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25 uses for baby wipes

25 uses for baby wipes

Baby wipes should really just be called “magic wipes” or “everyday wipes” because they can be used for so much more than cleaning baby butts!

I’ve been using baby wipes for years – even before I had kids, and I cannot imagine living without them. They’re just so handy!

25 uses for baby wipes

1. Clean yourself when you go camping and don’t have access to a shower.

2. Use baby wipes for dusting furniture around your home.

3. Clean chalkboards by giving them a quick wipe.

4. Clean touch-screen phones and tablets (just a quick wipe works well!).

5. Shine your leather shoes and boots.

6. When out and about, wipe down shopping cart handles, restaurant tables, etc.

7. Remove deodorant marks from dark clothing.

8. Remove makeup from clothing (lipstick, eye shadow, etc.).

9. Remove pencil, pen & crayon from most surfaces.

10. Clean houseplants (especially those with large leaves).

11. Clean the inside of your car (dashboard, leather seats, console).

12. Remove hair dye stains from your skin.

13. Use as a toilet paper substitute. Admit it, you’ve done this!

14. Remove eye makeup with baby wipes. They’re cheaper than makeup remover!

15. Remove scuff marks from the floor.

16. Clean a leather couch, chair, or other furniture.

17. Clean your hands when you don’t have access to a sink.

18. Clean toothpaste gunk off of sinks, counters, and mirrors.

19. Clean bird poop off of your car and car windshield.

20. Clean the slats of your blinds.

21. Clean remote controls with a quick wipe.

22. Soothe a sunburn with cool baby wipes.

23. Clean your fingers after applying nail polish.

24. Clean dust and germs from toys & baby dolls.

25. Tame your flyaway hairs with a quick wipe.

Do you use baby wipes? Please share in the comments what you use them for!


  1. Susan

    I have been using them to wipe down my cat because he just had surgery and is wearing a collar and can’t clean himself. He just loves it!

  2. Susan

    Oh, and they are also good for cleaning out my dog’s ears. Very gentle and non-irritating.

  3. Helene Monette

    I cleaned my car lights and back-up cameras when they get dirty when I’m on the road.

  4. Laura

    I’ve used them to spot wipe the floors, especially if I’ve found crusted caked on food like yogurt & dairy products from DS that requires lots of scrubbing. Also, have used it to clean between the venetian blinds, but best of all I like using it to clean the grease off from the range hood fans & cleaning underneath the toilet & tank (ugh, would rather throw the wipe away rather than clean a towel or sponge).

  5. Annette

    I use them to clean everything. Just make sure you do NOT flush them down the toilet, or your pipes may clog & you can get sewage backup. Even the ones that say they are flushable can cause clogs & problems in the sewer system.

    • Cassie Howard

      Totally agree about not flushing them!

  6. Emily N

    if you spill coffee on your self it will take the stain out of your clothes without leaving a mark

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