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Canadian Companies that will Mail You Coupons

Canadian Companies that will Mail You Coupons

Wondering Where to Find High-Value Coupons?

How to get coupons mailed to you in Canada. Most of my high value and FREE product coupons (FPC) come directly from the manufacturers themselves. I simply call or email them, explaining how my family enjoys their products, and I ask them if they have any coupons that they are able to send me. Some companies will send you some, and others won’t.

Whether or not you receive the same coupons as the ones on this list will vary by which representative you reach. I have tried to order coupons from certain companies after hearing that someone else had received them, and the representative would tell me that they do not send coupons in the mail. It’s hit or miss.

The following is a list of companies that have sent coupons to consumers. Please do not take advantage of the kindness of these companies. Only ask for coupons from companies that you truly do enjoy.

Arthur’s Smoothies: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Aveeno: Was sent 1x $3 coupon
Email: Click here

Barbara’s: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Biore: Was sent 2x $1 coupons for any product
Email: click here

Blue Dragon: Was sent 1x $1.50 WUB2 AND 2x $1 WUB2
Email: Click here

Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat Food: Was sent 1x $5 coupon
Email: Click here

Chapmans: Was sent 1x $4 coupon. You can email yearly to request coupons.
Email: click here

Clover Leaf: Was sent 1x $0.50 WUB2 flavoured tuna coupon and 1x $1 WUB3 flavoured tuna coupon
Email: click here

Danone: Was sent 2x $3 gift certificates
Email: Click here

Daiya: Was sent 3x $0.50 coupons
Email: Click here

Driscoll’s Berries: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Click here

Duncan Hines: Was sent 1x $0.35 coupon for cake mix, brownie mix or frosting
Email: click here

Earth Balance: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Eden’s Organics: Was sent 3x $1 coupons
Email: click here

El Monterey: Was sent 4x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Fresh Express: Sent 2x FPC for packaged salad
Email: click here

Gain: Sent 2x $1 coupons for fabric softener or laundry detergent
Email: click here

Gay Lea, Nordica, Ivanhoe, Lacteeze: Was sent 1x $2 coupon, 2x $1 coupons, 1x $1 Ivanhoe coupon
Email: Click here

Glutino: Sent 2x FPC, 1x $1 and 1x B1G1 FREE coupons
Email: click here

Haan-Celestial: Sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Haagen-dazs Received 10x $1 stackable coupons
Email: click here

Hills/Science Diet Pet Food: Was sent 1x $10 coupon
Email: Click here

Iams: Sent 4x $2 coupons for dog food and cat food.
Email: click here

John Frieda: Sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: click here

Johnson & Johnson: Sent 2x $2 Stayfree/K-Y/etc. product, 2x $2 Tylenol/Reach/etc. product, 2x $3 Aveeno/Neutrogena/etc. product. Note: You can call/email monthly to request coupons. Quantities are limited as they are trying to switch over completely to printable coupons.
Email: click here
Phone Number: 1-866-565-2229

Johnsonville Sausage Will mail out coupons upon request every 3 months if you email them

Marc Angelo Meats: Sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Visit their Facebook page

Melitta: various coupons
Email/phone: Click here

Michelina’s: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: [email protected]

Natura: Was sent 14x $0.75, $0.50 and $1 coupons for soy and rice beverages.
Email: Click Here

Organic Meadow: Sent 4x $1 coupons + fridge magnet, Sent 3x $0.75 coupons
Email: click here

Pita Break: Sent 1x $5 WUB2 coupon for any Pita Break products
Email: click here (join coupon club)

Purina: Sent 3x $2 Maxx Scoop Litter, 3x $1 Dry Cat Chow, 3x $3 Dry Dog Chow
Email: click here

Rice Works: Sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: click here

Revlon: Was sent 2x $1 coupons
Email: Click here

Rogers: Sent 2x $0.50 coupons for cereal, 2x $0.50 coupons for granola and 2x $0.50 coupons for flour
Email: click here

Schick: Sent 1x $2 coupon for Schick razor
Email: click here

Tetley: Sent 1x $1 coupon and 1x FPC for any product
Email: click here

Uncle Bens: Was sent 1x $1 coupon
Email: Click here

Vlasic Pickles: Was sent 1x $0.35 coupon
Email: Click here

Are there any companies that you have received coupons from?

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  1. cheryl

    great post! But what i really want to know is how you get so many duplicate coupons

  2. Cassie Howard

    i get multiple coupons 2 ways:
    1 – i do LOTS of coupon trades
    2 – i have about 5 accounts on one for my house, one for my mom’s, one for my dad’s, one for my MIL, etc. they dont mind that i get coupons sent to them for me. πŸ™‚

  3. rebecca

    I was wondering how often can you email the companies?

  4. Cassie Howard

    I email them every 6-12 months. πŸ™‚

  5. Katherine

    I emailed all of the above companies a few days ago. Chapman’s and Jonhson & Johnson are the only ones that have written back and are sending me some coupons in the mail YAY!

    Jonhsons also added that they have a website that offers more of their coupons….

  6. Julia

    I went through our pantry, fridge, freezer and cupboards and made a list of all the products we keep on hand and emailed EVERYBODY asking ever so sweetly for coupons! (I was surprised at how many of the products we love are owned by the same companies). If it’s a product you always have, why wouldn’t you want to save a little?! (eggs, flour – anything and everything).

    Several places told me no, and to look in magazines or newspapers if I want coupons (not to mention names….*kraft*….), however many places were thrilled to hear how we appreciate their products and kindly sent a few coupons for dollars or cents off. The great thing about these direct from manufacturer coupons is the expiry dates are all in Dec 2011 or sometime in 2012 AND one coupon is often good for a variety of products.

    Also, some companies will put you on their mailing lists to recieve things in the future.

  7. ashley

    For the sc johnson company did you e-mail them about each product that you love or did you do a general email and they sent you those coupons? for example did you say i love your products , i use them all the time and would love it if you are able to send me any coupons or samples you may have. I would love to try your other products that I dont currntly use. Thank you.

  8. Cassie Howard

    ashley – i sent one for each product my family uses (4 i believe).

  9. kim

    I wrote to these companies and received the following coupons:-

    2 x $1 Primo
    4 x $1 Marc Angelo
    5 x 1 Colgate- Palmolive
    in total SC Johnson $17 for use on various products
    Expecting Chapmans they requested my address so fingers crossed and there could be more i’ve forgotten about. Really worth the few minutes it takes to email them. Thanks for the Info. required MRS JANUARY.

  10. Stephanie

    Hi Cassie and Ashley,

    I sent SC Johnson an email last week (June 7th) raving about their products. I asked them if there were any coupons they would be able to send me… here is their response:

    Thanks so much for getting in touch – emails like yours are favorites here at SC Johnson!

    It’s always nice to hear when our products make the grade in your home. I forwarded your comments to the rest of my team so they too may know their efforts are appreciated.

    And while we don’t have an ongoing coupon or samples program, your interest in our products means a lot to us. At SC Johnson, our number one priority is to delight our consumers. We realize that it is consumers like you who have helped build our business.

    If you’re not a member already, I invite you to sign up at, where you could login in and save $$ on SC Johnson products with coupons featured there regularly.

    Everyone appreciates value, and we hope you will personally experience this through membership to [email protected] – enjoy!

    Looks like they’re hopping on the bandwagon for companies that will mail us coupons. πŸ™

  11. siobhan

    I emailed some companies on your list most said they don’t have any coupons to give out, but one you dont have is sensodine, they sent me a coupon for free 100ml toothpaste just cause I said I really liked their toothpaste.

  12. LTW

    I just got a $2.00 coupon printed from the SILK soy beverage site. If you sign up and agree to occasional e-mails, you get a $2.00 coupon, if not, it’s $0.50, You download the coupon so you can print off as needed.

    Here’s the link:

  13. Amy

    I actually just emailed Purina a few days ago about Cat Chow and they are sending me some coupons in the mail, it is so easy to send a 5 second email and the results are great!!

  14. Fangs

    Which company do u email for Villagio coupons?

  15. Amy

    I got my free Olay sample today, and I also got 3x $1.00 coupons for Purina cat chow just by emailing the company which was GREAT!!

  16. Penny

    I received 10x .50 coupons from Danone by emailing them.

  17. Katie

    MarcAngelo does not send coupons anymore. I wrote to them, and the guy told me to “like” the facebook page and there is a $1. coupon there. Just wanted to let you know. : )

  18. Norma

    Hello Ms January,

    I wrote to all the companies you mention, Only Kruger send me a $1.50 coupon, some companies responded that they glad I enjoy their products, however they do not send out coupons but I should look in magazines, product boxes ets for coupons…

    Thanks Kruger..

    P.S. Enjoy getting you info daily…thanks.

  19. Cassie Howard

    Norma, Katie – Please note that you will likely get a different response each time you write to the companies, as they have more than one customer service representitives. This list outlines the companies that I personally have received coupons from.

  20. Mary

    my son in law does couponing a lot and he clips coupons from cereal boxes from the outside and the check all the boxes inside and out..he’s gotten a lot of free products just by looking for them and clipping them..

  21. Mary

    so, what companies can send coupons for diabetics who can’t eat everything including canned goods because of the sugar and sodium content or carbohydrate content..carbohydrates are killers for diabetics..

  22. Mary

    for diabetics I recommend grain sprouted bread..baked without flour ..Silver Hills and Save on foods stock this bread..

  23. Mary

    also for those with high cholesterol problems, try the plant sterols products Danacol and pro-active butter(expensive) but so good..

  24. Mary

    a lot of the coupons that are out there I never my age(73)I’m set in my ways and have certain things that I use only and no coupons readily available for those

  25. Cassie Howard

    Mary: If that’s the case, your best bet is to create a menu plan and shop with a list to save money on your grocery bill. πŸ™‚

  26. Zena

    Do you have a list of companies with coupons on their website?

  27. Cassie Howard
  28. Tamara C


    Just curious, how often do you send out emails to these companies. I noticed Johnson and Johnson you said once a month, but other then that how often can you send the companies emails??

  29. Janice

    I e-mailed colgate/palmolive company and received 5 $1.00 off coupons πŸ™‚ I ended buying a huge palmolive dish detergent for $1.00 because they were already on sale πŸ™‚ If you purchase items that are on sale with your coupons you save more πŸ™‚

  30. Cassie Howard

    Tamara: Usually every 6 months or so.

  31. Tami

    marc Angelo does not mail out coupons anymore. The email I received says you can get a coupon by “liking” them on facebook now.

  32. Cassie Howard

    Thanks, Tami.

  33. Rachel

    Hi, i was wondering about if you guys know any other coupon sits other then smart canadians!!thx let mee know

  34. Carolyn

    Just wondering if you have had anymore success with other companies? This list hasn’t changed in a while, so I thought I’d check. Also, I wrote an email to clover leaf and they sent me 2 x $1 coupons.

  35. Cassie Howard

    Carolyn: Yes, I have. Thanks for reminding me that I really need to update this list!

  36. Marie

    Cavendish no longer mails out coupons – I was told to check their website and look in magazines….Colgate/Palmolive sent out 5 – $1 coupons, Campbells also said they don’t have coupons to mail out.

  37. Lorraine

    I just wanted to let you know that I wrote to Purina before I found your site and told them how much my dogs enjoyed their dog food and they sent me $9 in coupons. I have sent away to some of the ones on your site and the only one I have gotten and answer to so far it Chapmans

  38. Claudia Howard

    I was wondering if anyone had a list of the facebook sites that offer coupons. I have managed to “like” some, but it is hit and miss at best

  39. Lee

    Way too much on facebook,you have to like it to get the coupons, i dont have it, and dont want it. A lot of us senior people dont have this and we miss a lot because of this. wWsh we could tell them someway to let us have coupons too, Can you help us?

  40. Bonnie

    Just to let everyone know…Foodland has Kraft peanut butter 1kg. for $2.47 and apparently peanut butter is going up grab some this week.

  41. Amy

    I agree with the FACEBOOK comments. I DO NOT have a facebook account and feel like I may be missing out on a lot. Is there a way to find these companies, coupons or freebies without going through facebook? Would it just be easier to start a facebook account? Or is there a way to find these companies and find out if there is another way? I coupon out of neccesity and it would be great if there was another way to get the coupons rather than having to ‘like’ a facebook page. How about getting coupons because you like their product or would like to try their product? Does anyone have a list of these facebook pages so those of us who don’t facebook could have the same advantages? Thanks for all your time and help.
    By the way, I love your website, updates and the information you provide. Great tips ?

  42. Kim in Leduc

    Well so far ( Did a bunch of emailing) I have recieved responses from:
    Purina – Won’t send out coupons
    Danone – Sending Coupons
    Colgate-Palmolive – Sending Coupons
    Johnson & Johnson – Sending Coupons
    Duncan Hines – Sending Coupons
    SC Johnson – Doesn’t send but recommended their Website Which You can get websaver coupons through http://[email protected] (Different websaver coupons, not the ones you get when you just log in)
    Babybel – Says they’ve reached their coupon hand out maximum for the year

  43. Heather

    I also found that if I wasn’t happy with a product and contacted the company and told them how I felt, they were glad to hear my opinion and quite often they would send me coupons for freebies and dollars and cents off, just to make me happy and buy their product again. Companies like to hear what the public opinion is with their products. But I also do not take advantage of this!

  44. Patricia

    John Frieda will send coupons every couple of months. I ususally get 2 x $1

  45. Sara

    E-mailed all these companies and the only coupons I was able to receive was from Colgate/Palmolive & Iams… just waiting to recieve them in the mail. Thanks Colgate & Iams!!!

  46. Katie

    When you write companies stating how much you like there product do you put right in the email you are looking for coupons?

  47. Eric

    I was wondering if this is currently an updated list of the sites that will send you coupons?

  48. Caro

    I was also wondering if there’s an updated list available somewhere? A few of these numbers and e-mails won’t work anymore. Thanks so much for your hardwork Cassie! : )

  49. Cassie Howard

    Caro: I plan on editing this page soon. πŸ™‚

  50. Vanessa

    This list is awesome Cassie, thank you so much! Here’s my experience so far…

    I emailed some of the contacts in this post a few days ago (all except Kruger, Dole, Natrel, John Frieda and Old Dutch). I received great emails from Iams, Purina and Colgate-Palmolive (so far!) telling me they appreciate my comments and my business and that coupons are in the mail. SC Johnson wrote me and said they don’t send out coupons but to register at (which just forwards you to coupons powered by and Whiskas sent me an email that basically said “No, we don’t send coupons but thanks for your business.”

    My emails were simple, I just said we love your products and would really appreciate any coupons you may have to send for our next purchase.

  51. Rebecca

    Natrel and bany bell no longer mail coupons πŸ™

  52. Carl

    Hi there! Just found your site tonight and am poking around it. I emailed Old Dutch asking for a coupon or two. I am bookmarking your site and will return when I get an anwer and will post whether or not I got something. That way people know who is doing what!

  53. Debra

    I just found this amazing website,thanks so much for helping costumers like myself in these hard times.who continue to purchase your quailty products save a little more.Thanks Again !

  54. Lorena

    I have gotten colgate-palmolive coupons a few times now, they always send 5 – $1 coupons. I also got the Johnston and Johnston ones as described by Cassie recently too (received early this week).

  55. trisha werner

    Just received 5x$1.00 from Palmolive and 5x$1.00 from Purina, they emailed me back and asked me specifically what cat food we use and the coupons are for that food only.

  56. Debbie

    I e-mailed to ask for Baby Bel coupons, and they said they no longer mail them out. Sob sob.

  57. Carly

    Old Dutch would not send coupons. SC Johnson directed me to join another website where I could order coupons. (Right@Home)

  58. Britney

    I emailed tetley, they said they dont mail coupons

  59. Jessi

    anyone know how I can get free bodywash and nail stuff like on extream couponing lol

  60. Savanna

    I emailed babybel on Monday and they said they would be happy to mail me out coupons.

  61. Britney

    Dear Miss. McGuigan

    We would like to thank you for your interest in our products, and are glad to hear that you enjoy them.

    We are unfortunately unable to send you any coupons. Our company focuses on in-store discounts and limited time promotions rather than coupons. Our offers are most of the time advertized in flyers of the major grocery stores and supermarkets. Consulting them regularly is the best way to stay on the lookout for our upcoming offers.

    Best regards,

    Jane Smith

    Consumer Service Manager
    Bel Cheese Canada Inc.

  62. Melissa Ross

    I am wondering when emailing these place what exzactly do you say to them? in order to get the coupons.

  63. Cassie Howard

    Melissa Ross: Just tell them that your family enjoys their product(s). πŸ™‚

  64. Patty

    Thank you for this info, i emailed j&j, colgate, dole, chapmans and they promised to send me coupons πŸ˜€

  65. Gail

    Heard about your site from my daughter and came in to investigate. Ive just sent out emails to several companies asking for coupons. Will let you know if I get any. I plan to come back for more.
    Thank you for this place. Its a big help for saving hard earned $$$$.

  66. Jessica

    I have e-mailed almost all of these companies and the only ones who didnt send me any coupons were natrel, babybell and cavendish. Thank you so much for your helpful information.

  67. Malaika

    I had emailed Natrel in the past and they sent me a few coupons. However, I emailed them recently and they said they get quite a few people requesting for coupons so they no longer send them out.

  68. bev

    Johnston and Johnston will no longer be mailing coupons out to the public. They told me that you have to log onto and print off the coupons you requite.

  69. Lisa

    Thank you for the list. I’ve emailed the one’s that interest me & am excited to see who responds!

  70. Krysta

    thanks so much … I called some today and emailed some more … got some coupons on the way !!!!

  71. Debbie

    I emailed several yesterday. The only positive response I have gotten so far is from Iams. Several Weight Management formula couposn on the way πŸ™‚

  72. Michelle

    Ok emailed most of them, can’t wait to see reponses,

  73. Arriana

    I e-mailed most of the companies listed above .Some emailed me and said they no longer send out coupons.
    The only one sent me coupons was Chapmans.
    Chapmans sent me one $5.00 coupon.

  74. Melody

    Old Dutch said they have no coupons available. So far chapmans is the only one sending.

  75. Cassie Howard

    Please keep in mind that the response you receive from these companies varies on which representative you reach. Some representatives will say they don’t send out coupons and the next person you talk to will say that they do.

  76. Wendi

    I just spoke with someone at Cavendish and they said they will mail me some coupons!

  77. Della Burkitt

    I just phoned Dove the other day and the lady said that they don’t give out any coupons. I was very polite and said that’s okay just wanted to tell you that your product(have to be specific cuz she asked for the bar code on the back of my bottle) is great. I got a letter from them thanking me and a FPC with it!

  78. leona

    I just emailed a few of these companies listed also Natrel , SCjohnson, tetley, I hope I get some coupons from them, wish me luck !!!!!!! oh yeah I LOVE this website <3

  79. Kelly

    Colgate said they would send me coupons, this was about a month ago. Does it usually take this long?

  80. Cassie Howard

    Kelly: Sometimes it can. I would give it 6 weeks and then contact them again. It’s possible they didn’t get your address correct.

  81. Lori

    Please note that as of the new year, 2012, Johnson and Johnson is not sending out any coupons by mail unless you express that you do not have access to a computer and printer. They are directing ppl to instead.

  82. Crystal

    Hi πŸ™‚
    I just wanted to Thank you for putting these up! I’m new to couponing but love to save $. Lol πŸ˜‰
    I emailed the companies that I was interested in & I can’t wait to see what comes in πŸ™‚ Keep you all posted!

  83. Michelle

    I could not get through to Old Dutch, Campbell’s, or Dole. Playtex is asking you to go to Johnston & Johnston want you to go to their Mommy and baby site. thx.

  84. Dave

    What do you say to companies when calling or emailing them for coupons…not good at asking but it would help monthly grocery bill with being on disability pension.

  85. Cassie Howard

    Dave: Just tell them that you like their products and ask if they have any coupons they could send you. πŸ™‚

  86. kristyn

    Great idea but too bad so many don’t actually work. Purina, Tetley, Colgate, Iams, Campbells, P&G, Dole and Natrel do NOT send out coupons anymore πŸ™ I know you said it varies by person but other than Lanisoh (from the baby group) NONE of the companies was sending anything out.

  87. Cassie Howard

    kristyn: I’m working on getting this page updated. πŸ™‚

  88. jessica

    I was looking at some of your shopping pics and was wondering how you got free board games and if it was through coupons which company sent them to you?

  89. Cassie Howard

    jessica: It was coupons and I believe they were on the backs of cereal boxes that I’d purchased.

  90. Bonnie

    Hi there,
    I just thought I would share an email that I recieved from Baby Bell. Not sure if you might want to remove them from this list.

    Dear Mrs. ——,

    We would like to thank you for your interest in our products, and are glad to hear that you enjoy them.

    We gave, until recently, discount coupons on our products upon request. However, as the demand for coupons has been growing tremendously, we had to modify our practice.

    Our company has now decided to offer in-store discount offers and promotions rather than coupons sent by mail. Our offers are most of the time advertized in flyers of the major grocery stores and supermarkets. Consulting them regularly is the best way to stay on the lookout for our upcoming offers.

    Best regards,

    Jane Smith
    Consumer Service Manager
    Bel Cheese Canada Inc.

  91. Lorena Collins

    Cassie the email link for Johnsons and Johnstons doesn’t work, I have used it before, but it doesn’t take you there anymore. Can you fix??? Thanks a bunch.

  92. Cassie Howard

    Lorena Collins: Fixed!

  93. Suzanne

    Thank you so much, i have sent an email to everyone of those that i use regularly, or rather would use if i could, the coupons will help me get the good name brands for my dog CloΓ© and I.

  94. Suzanne

    Thank you so much, i have sent an email to everyone of those that i use regularly, or rather would use if i could, the coupons will help me get the good name brands for my dog CloΓ© and I.

  95. Suzanne

    Thank you so much, i have sent an email to everyone of those that i use regularly, or rather would use if i could, the coupons will help me get the good name brands for my dog CloΓ© and I.

  96. Jennifer

    most companies listed here dont send out coupons anymore because of the high demand.
    if your interested in a certain product or brand.send them an email using the contact us section or email us option on their website. I think it does depend on the situation, comliment/ complaint, and your intentions.

    I have had success with:

    iams – was sent 3 x 3$ off dog food
    cloverleaf- was sent a take five receipe booklet with coupons
    jergens- was sent 2 x 1$ coupons
    aveeno= 3$ coupon for any 4 brands listed
    O.B- was sent a 2$ coupon
    Johnson & Johnson- was sent 2 x 1$ coupons and a coupons for a “take a long pack”
    Kimberly clark – was sent 2 #$ coupons for any brand listed
    “blue” dog food- was sent a 5$ coupon

  97. Audrey

    just got a reply from Babybel….they no longer mail out coupons.

  98. Anna

    I just received 5x$1.00 from colgate-palmolive. Also 1x$5 from chapmans. Also 2x$1 from J&J. Thank you!!!

  99. Susan

    If you email Chapmans ice cream and tell them you love their product give tham your name and address they will send you a @5 off . Your allowed to do this once a year.

  100. sandy

    hi there the link for the Marzetti Hummus is not working

  101. sandy

    hi there i seem to have the hardest time finding coupons i need can some one give me some pointers pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee i was looking for Palmolive dish soap n pancake syrup coupons but for the life of me i cant find a thing lol help me some one im new to this

  102. Stephanie

    Marzetti website doesnt work. Do you know how I could get these coupons?

  103. Delia

    @Sandy for Palmolive follow the link above to email the company and ask for coupons, you can do the same for pancake syrup. Lots of companies will mail you coupons, you just have to sak!

  104. Cassie Howard

    Stephanie: I fixed the link –

  105. Lacey

    Is there a certain way you should word your request because I’ve contacted a few places and none provided coupons – just said to look in stores, flyers etc. Thanks for your time!

  106. christine

    I have contacted most of these companies and they respond with sorry but at this time we are not handing out any coupons and please go look in stores for coupons.

  107. Dianne

    I’m just wondering: The Marzetti website, for example, requires you to input a US address (as indicated by the field asking for a zip code). Did you email, call or write this company, Cassie?

  108. Debbie

    Like Christine, I received emails advising that most of these companies aren’t handing out coupons right now.

  109. Kim

    I sent an e-mail to Chapmans a few months back and they responded saying they would send out coupons via Canada Post. When I received the big white envelope I was pretty excited but when I opened it up all I found was a calendar. I was very happy with the calendar and use it at my desk daily but I never did receive the coupon they said they would send (disappointing).

  110. Mischell

    I’ve requested coupons from Roger’s (flour, sugar, granola…) and recieved a friendly email and a nice variety of coupons and recipes. I also emailed Sunbutter and recieved a $1 off coupon:) Look in your cupboards and email the companies you use most. Hit or miss but worth a shot!

  111. Cassie Howard

    Lacey: Not really. I just tell them I like their product(s) and ask if they can send coupons.

    christine: It all depends on which representative you reach.

    Dianne: I apologize, the link was CDN and then US. The Canadian website is down for some reason (I emailed them).

    Kim: I suggest emailing them back and letting them know you only received a calendar.

    Mischell: Thanks for sharing!

  112. daniela

    i was just wondering what would you say in your letter to the company, ive been wanting to do this for a while but i just don’t know i should say. :s

  113. Wendi

    My request for coupons email read as follows:


    My family and I enjoy your products. Do you have any coupons that you are able to send me?

    Best Regards,

    I received responses from all of them but only got coupons from Purina, Chapmans, Kao and Iams.

  114. Kim

    I recently email Celestial and asked about a tea I use to buy but couldn’t find it anymore and they sent me a list of teas they sell and where to buy them with a free sample and a 1.00 off coupon. I was pleasantly surprised πŸ™‚

  115. cherise ross

    I emailed purina and they sent me 5x 4.00 off purina cat chow,they emailed me first to ask which product i used! πŸ™‚

  116. Marilyn

    Just for those have have emailed Chapmans. I emailed them and also received a very nice calander. I was disapointed when I didn’t receive a $5.00 coupon like they had said. About 2 months after I received the calander, I wa surprised to see that Chapmans sent me the $5.00 off coupon. Be patient, I think it might still be coming.

  117. ericka

    I just wanted everyone to know that gain will send you a 5x 1$ off if you email them but the other pg brands wont so far just gain but its something πŸ™‚

  118. Miranda

    Hi, I recently emailed a few of the these companies and was pleasently surprised with the response! I received coupons from J&J, Riceworks, Chapmans, and Colgate. Axe and Schick did respond but said they no longer send coupons.

  119. improperganda

    What I do is write them an email saying how much I love their products and some will send coupons and some wont. I’ve found that most do.

  120. gail metcalfe

    I have multiple food sensitivies so am always looking for products that are organic and don’t contain a lot of food additives. I wrote Eden’s Organics quite sometime ago and they also sent me a variety of $1 coupson for a variety of their products– ranging over several brand names.

  121. Zoe W

    I found this on your website and thought it was a really good idea. i usually print coupons but would much rather recieve them through the mail. i emailed chapmans, Axe, rogers sugar, O.B, Colgate, JnJ, Classico, barilla, nutella, Campbell soup, and heinz, last night and have already recieved emails responding from Colgate/ Palmolive and chapmans saying that they have sent my coupons through mail and should recieve them soon. I also emailed some p and G companies and they said they dont have a coupon mailing program. i know that not every one will send coupons but i still just send Canadian companies i use, emails on how much i enjoy there products and plan to keep using them asking for coupons, and it seems to be working for some. Has anyone else emailed these other companies if so have you had success?

  122. Stephanie


    I had luck with the ones you named already. I have no printer so I use, and currently has 113$ worth of coupons you get by mail πŸ™‚

  123. Mel

    I have received 5 x 1.00 coupons for Marc Angelo’s meat products more then once. I love some of their products.

  124. Emily

    Hi! I was wondering how long it takes for the Chapman’s coupon to send. I have been waiting for a month and a few weeks now and it still isn’t here! πŸ™

  125. JennieS

    Hi Mrs. J! Do you email the companies and give them your address?, or do you wait for them to respond first? Thanks so much! I love your site so much and I respect how you deal with negative people. I think you do such a great job!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  126. Cassie Howard

    Emily: It could take up to 8 weeks.

    Jennie S: Yes, I just gave my address right away. And, thank you!

  127. Jill

    I emailed Johnsonville and rec’d 2-$1 coupons. I also emailed Smuckers and received 2-.55 cent coupons. I emailed Sunrype and they sent me 2-$1 coupons.

  128. Emily

    I have emailed Heinz, Dole and Frito Lays and they have all said no to the coupons πŸ™

  129. Emily

    So far I have emailed:

    Dole-No Coupons Available
    Heinz-No Coupons Available
    Frito Lays-No Coupons Available
    Chapmans-Being Sent
    Johnson and Johnson-Being Sent
    Colgate/Palmolive-Being Sent
    Nestle-No Reply
    Smuckers-No Reply
    Breyers-No Reply
    Maple Leaf-No Reply
    Pepperidge Farm-No Reply (Love their Goldfish Crackers:) )

    I have been very busy lately. πŸ™‚

  130. Meghan

    I emailed Advil and was sent 3x $1 for any Advil product (excluding 10s).

  131. Emily

    Dole-No Coupons Available
    Heinz-No Coupons Available
    Frito Lays-No Coupons Available
    Chapmans-Being Sent
    Johnson and Johnson-Being Sent
    Colgate/Palmolive-Being Sent RECEIVED
    Nestle-No Reply
    Smuckers-No Reply
    Breyers-No Reply *ON MAILING LIST*
    Maple Leaf-No Reply *NO COUPONS AVAILABLE*
    Pepperidge Farm-No Reply (Love their Goldfish Crackers:) ) *NO COUPONS AVAILABLE*
    Dove-No coupons available
    Olay-No Coupons Available
    Danone-No Reply
    Campbells-No Reply
    Marc Angelo-Sent to Facebook
    WonderBread-No Coupons Available
    D’Italiano-No Reply
    St. Ives-No Reply
    Glad-No Reply
    Duncan Hines-Being Sent

    Updated List!

  132. Krista

    I emailed Johnsonville awhile back. They said they would be happy to send coupons and that I could request some every three months! πŸ™‚ I then received 2x $1 off coupons.

  133. Tammy

    @Sandy, check the newspapers for the coupon inserts they also have various coupons the last ones had Palmolive between my neice and myself we got 12 bottles of Palmolive our neighbours gave us their coupons so now we have a years supply.

  134. Lona

    Here are the ones that I have also received lately in the mail. I just went to each of their websites and, Contact us and then sent a request.

    Bolthouse, 4x$1 for their Juice and 0.55×4 for their carrots
    Mann’s Veggies – $1×3 for any of their vegetables plus recipes (ask specifically for Canadian Coupons)
    Fresh Express – $1×2 for their salads (Ask Specifically for Canadian Coupons)
    Advil (Pfizer) – $2×3 for childrens advil and $2×3 for Advil cold and sinus (They sent colour printed coupons for exactly what I commented on that we used)
    Johnsonville Sausages – $1×3 off any other their products

  135. esther

    I emailed Vlasic once, and they sent me a 35 cent coupon.. what a waste of a stamp :p

  136. Lisa Hallman

    My recommendation is that you do not ask for coupons and simply state how much you use their products and how much you love their company etc. I find when you purposely write an email to request coupons they don’t send you any in many cases. So try that route…

  137. Tracy

    I have had very good success emailing the above listed companies.

    Chapman’s – $5 coupon
    Schick – $13.99 coupon
    Colgate – 5 x $1 coupons for a range of products
    Johnson and Johnson – 2 x $5 coupons for a range of products

    I’m happy with those gains for a 1/2 hour of emailing…! Thanks so much!

  138. Debbie

    I emailed Hill’s Science Diet and they sent me a $5 coupon.
    General Mills – no coupons
    Purina sent me 5 coupons – 3 for $1 off Friskies and 2 for $1 off Beneful
    Clover leaf sent coupons for money off their little flavoured tuna tins
    Schnieders sent a $5 off coupon when I complained about the # of sausages in the package being less.
    Unilever sent a $11.99 coupon when I complained about the shrinking size of the lever2000 bars.
    Renee’s just said thank you when I complimented them on their dressing. Didn’t ask for coupons, though.

  139. april

    in quebec only flamingo chicken sent me lots of good coupons

  140. renee

    I got 1 x$5 coupon from chapmans
    1 x$2 + 1 x$3 coupons from johnson and johnson
    5 x $1 coupons from colgate-palmolive
    3 x$2 coupons from advil
    (the advil coupons didn’t have expiry dates though, isn’t
    that going to be a problem when i try to use them in

  141. jackfree

    You can joi the Ozery Bakery Inc. Coupon Club.
    They make Pita Break Bread products and will send you a $5 off coupon when you buy 2 products.
    You should receive other discounts at a later date.

  142. Julie

    I recently emailed Danone and they sent me 5 x $1 coupons!

  143. Alicia

    Thank you Cassie (Cassie) for compiling this list. Have already received quite a few responses & coupons.

  144. Jen


    I emailed some of the companies on your list yesterday and Jergens emailed me back today and this was the response “At this time we do not have any coupons available for mailing.”

    The others were just automated responses that I don’t expect to hear back from until after the weekend.

  145. zoe

    I have emailed lots of these companies and recieved coupons in the mail but I find they are more generous with the coupons if you take the time and call. my emails simply say that my family enjoys there products and uses them regularly and was wondering if i could bemailed coupons or samples as i plan on purchasing them in the future. thanking them for their time and anticipated support. Works most of the time

  146. zoe

    I highly recommend the danone emailing site to request coupons as they send 5×1$ product gift certificates which are stackable for free yogurt.

  147. Kris

    I had contacted Pampers by phone about an issue I had with the packaging of their wipes and they promised to send coupons. It was during the postal strike, so I suspect my coupons may have been lost in the shuffle. So I emailed them a few months later, reiterated my complaint about the packaging PLUS the fact that I had been promised coupons and never received them. A few weeks later, I got an envelope with coupons for: 1 free package of diapers up to $24.99; $10 off any package of diapers; $1 off 180 count wipes. The squeaky wheel gets the grease!
    I contacted Kimberly-Clark about their night-time Pull-Ups and Good Nites because my son is so skinny that the Good Nights are too big, but he’s almost 7 so when he wets at night, he floods a night time Pull-Up (but they fit him perfectly). I told them they needed a smaller Good Night or a more absorbent night-time Pull-Up. They sent me a letter thanking me for my input with 2 $2 coupons for Pull-Ups. I laughed and told my husband, “What am I supposed to do with these?? I just told them they don’t work!” (I did use them…we just change the sheets more often than we’d like. lol)

  148. /race

    Mrs J- do u have this list elsewhere that talks about how often you can request? I know about the once/yr from Chapman’s, and monthly for J&J. Is there anyway you could update this list with the #times you could request? Thx!

  149. Bonnie

    I’ve emailed and all I asked was do you send out coupons for your products? and I got a response and a HUGE amount of coupons for soy and almond milk, ice cream. =-)

  150. Camilla

    hi there I’ve anticipating on sending a email to a couple companies for some coupons but i don’t know what to wright them and what to say

  151. Paige

    Today I received 1X$1 coupon and 1X$0.50 coupon from the Reckitt Benckiser company.
    I requested the coupons from the French’s facebook page. These coupons may be used on a variety of products the list is as follows:
    Air Wick air fresheners
    Brasso metal polish
    Calgon water softener
    Dettol antiseptic
    Easy off
    Easy on ironing aid
    Finish dishwasher detergents
    Finish jet dry
    Franks Redhot sauce
    French’s french fried onions
    French’s mustard
    Look oven bags
    Mop & Glo
    No Salt salt substitute
    Old English furniture polish
    Optrex eye care
    Silvo metal polish
    Spray ‘N Wash laundry stain remover
    Strepsils lozenges
    Veet depilatory products
    Woolite laundry products
    WOW what a list

  152. Jacquib

    Just thought I’d mention that there is a printable coupon on the glutino website for 55 cents off any glutino product.

  153. DianeG

    How did you get the Fresh Express coupons? the company doesn’t even have all the Canadian Provinces on the dropdown…

  154. Cassie Howard

    DianeG: You have to select your country first.

  155. Lisa

    Great Site.. thank you

  156. Caroline

    Hi Cassie
    I just signed up online for a new M&Ms card – I had lost mine…and even though I must be on their system somewhere…they sent me a $3 coupon for the first time I used my card.
    I bought 2 boxes of their frozen chicken breasts at $13.99 ($6 savings each box + coupon for $3 = $15 savings!!)

    • harleen

      hi calolyn,
      what is this M&M card you mention in ur post. I am new to Canada and dont know much about the coupon and the policies around here.

  157. TallNFunny

    Very helpful Cassie, thank you.

  158. Ann-Marie

    Hi Cassie today I called Colgate-Palmolive and they have changed their policy. They are now only sending 1x $1 coupon due to high printing costs. Thought I would let you know so you can update this info. You can call every 2 months to request another coupon.

  159. Cassie Howard

    Anne Marie: Thanks for the heads up!

  160. Mel

    Hi Cassie, you asked if we are aware of other companies that will send coupons, ADDITIONAL TO those on your list. I contacted AMYs (they make organic and delicious food, they are like Eden Organics) and they are going to send me some. I would not want to see them flooded with requests tho. I havent gotten the coupons yet but am looking forward to it. Thank you for letting us know about the companies above. I contacted Eden Organics and they are going to send me some coupons too (you have them listed above).

  161. Teona

    How often do you call/email companies? Once a month, once every couple months, once every 6 months?? How do you know that you can try again?

  162. Cassie Howard

    Teona: I advise waiting a minimum of 6 months.

  163. Ruth

    I received coupons from Haan- Celestial. They own Celestial Seasonings Tea, Avalon Organics Body Care Products, and other organic food products.
    I received two coupons, each for $1 off!

  164. Jen

    The Tetley link doesn’t work πŸ™

    • Cassie Howard

      Working here. Try again, please!

  165. Melanie D

    Marzetti email not working. It told me it was undeliverable

  166. Leah

    Love this list. Thanks for including some of the healthier product lines. It is much harder to find coupons for those types of products.

  167. deeanna

    hello there,i would love to start getting free coupons by mail,and would like to get started,and would like to know of anyone or companys who could help me out please…thank you ….i have a large family and have pets also….

  168. Janelle

    This list is awesome! I emailed about half the companies on it and hopefully I’ll receive quite a few coupons for stuff I use all the time!! Maybe the bigger companies will send me coupons for things I don’t use so I can try some new stuff!

    This website is awesome!

    • Cassie Howard

      Thanks, Janelle!

  169. Karrie

    I got a coupons for


    Johnsonville Sausages (- every 90 days)

    Tres Semme

    Thanks for the few links that I didnt have above!

    • Melissa Stiles

      Thank you so much!

  170. Karrie

    Missed one:

    Marc Angelo meats

    1 coupon – $1 off

  171. shannon

    thank you for the glutino link. I have a friend who is a single mom and her daughter only can eat gluetin free food. hopefully i can get a coupon for her because i know she would appreciate it

    • Cassie Howard

      My pleasure! I hope you get something. πŸ™‚

  172. Athena

    I emailed Danone and got 2x $3 gift certificates

  173. Rachel

    Ok this may sound dumb but I am new at the whole couponing thing and I was just wondering the few product websites I like that I went to didn’t have an email adress but instead a form you fill out, is this the same thing as sending them an email?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Cassie Howard

      Yes, same thing. πŸ™‚

  174. Laila

    Thank you so much for this information. I have been using Aveeno Moisturizing Shampoo/Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment for over a year. This product has been amazing. I called Aveeno and they have sent me 3 x $3 coupons for their products.

  175. Jeannette

    Hi I was wondering if u can mail coupons right to my house, I have no printer to print them off line, and i am on a fixed income so can use all the coupons i can get. Thx so much.

  176. slavica jokovic

    i would like to start getting cupons on my home adress

  177. slavica jokovic


  178. Jermaine Mintuck

    Gee, THANK YOU! I love this idea of contacting for coupons and seeing if they would send them. More interesting things in the mail for use in shopping.

  179. ajchase

    fantastic list, thanks!

  180. michelle

    I tried requesting coupons from colgate-Palmolive but I cant seem to find the submit button. I cant seem to get to the bottom of the page. Can anyone help me with this. thanks

    • carmen

      Hi, I went right to the company website and found “contact us” on the bottom, filled out their fields that applied and asked directly if they had any coupons to mail out. I received two $1 coupons from them, last year they were sending out up to five, they must have cut back.

      • Michelle

        Thanks, for the help!

  181. Feryial

    Thank you so much for this list. I just informed the ones I needed and lets see if this idea works. I enjoy going shopping with coupons and finding the items. Its so much fun. Thank you. Plus Purex gives out free samples and cou[ons. you can go on their website n request them.

  182. ruby collins

    Looking for coupons that are mailed to me.

  183. mary kendell

    looking for coupons that are mailed to me

  184. Crystal

    I am curious, what does your e-mail say to them?

    Last time I e-mailed Colgate I said how we loved their toothpaste and if they had coupons would they please be able to mail us some. And they didn’t. Same with Biore and a bunch more on the list and it was recently. Do you have a template for this?


    • Cassie Howard

      There is no template necessary. Simply let them know you love their product (be specific about which product and why you love it) and that’s it. If they say they don’t send coupons, try again later. If they’re on this list, they do send coupons (we remove those that no longer mail them out).

  185. chelsey

    Primo has sent coupons to me in the past!

  186. Jane

    If you phone Melitta, they’ll send you coupons. I phone regularly.

  187. Tracy

    What agreat idea! I emailed Chapmans ice cream and got a 5.00 coupon which reduced the cost of a large bucket of ice cream to less than 3.00 as it was already on sale! Loved the savings!

  188. Sue

    So far, I have had success with calling Blue Dragon,E-mailing Colgate,and calling P.& G.brandsavers. You just keep trying different companies….good couponing!

  189. John

    I am looking for coupons that are mailed to me thanks so much john

  190. Amanda P

    gain says they dont send coupons anymore

  191. Elizabeth

    This is the response I got from John Frieda:

    We appreciate your interest in our products.

    At this time we do not have any coupons available for mailing. Please visit our web site at: and sign up for our Elite Club newsletter to be the first to know of any promotional offers like coupons and samples.


  192. jessica

    caeser dog food cupons on there website they mail them out just ordered mine 2 days ago

  193. Courtney

    Since couponing has become “famous” in Canada, many of the companies have stopped sending coupons, Could you please give us an updated list? Maybe there are ones we are missing.

    • Cassie Howard

      I am working on it. πŸ™‚

  194. Dawn

    Emailed a few companies this morning from the above list. Unfortunately Duncan Hines doesn’t mail out coupons πŸ™ Which is too bad as they are my favorite cake mixes.

  195. Mireille

    I sent an email to Natur-a food company ( and they sent me TWENTY FOUR coupons for almond milk and soy milk products. woohoo!

    The coupons aren’t for as much $ (.75cents) as the ones I print off at this website (, But I have to print multiple pages of other coupons at a time in order to get multiple soy milk coupons: but at least I didn’t have to print and cut these ones πŸ™‚

    Give it a try!

  196. Mary-Lynne

    Just got an email from Arthur’s Smoothies which said they have no coupons at this time, sorry for any dissapointment

  197. Amy

    Axe doesn’t send coupons.

  198. Natalie

    I got two $2.00 coupons from 3M, I like their Scotchbrite dish wand and the coupons cover the refill sponges.

  199. grace

    hi there

    thanks for this updated list! i’m wondering if you can pls include how often we can request for each company? thanks!

  200. dennis


  201. Kimberly Dawn Rempel

    This is a great list!

    I’ve also received coupons from Mann’s Vegetables. 2x$1 and 2x $0.50, and Campbells once sent me 1x$1 too.

  202. Sabrina

    Axe does not send coupons:

    “Thank you for contacting us regarding Axe.

    At this time, we do not have a promotional program for distribution of free coupons or samples. We suggest checking magazines and local newspapers, as they frequently carry cents off coupons for many of our products.

    We have now added your name to our mailing list. This list is private and used only by Unilever Brands. We do not sell or share this information with other companies. Names are randomly selected from these lists for periodic mailings and promotions.

    We sincerely appreciate you taking the time to contact us and hope you continue to use and enjoy the many fine products of the Unilever Family.

    • Cassie Howard

      Axe still continues to send coupons, regardless of what they said in this email. Try again. πŸ™‚

  203. ashley

    Smuckers sent me a $1.00 coupon for their dessert sauces; ozeri pita sent me a $1.00 coupon as well

  204. Julie

    Colgate sent 4 x 10$ coupons! πŸ™‚

  205. Amanda

    I contacted Hagan-daz and got 10x$1 that were stackable.

  206. Lisa Marie

    Hi there, Thank you for all these links! Just wanted to give you an update on the “Hills/Science Diet Pet Food” link – I tried contacting them, selecting “coupons/Promos” from their drop down list and it appears they no longer give coupons this way anymore.

  207. Erin

    I just emailed a bunch of companies for coupons, I am so excited to see a mailbox full of deals!!!

  208. Jo-Anne

    How is everyone able to get Colgate coupons? I emailed them the other day and they replied:

    “Thank you for your thoughtful comments about Colgate Total Toothpaste. It’s always a pleasure to receive compliments such as yours. You can be sure they will be shared with our company’s management.
    At this time we do not have any coupons, trial sizes or samples of products to send to you, however, please visit our website,, where coupons are periodically offered for all of our consumers to enjoy.
    We trust this information is helpful to you and we thank you again for contacting us.”

  209. Arteme

    Hi Cassie – I don’t know if it is possible from a technical standpoint, but why not make this section of your website a wiki of some sort that your readers could edit, so they can contribute any companies they’ve contacted to get coupons. I’m thinking of the interface on where visitors can indicate whether a deal worked for themselves or not, and contribute commments. Cheers!

    • Cassie Howard

      Great idea, we will look into it. Thanks!

  210. Josie

    Hi, I requested coupons from Axe and they said they don’t send out coupons. Also, the Chapman’s ice cream coupon is now a $4.00 off coupon, no more $5.00 ones.

    • Erica Ashley

      thanks for the update πŸ™‚

  211. Jessica- Lynn

    Trying to find the blog you wrote on what to say when contacting these companies. I cannot seem to find it.

  212. amanda schenk

    A lot of the companies aren’t sending out coupons at this time. But ones I have just recently ordered and had luck with was –
    Bolthouse juices
    ocean spray
    science hills pet food
    marc angelo
    michelinas frozen dinners
    and Purina

    • Jo-Anne

      Hi Amanda,
      How were you able to get Colgate to send you coupons? When I wrote to them a couple weeks ago, they told me they didn’t have any coupons and to look at their website and wait.

    • Jodi

      They no longer send out coupons at all. πŸ™ Can’t even email them anymore.

  213. SK

    Aveeno, Bolthouse Farms, and Michelina’s all replied and said they would be happy to send me coupons. Uncle Ben’s said it’s not feasible for them to send out coupons, but encouraged me to register on their website for promotions.

  214. Samantha Morin

    allergy friendly companies
    Daiya foods (coupon amounts vary)
    earth balance (two 50 cent off coupons)
    enjoy life (two $1 off coupons)

  215. bev

    Johnson ville sauages send you coupons out every 3 months if you send them an e amil

  216. TA

    Above you have Haagen Daz on the list however no contact info. We’re you successful contacting Haagen Daz USA directly or NestlΓ© Canada? Would love to know as I buy their ice cream bars like crazy. Would be nice to get some coupons.

  217. Josie

    When I wrote this company they said they didn’t send coupons.

  218. KK18

    I am still waiting to hear back from a few companies.

    However from those that had a quick reply, Marc-angelo said they don’t mail coupons anymore, but to like their facebook page to get coupons and promos. Likewise, the brands under pinnacle foods inc told me to like the facebook pages of individual brands they make for promotions. Gain also said to contact PG brandsaver for coupons.

  219. Kim

    Duncan Hines no longer sends coupons

    • Anna

      Duncan Hines DOES send them out. I got one last week

      • Kim

        Well Duncan Hines sent me an email saying they no longer send out coupons

        • Scarlett

          It depends on the person who answers your email. Try again in a bit, I have had responses telling me no coupons will be sent out, and then a short while later someone else from the same company will send them out.

  220. Kim

    Biore also no longer sends out coupons

  221. sara

    I think the list has to be updated as most of the companies no longer send out coupons. gone are the days where we get great hv cpns. sad face.

  222. Marcia

    Hi, I have written some of my fav companies also
    I have received the following. I can’t remember websites,
    but google can get u to them. Gaviscon a coupon for one free
    Gaviscon product up to $8.99, Off insect repellent one $12 coupon
    towards any 1 product. Post Cereal sent me 2 $2 coupons
    towards any post cereal, and put me on mailing list for
    any new coupons. I was mailed another 2 $2 coupons 3 months later.
    Chapman’s Ice Cream $4 coupon, Johnson and Johnson sent
    me a free baby pack with powder, baby shapoo, body wash &
    cream, along with a coupon for those products. Blue Buffalo Dog and Cat food
    They sent me coupons for both. Kitten and Puppy Chow, I received a
    Coupon for free bag of each as well as coupons towards cat litter&
    wet food, and dog wet food. Purina One sent me one free bag coupon.
    Kellogg’s sent me a $5 coupon, Viladea products sent me a $5, & 2$ stackable coupon.
    Becel Margerine, at fist had non but later added me to list of ppl to send coupons
    to when they became available. I got a $2 coupon. There are a bunch more
    I have either gotten product or coupons from. As mentioned,
    it’s hit and miss. Sometimes after only a thank u letter 3/4 months later I have
    sent another email and received coupons then. A few it seemed like no
    answer then 6 weeks later I got coupons with no note, just the manufacturers name
    On the envelope.

    • paula fancey

      if you find anymore can you please send them my way thanks

  223. Marcia

    Also I forgot to mention that all of those were in the
    past year. So the ones I mentioned r still sending out
    coupons to some ppl. πŸ™‚ Thanks

  224. Monique

    So far this year I have gotten some good coupons:

    Bolthouse – 4x $1.00 off
    Silver Hills – 4x FPC
    Sunrise Soya Foods – 2x FPC
    Wowbutter – sent samples

  225. Lindsay

    UPDATE THIS LIST! Many do not send coupons out anymore. I tried asking Driscolls again because the one they did send I forgot to use, they asked me to send the expired one back to them! Many companies are getting tougher, preferring Facebook promotions or newsletters.

    Oh well, just gotta get creative πŸ™‚

  226. Amanda

    Genuine Health will send a nice little package of samples and coupons if you email them.

    I received:

    1 sample packet of Proteins+ Natural Chocolate Peanut Butter
    1 sample packet of Greens+ Natural Vanilla
    1 x $10 coupon for when you spend $60 or more on Genuine Health products
    1 x $3 coupon for when you spend $30 or more on Genuine Health products
    4 recipe cards for smoothies, drinks and snacks.

  227. Amanda

    @Lindsay – Driscoll’s now does their Consumer Panel program, where you have to collect the codes from the bottom of their containers, enter it on the website, and they give you a free coupon in return. The more codes you enter, the higher value the coupon.
    Just a tip though: The coupons are short dated, so don’t enter the codes until you plan to use the coupon.

  228. Nicole

    I’m new to all of this what do u guys normally say in your emails to the company?

  229. Amanda

    @Nicole – I just give praise for their product(s) (whether it’s true or not LOL) and ask if they have any coupons available. Don’t be shy, just ask for them (and samples, if you want). Most companies are happy to send them to you, especially if you’re heaping praise on their product.
    I always send a thank you email when I receive them in the mail too; they seem to appreciate the thanks and are willing to send you more coupons down the road.

    My emails look something like this:


    I’m a huge fan of your strawberries! They’re always so sweet, big and juicy, and my family loves them with fresh whipped cream, and they make the best smoothies. I buy them all the time, which means my grocery bill can really add up, and I was wondering if you currently have any coupons available. If so, would you please send me a few? It would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you kindly,

    Hope that helps. πŸ™‚

  230. Lynn

    Johnsonville sausage will mail out coupons upon request every 3 months if you email them πŸ™‚

  231. MsMarly

    I am getting so bummed out. Reading all these comments about companies not sending coupons anymore. Today at Walmart in Pembroke, Ontario, I was advised that they have changed their policy for price match! To my horror they only allow one item per price match! I had to leave so many deals behind. Guess they want to send their customers to their competitors now. Such a sad sign of the times! πŸ™

  232. cathy

    Most companies will tell you they now include coupons on their packaging.

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