In February 2009, I launched Canadian Finance Blog, just months after getting married and just months before we moved into a house and had our first child. While a lot has happened in my life in the nearly eight and a half years, a lot has also changed in the world of “personal finance media” in Canada. All but one of the six personal finance blogs that inspired me to start Canadian Finance Blog have since disappeared. The magazine I used to read is no longer published. Through that time, my site remained, but there was something I wasn’t happy with.

In other corners of the internet, I’ve written about branding more than once through the years, but the biggest brand I had was something I quickly decided on back when I thought it would just be a fun little hobby to have a blog. First off, I think the word “blog” is becoming more and more obsolete with each passing year. Second, even people that know me well have called my site everything from Canadian Financial Blog to Canadian Personal Finance. I obviously didn’t have a memorable name.

So for the past couple years, I’ve really been wanting to make a change, but couldn’t find the right combination of creative spark and a domain that could be purchased. I don’t recall how I landed on the idea, but eventually I was down to a short list of “maple” related domains and then settled on MapleMoney — a memorable brand that still represents “Canadian” and “Finance”.

It’s not just a name change though, but a new commitment to increase the professionalism and innovation of the site. During summer, the site will continue evolving with a refreshed look, better navigation, and clearer purpose. By the end of the year, you’ll have new ways to interact with both myself and MapleMoney content.

Thanks to everyone that’s been following along through the years, and welcome to MapleMoney!

P.S. While I’m taking a rare moment to talk about blogging here, I wanted to publicly say thanks to all the bloggers that attended EARN Calgary this past weekend. It was my first event to get bloggers together and help each other reach more readers like you!

About Tom Drake

Tom Drake is the owner and head writer of the award-winning MapleMoney. With a career as a Financial Analyst and over nine years writing about personal finance, Tom has the knowledge to help you get control of your money and make it work for you.