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I am often asked how I get so many coupons. How I get so many from, tearpads and from the coupon inserts that come in my newspaper every few weeks.

I often get these extras from coupon trading, but sometimes, if I don’t feel like trading or if I’m looking for extras of a particular coupon – I will buy coupons on eBay.

Now, I don’t usually suggest paying for coupons, because you can so easily get them for free – but sometimes you may feel like you aren’t collecting coupons fast enough, or maybe you really want more of a certain high value coupon. It’s okay to buy coupons. I don’t suggest using eBay as your main source for coupons, because that can wind up being a bit costly, but it’s okay to do from time to time.

Since coupons are so popular right now, there are always lots of great auctions for coupons on eBay. You’re sure to find an auction that tickles your fancy!

Have you purchased coupons from eBay? Tell us about your experience!


  1. coupon seller

    I both buy coupons I really want and sell coupons I don’t need on ebay and I think its a great idea! I have a few auctions up right now actually!

  2. josee

    I’ve bought some coupons on ebay before 🙂 I had just started couponning and had missed the last smartsource and redplum so I got them there. For one of my orders they even cut out all the coupons for me 🙂 I would for sure do it again.

  3. Rick

    I won’t support those sellers on eBay. Most of the coupons on thete are from the stores. No wonder we have such a hard time finding them. This only encourages more people to take more or employees not to put them on the shelfs, as they can make a profit on eBay. What happened to the only take what you need?

  4. Mark

    I Agree with everything Rick had to say.

  5. coupon seller

    I agree with the not buying coupons that obviously come from tear pads. I sell extra, websaver, gocoupons, and extra smart source that I get from unsold papers where work. When people take all the tear pad coupon to sell it is just wrong!

  6. MamaGnu

    I must admit that I was once tempted to buy but Rick has a good point. I too am choosing not to buy them as we need to send the message that we are fair. These people are taking way more than they need. The rest of us can’t find coupons anywhere. Not fair!

  7. AWW

    It’s an okay idea if you can’t get them yourself. I’ve purchased off of eBay – getting issues of Smart Source from a month or two earlier, for stacking (I don’t get them delivered to my house). Or multiples of the same tear pad which I use for swapping, or even now myself and a friend teamed up to split some auctions for tearpads of items we both use. It does encourage people to take more than their fair share of tear pads yes, but people seem to do that anyways for their own use/swaps so I would miss out completely if I didn’t get them through eBay.

  8. Traci

    Cassie ( Cassy) I hear that apparently Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G are filing suit against eBay for allowing the buying and selling of coupons. According to them it`s all considered coupon fraud…clipping service or not!

    (I have purchased a few myself due to thieves in Kelowna) They are going to do everything possible to make it almost impossible to get coupons without buying the actual newspapers.

    Meaning then that I urge Kelowna coupons to grow up and buy a paper do not steal all the inserts as well as take only 4 tear pad coupons. They are also going to shut down all online sites that sell whole coupon inserts.

    I think the atificial demand casues issues. My regualr shop includes coupons and BOGOs I use safeway it is close and with the Club Card – Store Sales – E Direct – Air Miles and close it is no longer a overpriced store its very competative.

    Though I can stack in my province its not a huge deal for me unless I need a specific item. I work close with the SOF in my town to make sure that things run smooth for both sides.

    I am not into STOCKPILING as there is only myself and hubby. We had a baby at 17 and celebrate our 25th in Aug! We know the value of a great savings but I think that people forget what coupons are designed for.

    They have been around for 100 years. To me they not designed to make us money or to move products into the extreme range, I believe that Companies also know that person is purchasing far more than he or she would normally buy if coupons weren’t a factor.

    On the other hand though with that said when we see how coupons can affect a person’s sense of self-worth and how they can impact their family – how Couponing is a very valuable way for them to participate in the economic well-being of their household. I am not a supporter of TLC show or outrageous piles but stand firm on real savings without OCD hording and sheer HUMAN GREED!

  9. ErinP

    I really enjoy your blog and love all the tips you share but I really disagree with you on this. I don’t think buying coupons is okay. I feel it is unethical and am pretty sure it can be considered fraud in some cases. I am all about saving money but for me, buying coupons is going too far.

  10. Cassie Howard

    I agree that buying coupons is not for everyone, but it’s a way for people to purchase the coupons that they really want and have not been able to find on their own.

  11. Jeanine

    When I can get things for free – I donate it all. I feel it’s my part to help the community. I lost my job recently (it went to India, Shout out to them, can you tell I am bitter) So I had to find a way to cut our budget until I find a new job. When things are posted that I can get for free I will drive around to stores and grab 4 max at each store and donate it all to the less fortunate. I like to think that I am in a better position then they are, so I would like to do what I can. I bought coupons from Ebay just to get me started last month. When I watch that Show on TLC and see how people say I can do a year on this pile…its like why? Someone out there isen’t eating today that could use that cereal.

  12. Shelly

    Wow. I am I ever out of the loop. I feel guilty when I take TWO coupons off a tear pad- it NEVER even occurred to me to take the whole thing and sell it!!! wow again.

  13. MamaGnu

    It’s illegal to sell coupons… The companies who are kind enough to print coupons have loads of lawyers and loads of money… I wouldn’t want to be messing with them. I think we should stand strong together and be against the selling of coupons. We need to send a message to the people to abuse the system. There are coupon trading parties if they just have a few extras… but common, one lady has several lots of $300.00+ coupons for sale… These aren’t just a few extras!

  14. Vicky

    If you read the ads carefully they say that you are not actually buying the coupons but paying for the time to collect, sort and list the coupons.

  15. Marion

    I have looked at the coupons for sale on ebay and people do state they are not selling the coupons as it is illegal. They state they are charging money for their time and effort of gathering the coupons. okay, thats fine and while I wish could afford to buy some coupons off e-bay, my budget does have that money to spare, especially while i am unemployed.

    What gets me is that, if these coupons are coming off tearpads in grocery stores and being sold on ebay, then I get angry! Those coupons are put up for everyone, not for thiefs to come and steal and charge for stealing! I have problems finding coupons in my small city and I am not saying people here are doing that but it is not fair for people to do that! i guess then, I would have to say that selling coupons on ebay is not ethical!

  16. Pam

    “you are not actually buying the coupons but paying for the time to collect, sort and list the coupons”

    It is in fact illegal to sell coupons, however this is what sellers have resorted to putting in their ads to avoid the “Ebay police.” That statement is nothing more than an attempt at rationalising this immoral practice, IMO. In the end you have paid for coupons, enough said. I absolutely agree that it encourages theft, and companies/stores to pull coupons entirely. It is only a matter of time before we see less value coupons and stricter policies of “one coupon per item and per day” type of thing. Coupon thieves/hoarders really should keep this in mind when stockpiling paper for profit.

    I also cannot stand to see couponing sites with “brag” sections. Somehow cleaning out an entire store, or several stores of merchandise that with coupons has become free or nearly so has become the new “in” thing to do. Donating, although few do so, is a great gesture and all, but it still leaves PAYING customers without products they need also. Regardless of financial situation, we all need certain products so why not save some for the rest of us? Sadly, such practices will only serve to drive the cost of living even higher. Google supply and demand. Unfortunately some people’s greed will eventually hurt all of us.

  17. Elle

    I have never purchase coupons nor do I think I ever would but my only two cents to this comment is … my Mom, niece, friends, and I just share amongst each other. We pass around the coupons that we won’t use or that are extras and I also share them with co workers who are students. I have always lived my life as to each their own.

  18. Nicole

    I think that people are being harsh in respect to ebay coupon buying. I in no way support or agree with people taking a whole tear pad, and then sell them on ebay. I do however agree that ebay allows people to buy certain coupons that they are having trouble finding eg. Dairy, bread, diaper coupons etc.
    I personally buy and sell coupons on ebay. I do not sell coupons on ebay to make loads of money – I sell coupons that I have extra’s of from online websites, and inserts (it seems a waste to throw them out). I make enough money on ebay to buy coupons that I know I will use, and it still saves me money! I give away coupons to friends and family, and do some coupon trading. Sometimes though I will list my time to clip coupons on ebay – just so they don’t expire and go to waste.
    I consider myself an ethical person, and I don’t feel it is an abuse of the system. Believe me I do think that some people do take advatage of things – but in the end you determine which sellers to support, and which ones not to buy from.

  19. Sarah

    I have been interested in buying and selling on Ebay. I by NO MEANS take entire tear pads, 6 at the most! I use about half of those throughout the period before they expire but then I have leftovers. I think its fair and reasonable to share my coupon wealth for a small fee. After all it wasnt free driving to the store where I found the coupon or taking the time to clip the coupons from the inserts I or my family has purchased. We live off of one income and coupon for a reason! It really irks me that some people vilify all the sellers on Ebay because they’d think we are thieves.

  20. jackie

    I live a low populated area and I an unable to find any inserts in the newspapers, so I buy from ebay auctions. I find it very helpful when it is very hard to find any coupons in stores. I do stockpile items to a point because when they are on sale it saves me money for everyday use items. When I do happen to find a tear pad coupon I take a few for myself and a few I put in an envelope that I give to the womens shelter. I do agree that it is wrong to take whole tear pads to auction, and it can be seen which sellers have done this. I do think that pushing to far on certain issues either way will ruin opportunities for everyone.

  21. Ebaycouponingisfine

    I buy and sell coupons on ebay. it is a more “secure” form of trading as then you know you are getting your coupons. I can’t coupon how many times on kijiji or other trading websites that I have sent the coupons and got nothing in return. I feel more safe in this sense as I know I will get the coupons or I can file a case with ebay. Also I do not see why I cannot sell coupons on ebay if I am not going to use them. When I get my paper I usually use only half of what is in the smart source or redplum. Why not pass the savings on with small costs attatched to it? I was my time I took to cut them out. BUT I do not support taking large quantities in stores and selling them online. If I took a few for myself and only used half, then include them in my sellings however, I don’t see a probalem in. But taking the WHOLE TEARPAD is not very fair. Also if selling coupons on ebay was illegal ebay would be the first one to cancel your sale. I have also hear that they are in a lawsuit due to letting people sell but I have also heard that it is a rumor that is being spread so less people sell coupons on ebay.

  22. Johnny

    Funny, most if not all of those that are all for selling coupons on Ebay are SELLERS themselves! Who wouldn’t be all for making a profit at the expense of, oh, EVERYONE ELSE!

  23. couponer k

    I’m not one for buying coupons on ebay because coupons are free. Why would I want to pay to get a discount?
    And selling coupons on Ebay is illegal. Ebay allows people to sell many items everyday not knowing if they are stolen or not so that means their sales policy is not for angels.
    Either way, I don’t support buying coupons or selling them.

  24. Squawkfox (Kerry)

    I don’t understand WHY someone is bidding $2.00 on a $.075 pickle coupon. Am I missing something? 🙂

  25. whynot?

    If I sell some coupons I am not going to use to make money to buy other coupons on ebay I don’t see why that is a problem. I buy just as much as I sell and it is a better way to ensure you will actually get your coupons.

  26. Dee

    I guess I may be in the minority but buying coupons just seem a lil out there. Why am I bidding on a coupon that will only save me …for eg. 75 cents and pay maybe 2.00 for that coupon.

    I respect the fact that people take the time to collect them and that’s great but wouldn’t it be easier to trade w/ friends or people in your neighbourhood who do the same or I dunno…spend 60 cents and mail it out to someone just because….

    To me the idea just makes no sense at all especially considering the fact that some of these coupons are time sensitive.

    Not for me but, I dont and wont judge the people who choose to.

  27. Michelle

    I really hate to break it to you guys but legally I don’t think there’s anything they can do about this. Unless the police go to the extreme of getting on record each individual specifically saying they are SELLING coupons than they can’t be stopped as they are doing nothing illegal.

  28. Yulia

    I would like just to exchange some!!!

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