The Internet is a wonderful thing. Besides being full of information and entertainment, the Internet also provides anonymity to people that wish to remain unknown. This allows for even more information to flow freely as normal stigmas associated with revealing certain information are removed. This has led to something called employee confessions. It is when employees (current or former) write about what it is like doing their job, or working for their company. Sometimes these are boring, and sometimes these are incredibly informative.

What does this mean for those that wish to save themselves some money? Sometimes it doesn't mean much, and is just entertaining, but sometimes it reveals a lot about how a company operates – and how you as a consumer can use that information in order to make better purchasing decisions. Below are a few of the best employee confessionals that can help save you some money.

Bank of American Personal Banker

An anonymous writer who used to work as a bank teller and personal banker writes five confessions regarding one of the big American banks. Many of these same confessions could come from any of the large Canadian banks as well, so pay attention to tips like “3. Holds happen on deposits and there isn’t much we can do about it.”

Confessions of an Apple Store Employee

iPhoneDo you have a Mac computer or an Apple branded product? This confession from Popular Mechanics has a ton of behind-the-bar secrets, like how lenient they are on absenteeism, but how strict they are when it comes to making sales targets – even though they are not paid on commission. Before you head to the new shiny Apple store, read this for some secrets on how to best conduct yourself while in the store.

Guitar Center

A reddit user reveals all about Guitar Center. While Guitar Center is an American only brand and company, the same sales tactics can apply to any high-pressure sales environment. Best tips would include the fact that all employees are able to make commission based sales and as such have incentive to sell you products that you may not actually need. Redditors also encourage consumers to go with slightly less cash than what the purchase cost would be, as most stores will drop the price in order to make the sale.

How to get Good Service at WalMart

Walmart, which is chronically understaffed, can be a difficult place to shop if you need help. This confessional reveals 9 tips about how to take advantage of potentially under utilized services Walmart does offer, like service bells and the differences between purchasing from the website and directly from the store. If Walmart is a regular stomping ground, be sure to check out the tips here so that you can make the most of the big box store.

Confessions from a Former Geek Squad Geek

Geek Squad is Best Buy's tech support. They are often underpaid and under-trained, and a lot of what is said here can also be applied to other large retailers that have a tech support division – like Futureshop and Staples. The biggest confession here, besides confirming that they lack adequate training, is that a lot of the employees are there only because they can sell services that you may not need or require – like extended service plans and warranties. If you need your computer looked at, aim for a local small business first before you resort to a big box store.

What online employee confessions have revealed savings secrets to you?

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