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15 Fantastic Uses for Beeswax

15 Fantastic Uses for Beeswax

I never knew how many amazing things you can do with beeswax until I was talking to a friend about it last year, and she mentioned that it’s a staple item in her home.

After doing some research myself, it seems as though beeswax is another one of those magic items that we should all have in our homes!

15 Fantastic Uses for Beeswax

1. Rub a small amount of beeswax on doors, drawers and windows for smoother movement.

2. Prevents bronze items from tarnishing – just rub on some beeswax.

3. Apply hot beeswax to homemade cheeses to protect from spoilage. Make sure the cheese is not wet before applying.

4. Mix 1/2 teaspoon melted beeswax to 1 cup mineral oil, and rub on wooden bowls and cutting boards with a soft, dry cloth. Once you apply this mixture, the items are water-resistant and conditioned!

5. Coat nails and screws with beeswax to prevent wood from splintering.

6. Cake guitar bodies with beeswax to boost longevity.

7. Make your very own beeswax candles.

8. Create your own DIY homemade crayons.

9. Clean your clothes iron with beeswax.

10. Make your own DIY healing salve with coconut oil and beeswax.

11. Keep zippers moving smoothly by applying beeswax to them.

12. Coat your hand tools with beeswax to prevent them from rusting.

13. Apply beeswax to your saws to keep them sharp.

14. Make your own DIY lip balm with beeswax.

15. Waterproof your shoes and boots by rubbing some beeswax on them, melting the wax with hair dryer, and letting them set for at least 10 minutes.

Do you use beeswax? How do you use it?


  1. SeriousSally

    Any suggestions for the best deal on beeswax and where to buy? I was looking to purchase a smaller amount, my daughter wants to try making her own lip balm.

    • Cassie Howard

      I find The Bulk Barn has great prices on beeswax!

      • SeriousSally

        Thanks for the reply, I thought they would carry it at Bulk Barn but the one at Erin Mills TC (Mississauga) didn’t have it. I’ll check a few of the larger stores around here.

  2. Heather R

    Don’t forget about the post on DIY baby lotion bars. That recipe requires beeswax as well. I had planned on making them but only thought to look at Michael’s and even with a coupon I still thought it was too expensive and I’d much rather the convenience of the beads. I never thought to check out Bulk Barn. Do they sell the beads or the blocks?

  3. crl

    for some of them… ie 1, 5, 11, 13 you can use cheap regular candles too

  4. NM

    I thought vegans did not use beeswax?

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