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8 easy ways to bond with your kids

Between work, school and other commitments, you may feel like you are not bonding with your kids as much as you would like – and you’re not alone.

Many parents feel disconnected from their kids, especially when kids are being sucked away by texting, Facebook, video games and other electronic & online distractions.

If you feel like you need to start bonding with your kids more, here are some tips that will help.

8 easy ways to bond with your kids

Bond with Your Kids

1. Family game night

Dust off those old board games and dedicate one night a week for family game night. Get out some snacks & drinks, and spend time playing Monopoly, Risk, Who’s Who, and all those other fun board games!

Cards would be great, too. As long as you are playing together as a family, it doesn’t matter which game you choose.

2. Watch funny videos

My kids love watching funny videos on YouTube, so almost every day, we watch at least one video together, and my kids just love it! Funny cats, funny dogs, funny babies.

Even songs that just have funny videos (Gangnam Style, anyone?) – laugh with your kids! Let them know that you aren’t all rules and discipline all the time – but that you have a fun side, too.

3. Tackle big chores & projects together

Whenever you have a big chore (cleaning out the basement, organizing rooms) or project (building something, painting a room), let your kids help! Especially if they’re older, but younger kids really love being involved, as well.

Try to make it fun for them, though. If it seems like work, they’ll likely try to avoid it!

4. Eat dinner together

Whenever possible – always, always, always eat dinner as a family. This is one of the best times of the day that everyone can talk about how their day went, and in my experience, this is when the best bonding time happens.

Really make an effort to make eating dinner together a high priority.

5. Have date nights with each child

If you have more than one child, it’s possible that at some time or another, each child is going to feel neglected – that you’re showing more attention to your other child(ren). To help with this issue, make sure to take your children on regular date nights/days (at least once each month).

Take one child to the park, while the other is at school. Take one child out to a movie, while the other stays home and bonds with the other parent. Make sure to spend time, one on one, with each of your children. They’ll remember it.

6. Cook together

Cooking together is a fun way to bond with your kids, while also teaching them about cooking, at the same time. Assign tasks to your child(ren), according to their age and abilities.

I’ve also found that when my son helps me in the kitchen, he is much more likely to eat the food that we make (including veggies!).

7. Go for walks together

Find a nice park or walking trail and go for a nice, long walk with your kids. Maybe play a game of “Eye Spy with My Little Eye” to keep things fun and interesting.

Stop to have a picnic or snacks if it’s nice weather, and just take some time out to be silly (my 4-year old loves rolling down big grass hills – thankfully I have a pretty good stain remover for his pants!).

8. Read with your kids

When all else fails, read a book. Read two books. Read three books. Just – read. Kids (especially young kids) love having stories read to them, and they will certainly remember it when you take the time out to read to them on a regular basis.

What are some ways that you bond with your kids? Please share in the comments!

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