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Are You Obsessed With Coupons?

Obsessed With Coupons?

Obsessed With Coupons

Are you obsessed with coupons?

Ever since my first time using them, I have been hooked. I don’t know if I would call myself obsessed (although I’m sure some people would), but I am definitely a bit intense when it comes to coupons.

You browse all of the sale flyers, match up your coupons, head to the store, load up your cart, checkout and… it’s just fabulous. It’s such a huge adrenaline rush for me to get a great deal.

Do I get nervous when I go up to the cashier with my coupons?

I am never NOT nervous when I go to the cashier with coupons. I get all hot and sweaty and start to stutter and can’t focus on anything. It’s worse when I am hoping to get overage from a coupon, but even if I have a coupon for $2 off a product that is $2.99, I’m still nervous, because cashiers like to make up thier own rules when it comes to coupons sometimes.

For example, yesterday I went a store to purchase Secret deodorant. It was on sale for $2.50 a piece and I had 6 coupons for $5.00 off when you buy 2 – so that means I would get 12 for free (just pay taxes). There should have been no issue, but since I was getting them for free, the cashier said I couldn’t use the coupons.

After speaking with her supervisor, she found out it was fine and it ended well.

It’s normal to get nervous at the cash register.

So what about you – are you obsessed with coupons?


  1. Ashley

    Hello my name is ashley and I’m an addict! lol. Ok maybe not an addict, but definitely obsessed. I get the same kind of adrenaline rush, when I use coupons. I love saving money! I’m always nervous too, but I find it varies depending on the cashier. There’s a few great cashiers at SDM and Zellers, so whenever I go in either store, I cross my fingers and hope one of them is in. I get really nervous too when they question coupons. I was in Zellers about a week ago, trying to use a $5WUB2 on Satin care, and the cashier said she couldn’t take it because the satin care was $2.99. I just said “that doesn’t matter, it’s $5 when you buy TWO”…she didn’t even read the whole freaking coupon! Then when I went to Walmart last week to use the $5 printable for Delissio, the pizza was on sale for $4.97, and the cashier punches it in and says to me “You cheated!”…I was so shocked, all I could say was “Oh”, paid for my purchase and left lol. I didn’t understand why if it was such an issue why she didn’t just adjust the coupon or refuse to accept it. When situations like that happen, I get very nervous and very mad!

  2. Theresa

    I have had two experiences like this at Shoppers. First time the cashier said that the buy 3 get $9 off Olay products was only for high end Olay products. I said “Noooooo, it says ANY 3 Olay products”. She was adamant. She called over the manager who said, “she’s right(meaning me) it is any product.” HA! Next experience, another cashier at same Shoppers REFUSED to take a coupon for Scott paper towels. It said on the coupon “buy ANY two rolls get $1 off”. Cashier says “it means any two packages” I said, “noooooo it says ANY TWO ROLLS”. She calls her manager on the phone….meanwhile another customer is behind me now. I said “it isn’t worth it for a buck” I will pay the full price. Now this made my blood boil!!!! I was seriously ANGRY!! I went home obsessing about this. My husband agreed that I was right. Couple days later a cool cashier was working. She said “it’s not coming out of my pocket” and took the coupon. I have been treated like a leper by both(snarky) cashiers since then. I have given this much thought, and come to the conclusion that I have become obsessive. I don’t think it is normal to feel like drop kicking a Shoppers cashier over a $1 off coupon. Even typing this has got me all riled up~~lol!

  3. Cassie Howard

    hahaha there are alot of DUMB cashiers out there!

  4. Michelle

    I absolutely love coupons and shopping for deals using coupons.. and yes I do get nervous that the cashier is going to refuse to accept my coupons.. But when I get that awesome deal.. or something for free or for next to nothing.. i get a happy feeling.
    Sometimes when I try to price match and use a coupon some cashiers say I cannot do both – Do you know if that is a store policy?

  5. Cassie Howard

    i have spoken to head office for both walmart and zellers and both stores say you CAN price match AND use coupons on the items you price matched. the cashiers are just jealous that you’d be getting a good deal.

  6. Amy

    I hate when they won’t take a coupon for some made-up, dumb-ass reason.

    My coupons were once refused because I was combining a sale with the coupon. Huh? If you don’t combine, what’s the point?? I didn’t say anything at the store but sent an e-mail to the head office when I got home and got a gift card worth 5 times the coupons. Woo!

    Not taking a coupon because of overages or because the product will be free is ridiculous. The store will receive the value of the coupon from the manufacture despite what you paid. If they don’t give you the overage, THEY get the money.

  7. Cassie Howard

    yup, i know. i try to explain that to stupid cashiers but they think i’m trying to scam them or something. im in the process of emailing lots of companies/stores about what to do if the coupon would end up giving overage. im pretty sure most will say to allow the overage since the store WILL be reimbursed the full coupon amount.

  8. me!

    i often call ahead to certain stores in my area to see who is working, but i live in a smallish town, and i know most of the cashiers. and they know i am coming, so they make sure they have enough people on tills for when i go threw (LD is awesome!)

  9. KathyT

    I am indeed getting obsessed with coupons again! Your post made me laugh because I used 7 coupons at Walmart yesterday and my palms started to get sweaty as she read each one in detail, but put them all through! Love your site, thanks for pointing us in the right direction!

  10. Cassie Howard

    thanks kathy!

  11. Alicia

    For the $9 WUB 3 coupon, this one cashier tried to tell me I had to buy one of each to use it! I just lied and told her I had used it there before and they had taken it:P ( I was buying the Secret with the bonus razor plus 2 Secret travel sized deos) She also tried to put it in at below $9 but then she changed her mind I guess and put it in as the full $9…

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