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Avoid missing coupons with these 8 tips

Whether you are beginning to use coupons, or have been using them for a long time, it helps to review how to avoid missing coupons. These simple tips will help you build your coupon collection with peace of mind, knowing you haven’t missed coupons for future savings.

avoid missing coupons

Avoid missing coupons with these 8 tips

Focus on Canadian websites

How often have you found a link to a high-value coupon, only to find out that it was only available in the United States? If you are living in Canada, make sure you check relevant Canadian websites like

Order mail-out coupons

Make use of companies that send coupons in the mail. The most common sites are,,, and P&G. To avoid missing coupons, check these websites regularly, and watch for alerts on when new coupons become available through hidden portals.

Print coupons

Printable coupons are available through and If you know your store will accept these, they can be of a great value. Products like Tylenol and Kotex can be almost free when they are on sale and paired with a coupon.

Check packages carefully

My children are becoming trained professionals at spotting coupons on packages. With the amount of graphics on packaging, it is easy to overlook a coupon offer. Here are two products my husband recently purchased without noticing the coupons [gasp!]

Say ‘yes’ to samples

Samples can be mailed out or handed out in the store. And not only do they include a trial size of free products, but they often have coupons inside the packages.

Become a product pro

Avoid missing coupons by learning which products regularly have coupons on (or in) the packages.

If these are products your family buys, get into the habit of quickly scanning the aisles when you are grocery shopping. A few examples include:

  • Old El Paso Kits (coupons for movie snacks, salsa or cheese)
  • Nestea products (coupons for movies or future Nestea products)
  • Cereal boxes (coupons for movies, free sandals, free t-shirts, free breakfast items)
  • M&M packages (collect UPCs for movies)
  • Hot Chocolate (save money of other products)
  • Pampers (coupons for diapers)

Be store savvy

Superstore and Loblaws keep tear pad coupons at the entrance of the store so it’s easy to avoid missing coupons there. It’s always worth a quick peek on the way in – especially since they can be used at No Frills to really make your dollar stretch.

Most stores place tear pads of coupons near the products they want you to purchase.
Make sure you read the fine print to see if it is a manufacturer’s coupon that can be used anywhere or if it is an in-store coupon that is limited to that store (or chain of stores).

Keep your eyes peeled for peelies

Peelies can be hard to spot, so keep your eyes open. They are found on the outside of the package and are meant to be used right away. Keep your children occupied by teaching them how to find peelies.

With these simple steps, missing coupons will be a thing of the past.

What is your best tip for readers to avoid missing coupons?


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