge on.


The average person spends 1/3 of their lifetime sleeping. That’s a lot time in one spot. In order to function properly every day I need to get a decent sleep. For me, that means 7-8 hours. Our queen mattress cost around $1300 and it was worth every penny.

I know you can go out and buy a $100 or $200 mattress and be done with it, but I can guarantee it won’t be of high quality and you probably won’t sleep that well on it. I really believe that everyone should invest in an excellent mattress. We spend so much time in it, it needs to be comfortable!

Quality furniture

I’ve learned from experience that just because something is cheap in price, doesn’t mean it’s a good deal. I once bought an inexpensive coffee table from Ikea (I think it was around $20) and it started peeling in just a few days. My mom bought a great coffee table 10 years ago that was $200 (solid wood and very heavy) and it still looks as good as new!

Accessories such as vases, picture frames, and knick-knacks – those I wouldn’t spend a lot of cash on (I get most of these items from thrift stores), but the furniture you plan to keep around for a while like a dining room set, couch, etc. – those are the things I would suggest splurging on.

Pots, pans & knives

I really love cooking in the kitchen and all of my cheap-o cookware just isn’t cutting it anymore. My in-laws gifted us an awesome Paderno cookware set for Christmas last year and we LOVE it. It is so durable and cooks food very well.

I also love T-Fal for our pans. As for knives, the inexpensive ones don’t do it for me. I NEED those high-quality (usually expensive) knives to get the jobs done in my kitchen.

Restaurant meals

I would rather pay a little bit more for my meal and really enjoy it, than pay less for a meal that I’m not too thrilled about. I think it’s worth it to treat yourself to a nice, fancy dinner every once in a while!

We don’t go out to eat very much anyway, so this isn’t much of an issue for us, financially speaking.


I wish I had researched the importance of a good crib when we first bought ours for our son. It was a $65 used crib on Kijiji (we bought the mattress separately) that my husband painted white. It was great until we had to lower the mattress – it wouldn’t come down and I guess we put too much pressure on it and the thing started falling apart.

We bought another used crib on Kijiji not too long ago and it was $225 (with mattress). It cost the original owners over $1000 when it was first purchased. We researched this crib and could only find positive reviews – and when we went to check it out we saw that it was in great shape, really heavy and solid wood – we snatched it up fast.

It was totally worth the price.

Car seat

We have had so many problems with these things.

At first, we had the infant car seat from a stroller system and it was fine, but then we had to get the larger car seat when Elliott grew out of the infant one – and that’s when we ran into problems. I bought one that looked good and was cheap and we used it once or twice and hated the way it sat in the car – so we returned it.

Then we bought another cheap one, that was inexpensive, but not quite as inexpensive as the first one, and we had the same issue.

Finally, we went out and bought an expensive Britax Marathon after doing lots and lots of research – and we love it. I wish we had done the research and bought the Britax in the first place. It would have saved us a lot of time, trouble and money.

Please invest in a high-quality car seat. Your child’s safety is number one. Don’t skimp on this important piece of baby gear!


A good stroller is also important, especially if you go for lots of walks. We have the Chicco Liteway and are very happy with it.

We could have went with an inexpensive umbrella stroller, but they have no storage and I find them super flimsy. Invest in a durable, high-quality stroller for your child – they are worth the money. Try them out in the store before you buy one. We found that this was the best way to determine the right stroller for us.

Running shoes

It’s important to wear shoes that are good for our feet. Don’t buy a pair of running shoes just because they are cheap. Spend a bit of money and get a very good pair that will last you a long time. Your feet will thank you!

Although I always suggest never paying full price for anything, I do recommend investing in certain things like what is listed above.

By investing, I don’t necessarily mean paying top dollar. The key is to research, research, research what you plan to spend your money on. Purchase the best possible item for the best possible price.

What do you splurge on?


  1. Mo

    Good tips!!
    I would also add a good washing machine (don’t splurge on the dryer though, its just hot air!) and keeping with the baby theme, splurge on a good carrier (we bought the Ergo, and LOVE it, cheap ones can cut off circulation in the babys’ legs, cause hip problems, and become uncomfortable after wearing them a while)

  2. Barbara

    I definitely agree with the mattress one! Getting a good night sleep is so important and it’s impossible to do if you’re uncomfortable every night!

  3. Cassie Howard

    thanks mo! carrier is a goodidea. i never used one with elliott so i didn’t even think of that! i totally agree with the washing machine as well. we have always rented and never needed to buy one so that’s why i didn’t put that. we will splurge when we have to buy one though!

    barbara, a good night’s sleep is definetely very important!

  4. Ashley

    I agree, all of those things you should definitely splurge on. My DH and I have learned those things the hard way! My parents bought my brother and I super cheap mattresses about 6 years ago, and when my DH and I got an apartment together we took that mattress. I can’t count the number of nights that we’d both lay there wide awake because the springs in the mattress were all sticking out and we couldn’t sleep. Finally decided, to buy a new one! We only spent about $800 on our mattress, but it was a clearance deal and a good quality one (Simmons).

    Knives is another thing! I’ve seen the really good sets made by Cuisinart and Henckels go on sale for very reasonable prices, that’s the time to buy those. The quality is a million times better than the cheap $10 knife sets you can buy. I love the set of Henckels we have…great quality!

    A quality carseat is very important too. I don’t have any kids, but when I do I will splurge and buy a really good carseat. DH volunteers with an auxiliary police service, and he went to the scene of a car accident last year, and there was a baby in the backseat, and the carseat buckles had snapped! The baby fortunately survived, but could you imagine that happening?!

  5. Carrie Bryden

    I totally agree with cookware. My DH and I have used our hand-me-down pots and pans for years and always complained about them. Knew we didn’t want to go cheap on new ones so we just kept putting it off. Recently I became an Independent Epicure Consultant ans started buying there cookware…what a difference quality makes! Staying away from teflon is a good idea because it will peal and can cause health issues. Epicure is non-stick but not teflon and will not peal. Lifetime gaurantee

  6. Lisa

    Thanks for all the great tips! I don’t have the luxury of spending a ton of money even if I wanted to, but I do think some things are worth saving for! I just bought a BOB Stroller after biding my time for a few weeks, and I got it for a price at least $150 lower than I see them advertised on craigslist etc! I’m so thrilled!

  7. Bonnie Buckley

    I also think its important to remember to splurge on healthy foods like fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grain products. Far too many people seem to get caught up in the cheap foods that come with lots of coupons and your not doing yourself any favors by saving money that way. I use the coupons for personal hygiene and cleaning products and anything healthy like the wheat breads, eggs,yogurts etc but I find most of the food coupons are for processed high fat and sodium junk. The list of yours is fabulous by the way !!! Worth splurging on a good bed for sure !!!!

  8. Island Lady

    Agree with your choices and also Bonnie’s re: fresh fruit and veggies (grown as close to home as possible). Our Paderno started with a gift from my Aunt & Uncle. And shoes – not just running shoes – every shoe worn! Thanks for all your time.

  9. Jeanna

    Love your list and it’s very helpful.
    I will say that I have shopped around online for used items (ie: furniture) and have snagged some really good deals. I have to buy used most of the time since I’m on Disability. But I’m searching for items are top grade. And I would never purchase a used mattress- no matter how high end it is (you don’t know what’s happened to it).
    It’s unfortunate that you can spend alot of money at places like the Brick and not come home with real wood… And it doesn’t pay to buy “pressed wood”. One spill of water will ruin it for life.

  10. Chris

    Gotta agree with the fruits and vegies, paying a bit more for fresher and better quality means less waste. Also buying good cuts of meats and produce is also important to me

  11. Kayla

    I just wanted to add that if you buy your running shoes from SportMart, they are close to 50% cheaper simply because they are last year’s “model”. They are still excellent quality, and good brands, but I’ve saved over $100 buying this way.

  12. Christa

    I agree with the list. Spending a little more on those items saves you money in the long run cause you’re not running out and spending the money as often But then alot of times you can get some of those items at a discount. I think I got my leather couch for about 1/2 the regular price because there was a slighty imperect but the spot where it was imperfect was near the back and can’t even notice it. And for a lot of baby items I go to Once Upon A Child too
    I’m in the same boat as Jeanna and on disability, so I look for ways to save money

  13. tina

    I love paderno stuff and especially the fact that they do factory sales a few times a year i just got some really expensive paderno knifes for about $60, i also get pans bakeware etc when they do the sale.

  14. Amanda S

    I agree with most of this, other than the car seat. It makes me CRAZY when moms go all, “Don’t sacrifice YOUR CHILD’S SAFETY” for a cheap carseat. Cheap Canadian carseats ARE SAFE. In order to be SOLD in Canada, tehy meet safety requirements. All it does is make parents without a ton of cash feel bad for not buying th 300.00 Britax which has more FEATURES, but is not substantially safer. You’d be better off noting things like larger height and weight limits that will help prevent having to buy ANOTHER carseat, than to go on the tired old “we’re talking about your children’s SAFETY, don’t SKIMP” line. Ugh.

  15. frugler

    I think that is the same barbque we have and it cost us about the same.
    we also got good pots and pans

  16. Heather

    We spent a few hundred on a dresser/change table for our first child. Within two years the thing was falling apart and the chipboard drawers were constantly needing to be glued and fixed. What we thought was a lot of money and good quality at the time was really junk. The second time around, we invested in some quality furniture that the kids will be taking with them when they move out!

  17. Trish

    a guy in our church was speaking once and was telling us about how he had to purchase really good sturdy luggage as he did a lot of traveling. His key phrase: Always buy quality. You’ll only cry once.

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