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10 Brilliant Camping Hacks to Try This Summer

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks to Try This Summer

Camping hacks. They’re all over the internet, aren’t they? I am always bombarded with these hacks every summer, and this year, I decided to pick through them all and share my absolute favourites with you!

If you’re headed camping this summer, this post should be very helpful!

10 Brilliant Camping Hacks to Try This Summer

Camping Hacks

1. Glue sandpaper to your matches container (make sure to use Strike Anywhere matches).

Matches with Sandaper


2. Use an old coffee container to protect your toilet paper.

Coffee Can for Toilet Paper


3. Re-purpose Tic Tac containers into spice storage.

Tic Tac Spices


4. Create a hand washing station out of an old laundry detergent jug.

Hand Washing Station


5. Make your own DIY soap pouch to store bar soap.

Soap Pouch DIY


6. Make a toilet out of a bucket and a milk crate.

Camping DIY Toilet


7. Make an oil lamp out of an orange.

Oil Lamp Orange


8. Make your own pre-made pancake mix in a zip-top bag.

Pancake Mix for Camping


9. Pre-scramble eggs to make them easier to transport.

Pre Scramble Eggs


10. Rub deodorant on mosquito bites to stop the itch (unscented is best).

Stop Mosquito Bites

Do you know any camping hacks? Please share them in the comments!


  1. greeneyesgreen

    all brilliant ideas but my favourite is the milk crate and bucket for an easy toilet…..

  2. Louise

    The egg one makes way more sense than those plastic egg holders. I also saw a brilliant idea for packing clothes for kids. Take the t shirt, shorts, socks and underwear, roll them together and wrap with an elastic band. No more hunting around for clothes!

  3. Jenn

    The egg thing is a risky one. Some people swear by it, and others say it’s a sure fire way to get food poisoning. Egg safety websites say it’s a bad idea, and frankly, I’d rather not have eggs for breakfast than risk making us all sick when we are far from home.

    I’m curious about the toilet one…where would you camp that you’d need to make a toilet? The only thing I can think of is crown land, and most of that is hard enough to get to you’d have to hike or canoe to it…I wouldn’t want to be the one carrying a pee bucket through the bush!

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