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Canadian Tire – Price Match Policy

Canadian Tire – Price Match Policy

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy.

Canadian Tire Price Matching

Here is the price match policy for Canadian Tire:

Canadian Tire Price Match Policy

We’ll not only match any competitor’s price, we’ll beat it by giving you an additional 10% off the lower price in Canadian Tire ‘Money’.

*On an identical item. See in-store staff for details.


  1. Lise

    This is excellent. You can save the Canadian Tire money and put it on a gift card and use for anything in the store or even gas. At the gas bar you need a gift card as they do not accept the Canadian Tire money there. What is next in good policies??? 🙂

  2. Kris

    They will only give you the 10% in Canadian Tire money if you pay cash (or debit, I assume).

  3. Klaus

    They wouldn’t price match an item that was a lower price at three different brick and mortar stores at regular price because there was almost $100 difference from theirs. Same product and model numbers. Flyers and websites to prove. I guess it’s selective price matching.

  4. Canadian Tire in Olds refused to match MEC store in Calgary. Said 100 km was too far away. Canadian Tire needs to revise price match guarantee or educate the Old’s manager.

  5. Lynn

    Canadian tire would not price match after I bought an item and 5 days later found it 20.00 cheaper somewhere else. They told me, you must find the cheaper price before you buy the item here, not after. They don’t honor their own policy!

  6. Marilyn

    Swift Current would not price match a BBQ that was $55 dollars cheaper at the Saskatoon Canadian Tire. The BBQ was on “in store clearance” at both places. Maybe Canadian Tire needs to get their poop in a group and be on the same price at every location.

  7. Lori

    We purchased a Kitchenaid Mixer on sale for $399.99 in Cranbrook store last week. We got home and in my email the Hudson Bay Co had sent an email advertising the same professional mixer for $329.99 – a 24 hour sale only. I took a screen shot as the store was closed by the time I noticed the sale. I called them today and they will not price match something that isn’t from Cranbrook I was told. We should have ordered the Hudson Bay mixer and just took this back but I seen online they did price match so I figured they would. Hopefully this will help others.

  8. Jeannette

    I bought a patio chair on-line at the full (regular) price at $499. Twelve days later, I found out that CT has it on sale for $100 less. What irked me was that the in-store sale was on at the same time that I bought the chair on-line, but CT did not make the adjustment for this. I was just lucky that I found out that the chair was on sale – as another two days later I would have missed the deadline for price adjustment.

    Shame on you Canadian Tire – this is not good business practice.

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