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Canada’s Top 3 Coupon Friendly Stores

Coupon Friendly Stores.

.Coupon Friendly Stores

When you first start using coupons, it’s hard to know where the best place is to use them. Most people just try using them at their regular store(s), but this can sometimes result in your coupons not being accepted.

The very first thing you want to do is to familiarize yourself with the coupon policies for the stores you shop at on a regular basis. It’s also a good idea to keep copies of those policies with you when you go shopping. If you use a coupon binder, this is the perfect spot for them. Otherwise, tucked into your purse (or your pocket) is good, too.

If you are really struggling with finding stores that don’t give you a hard time in regards to coupons, try to only shop at the following coupon friendly stores.


When I asked everyone on our Facebook page what their favourite coupon friendly store was, Walmart was a clear winner with around 75% of the votes.

It makes sense that Walmart is almost everyone’s favourite store. There are just so many positives to shopping there – price matching is accepted, printable coupons are accepted and coupon overage is given. Those are just a few of the reasons that most people prefer to shop there (myself included).

Shoppers Drug Mart

The Optimum program provided by Shoppers Drug Mart is one of the main reasons that people shop at this store. You will find Optimum promotions many times per month that you can also match-up with coupons – saving you big bucks and earning you big rewards at the register.

Be sure to check out the clearance section of your local store (almost every location has one, you just need to figure out where they keep it). You can usually find some fantastic bargains that, yes, you can pair a coupon with. If there’s a bonus Optimum points promotion going on as well, that’s even better!

London Drugs

Although they have been getting a bit more strict in regards to their coupon stacking allowance (some stores don’t allow stacking any longer), people still seem to enjoy couponing at London Drugs.

It is common to have a friendly cashier that is actually excited about your savings – not annoyed at you for using coupons (like at other stores!).

Since the coupon policy is still up in the air right now, I highly recommend calling your local store to find out what coupon practices they will and will not accept.

Are you surprised at who came out on top? If you’re wondering which stores were the least popular, I’m sure you won’t be surprised to find that it was Zellers & Rexall PharmaPlus. Both stores received negative feedback due to poor customer service. They are my bottom 2 as well, so this didn’t come as a huge shock to me!

If you only shop at stores that are coupon friendly, you are more likely to have an enjoyable shopping experience. I know that this is not always possible, so if you do happen to shop at a store that is not necessarily as coupon friendly as others, the best thing you can do is follow their coupon policy and hope for the best!

Do you agree with the top 3 on this list? What is your favourite and least favourite stores to use coupons at?


  1. Kelly Milner

    I certainly am not surprised that Zellers was not popular for couponers. I worked at a Zellers store for a year and a half and the cashiers were hounded for taking coupons. The manager at this store figured that by using coupons, you should not be able to get items for free or close to free. He even refused to let people use the $3.00 Purex coupons when it was on sale for $3.00 even though it was legitimate coupon use. All of us cashiers were warned not to take them. I do not miss working there and I rarely shop there because of his bs policies.

  2. Laura

    Save-On Foods is great at taking coupons. A couple times I’ve had the cashiers be excited about the good deals I was getting. And they also have tons of tearpads throughout the store!

  3. Merrilee

    Shoppers & Walmart are my favorites. As far as grocery stores go – I’ve found Sobeys is great when looking for coupons, but Superstore is better when redeeming.

  4. Tara

    I agree about Save On Foods. They are great about taking coupons and allowing stacking plus you get Save-On More Points. It’s super easy to shop there!

  5. Glenna Venn

    I have had issues at Walmart. That is probably my least favorite store to use coupons. I still use them but they usually make you feel like you are trying to rip them off.

  6. Shelley M

    I agree Merrilee….Shoppers, Walmart and Sobeys are good in this part of the country….Atlantic Canada ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Shawna

    My Shoppers is the WORST store for coupons. They will only allow one coupon per entire transaction. In Edmonton, I find that my top 3 are London Drugs, Save On Foods and Wal Mart. In that order. Wal Mart really depends on the cashier – they give me attitude a lot!

  8. Tara

    I have to say I disagree about Rexall. The ones I go to have friendly cashiers who are more than helpful, and they also have a clearance section which I have used coupons in many times. I know Walmart is everyone’s favorite but I try to shop elsewhere whenever I have the chance. Walmart is always at the bottom of my list, that is of course, right above Zellers. Zellers is awful.

  9. Amy Finlay

    I like to use the Superstore. I have recently started price matching as well and I have found the few times I have been there the cashiers were very friendly and receptive to the idea. In fact last week I had a new cashier who was a little flustered at first, but by the end she actually wrote thank you for teaching me on my receipt with her name and a happy face. It was a great experience.

  10. icancu

    I actually like no frills as well..

  11. Kat

    I disagree about Shoppers. The cashiers are so rude about it. They act like you are trying to steal. I guess they had a few bad apples ruin it, but still. I don’t mind them reading the coupons and double checking the products (in fact, I encourage that!!) but looking at me like I’m a criminal and not letting me use legitimate coupons is just bad customer service. I used to like getting the Optimum points but now I just price-match at Walmart. I’ve never had a problem there.

  12. Jamie

    I seem to have issues using coupons anywhere I go, although I have found Walmart is getting better. For the longest time, it seemed like managers were always called anytime I used any coupons and then the manager would stand there and inspect for 2 minutes and then go and ask someone else. This was just for standard coupons! Lately, it’s been easier though. Extra Foods is always great about accepting coupons and the cashiers never sigh or seem annoyed, however if it’s FPC they often enter the wrong price, and I’ve had them completely forget to enter a price. They also mark down lots of stuff by 50% and almost all the time they don’t enter it, or they enter it for the wrong item. Almost everytime I shop there, I end up going back in with my receipt and some sort of explaination of what they did wrong and that is very annoying, plus a huge waste of my time. I would love to just have one cashier do it right just one time!

  13. Eve

    I agree with you Cassie but find LD hard to use coupons although they are friendly enough.I have then gone to Walmart who have priced matched B1G1 and used coupons! I love Shoppers Optimum and the store I go to very friendly.I have used SCP there twice with no problem. Free itiems both times.. I hardly ever go to Safeway. They are very unfriendly likewise Sobeys.

  14. Christine

    I usually use Walmart as my main coupon shopping stop but I agree with others that it really depends on the cashier! I got told the other week that I couldn’t price match and use a coupon. The cashier phoned their CSM for clarification and then told me that they would do it for me just this once! I have done it several times at the same location and never had an issue before.

    As for Save on Foods, the sale prices are usually normal prices at Walmart but when I do shop and use coupons there the cashiers like to announce my total savings just like the show! They are very friendly about using coupons.

  15. Theresa Perry

    walmart and no frills is where i use mine and they are both really good about it

  16. Carrie

    I never sh at walmart, so I cannot comment on them. I have 3 shoppers in my small city and shop at 2 of them. Never had a problem with coupons or optimum points except at the third. They refuse to even scan my optimum card when I buy gift cards so I dont go there. A for London Drugs, mine will not take any printed coupons for more than $3. If it is for $5, they will only take $3 off…that is not right n my books. The zellers here is very receptive to coupons but maybe thatis because this is one of the few zellers that I have shopped at that has great customer service and a veryclean store. For groceries, safeway is very good.

  17. Carrie

    I never shop at walmart, so I cannot comment on them. I have 3 shoppers in my small city and shop at 2 of them. Never had a problem with coupons or optimum points except at the third. They refuse to even scan my optimum card when I buy gift cards so I dont go there. As for London Drugs, mine will not take any printed coupons for more than $3. If it is for $5, they will only take $3 off…that is not right in my books. The zellers here is very receptive to coupons but maybe thatis because this is one of the few zellers that I have shopped at that has great customer service and a veryclean store. For groceries, safeway is very good.

  18. Monica

    I whole heartedly agree with Zellers. Superstore is down at the bottom of my list too, mostly because of that darn $10 max coupon allowance and then they need to call someone for an override which TAKES SO LONG (I think done on purpose!). So the rest of the line up is flustered.
    Save On Foods is GREAT. Not only are they receptive to coupons, printables and others, but you can stack manufacturer’s coupons with their store coupons. And you can stack. They had bassili’s best lasagna on sale from $6.99 – 3.00 this weekend, plus I had $1.50 from websaver AND $1.00 from the Heart and Stroke Calendar, so each 4 person lasagna cost me $1.49! I stocked up!!

  19. teachermum

    My Walmart is great for the most part and especially if I get my favourite cashier. She is a couponer and seems to understand the policy the best. And she is quick-I got in her line the other day and darn if she didn’t go on break before I got up to her—and it was the SLOWEST cashier that works there that took her place–UGH!!!

    My Zellers is great if I get my favourite cashier. Otherwise who knows, the policy seems to change constantly!

    I love No Frills-great produce, I can price match and they take all coupons. The only bad thing is the $10 limit that requires override so I try and keep track of who has the code!

  20. Couponer_in_NS

    Here in NS, Sobeys is the best place to use coupons. They also price match the first page of any competitors flier. I spoke to the manager once, and said I was going to (nearby store) to buy a turkey and they price matched it for me even though it wasnt on the front page).
    At Walmart, they treat each coupon as if it is fraudulent, holding it up in the air and near their eye and still often call the assistant manager (I assume they have had coupon abusers, but please!)
    Co-op will not take coupons 95% of the time. I don’t know what their deal is, but they just don’t like them.
    Superstore is great to take coupons, however I find they are so poorly stocked I don’t get to use them much.

  21. Karen

    I am just starting this couponing and so far found Shopper’s to be the best. However, I did shop at SDM in another city and asked them a couple of questions about using coupons. I was told that you could only one coupon on an item. Once you use a coupon to purchase an item, you could not use another coupon to purchase another one of the items. Where I live there isn’t a problem purchasing more of the same items with a coupon for each. Sobey’s so far will not take coupons printed from the computer.

  22. Natalie Geoffrion

    I have nothing to say but … Well said!!! You inspire each and everyone of us, every week with your blogs. Bravo!

  23. Alicia

    Walmart and Zehrs are my favourite, altho wherever you go you may get a cashier who gets annoyed with the use of coupons (i had one at walmart last week) Freshco I say is about the worst store for couponing they will only take coupons mailed to you and no printed off coupons from the internet!

  24. mar_tie

    I’m thinking that Kelly Milner worked at my local Zellers. I won’t even waste my time. Though Save On Foods was my favourite, my local SOF has a new Ops Manager who won’t allow price matching and the use of a coupon (either or), or the use of a coupon on a sale item. She’s also insisting that “high volume” coupon users call ahead to make an appointment, available only between 8 AM and 2 PM, Mon to Fri. I’m considered a high volume couponer, though I seldom use more than 6 – 10 coupons to shop; and, I work full time, 9-5 , Mon to Fri!

  25. Nikki

    My store is Superstore. Since they started price matching it is amazing how much I save! Because I`m a student, on Tuesday I get 10% off, on top of price match and coupons, and I get my bonus PC points for my reusable bags. They are always great with customer service also. Superstore is great!

  26. Jamie

    I’m LOLing about making an apointment to use coupons. I would have thought someone was kidding if anyone ever told me that.

  27. Stephanie

    I hate Walmart, last time I went to shop at Walmart there was only 3 cashiers and a 45 min wait to get to a cashier!! RCSS is where I go!!

  28. Lenni

    Nofrills is my top one but i also work there .. And yes we have that 10.00 override thing too but when you get to know which cashier has the override it helps .. I have that override and love it when people come through my line with coupons and price matches love it .. I learn too from it . I also do go to walmart and havent had any problems yet with my coupons …

  29. christine25

    Question….if a cashier says only one coupon per transaction and you’re standing there with 20 items & 20 coupons , can you request 20 separate transactions???

  30. Rae-Lynn

    I love walmart, and freshco for price matching. I love no frills but it is the farthest away. I price match them using my ipad at walmart!

  31. Denise

    I just wished our WalMart price matched & couponed. They only accept 1 or the other ๐Ÿ™

  32. Wendy

    Hi everyone

    I have to agree that Walmart is my favourite place to use coupons based on that they will accept all types of coupons, mailed, internet and price match. Have had 2 negative experiences with one of the cs managers as she wouldn’t do the overage as “she said her system doesn’t allow them to put the extra on the total invoice which was bogus”. One down faill with Walmart is that they need to improve on their “coupon education” to their cashiers. The manager’s also don’t portray the knowledge of the existing policy. If a person who coupons consistently, there’s no reason to have to check “each flyer” to ensure that the products matches. I know there are some people who will manipulate the system which makes it bad for the majority of couponers but they should treat each person with respect and trust the customer’s when they coupon shop. I was at my Orleans Walmart and the cashier who took my order was amazing. No questions asked and 0 confrontation with the coupons. This is the service that all customer’s who coupon should receive.

    My second choice has to be Rexall as they allow you to double up on a 1 to 1 coupon. One of theirs to one of mine for the same product. When they bring their coupons books out they’re very accommodating and easy going when i buy from their store.

  33. Nicole B

    Zellers is awful! i’ve never been so happy about an american company coming in and taking over a canadian one, but woo-hoo to target for getting rid of the zellers in my area! now its just a waiting game until Zellers are completely gone. Personally i think this is due to the decades of horrible customer service

  34. Shelli

    After yet another frusturating experience at walmart yesterday, i have decided i will not be shopping there in the future. I came with two coupons, one was a coupon that was emailed to me as an attchment from the manufacturer and the other was a regular coupon. The cashier looked at each of them quickly and said sorry we do not accept these. I have found that everytime i have gone to walmart with a coupon they will immediately refuse it. I asked her why they wouldnt accept my coupons and her exscuse was that the printable coupon looked photocopied because it was black and white. She also said that when using a printable coupon that the cashier must be able to see the website across the top of the page where the coupon was printed from. I ended up having to show her the email on my phone from the manufacturer and she very angrily accepted it finally. Based on my experiences, I think Walmarts new coupon “policy” is to do their best to not accept any coupons and hopefully the customer will not push them on it and not bring coupons back in the future.

  35. Stacie

    I agree with WM & SDM being in the top 3 but not London Drugs. #3 for me would be Safeway, followed closely by RCSS. While I’ve had issues at some of these stores in the past, it wasn’t bad enough for me to not try their other locations. I have found the stores that know their policies (or know them better than others) & simply avoid the ‘problem’ store(s).

    LD is too inconsistent & I find their prices are higher than most other places. Without the ability to stack or use coupons on sale items, it’s simply too expensive for me to shop there. I’ve had some luck with 2 of the stores in the city, but they’re both a pretty long drive & the gas I burn is more than what I’d save. Especially if it’s one of *those* days & all my coupons are refused. No savings & wasted fuel = unhappy me. The store closest to my house (like 2 mins. away) plays favorites. They let some customers stack but not others (using the exact same coupons). Too soap opera-ish & grade school for my liking.

    Rexall & Zellers – nothing nice to say.

  36. Anna

    I love couponing at Walmart and RCSS. While SDM does have an amazing coupon policy, I find their sale prices are usually still higher than Walmart’s regular prices so unless it’s one of their two day only sales or an amazing sale I dont bother.

  37. Debra

    My best .experience has been at Save On Foods. They allow coupon stacking and I have always been impressed with the tellers, they seem to be well trained in their coupon policies.

  38. Sylvie

    This article is dated, but I think the poll’s positions would still hold today. Of course, Zellers has now disapeared, and I still have to see what Target is all about (none open in Montreal yet) Time will tell ๐Ÿ™‚

    While we don’t have London Drug here, I’d say that Uniprix is very coupon-friendly (in my experience), and so is SuperC.

  39. Shannon

    Id say target should be in the top three since they allow coupon stacking.

  40. Jennifer

    I go to our local Real Canadian Superstore, they allow internet printed coupons and now they have their PC Points program so you earn points towards money off later the only crappy part it if you have over 10.00 in coupons the manager has to do a override on each coupon after that so your check out takes a little longer and you get some crappy looks from the people behind you! Thats when I want to split my order and use ALL my coupons just to piss them off more ๐Ÿ™‚
    So Superstore is my favorite to use ๐Ÿ™‚

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