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How to Find Cheap Maternity Clothing

How to Find Cheap Maternity Clothing

Are you pregnant? If so, then cheap maternity clothing is probably something that is on your mind. Unfortunately, clothing made for pregnancy can be very costly. Stores like Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity have excellent quality maternity clothing that is trendy and comfortable, but the prices are often on the high end.

So, what’s a pregnant girl to do when it comes to saving money on maternity clothes?

Here are a few ideas:

Avoid Maternity Stores

Instead of venturing into stores that are all about maternity wear, try regular clothing stores, such as Walmart and Old Navy. Both have a great selection of maternity clothing at a fraction of what you’d pay at a maternity store.

When I was pregnant, I purchased maternity clothes from both stores and I loved them. They lasted my entire pregnancy and I didn’t have to spend a fortune on them!

Shop During Promotions

I won’t lie – maternity stores are nice. They have a lot of different styles in maternity clothing that you just can’t find at a store that doesn’t specialize in this market. If you do decide to do some shopping at maternity stores, at least make sure you wait for promotions. Both Thyme Maternity and Motherhood Maternity have regular sales.

Borrow from Friends & Family

If you know someone that has recently had a baby and no longer needs their maternity clothing, ask if you can borrow it for the duration of your pregnancy. If the clothing will just be sitting, unused, most people are happy to share (you may even have some family and friends offer to just give you the clothes for free!).

Buy Used

Shop at thrift stores, on eBay, online classifieds, yard sales – used is going to be so much cheaper than brand new. Most often, maternity clothing isn’t worn for very long, so you can almost always find used pieces at very cheap prices, and it will still be in great condition.

Don’t Wear Maternity Clothing

Don’t think that just because you’re pregnant you need to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. Save yourself a fortune on clothing by purchasing larger sizes of regular clothing instead of items that are marked “maternity”.

You may want to invest in a few items that are actually for pregnancy (such as one nice pair of jeans and a bra), but for everyday clothing such as t-shirts, larger sized “regular” clothing is the way to go if you want to save money.

Use a Belly/Pregnancy Band

Pregnancy brands are great accessories that fit over the waist of regular jeans and helps to hold them up and together when your belly grows so large that you can no longer button your jeans. I purchased mine at Walmart for around $25 and it worked very well!

Cheap maternity clothing is not hard to find if you know where to look for it. Don’t spend a fortune if you don’t have to – and in this case, you don’t have to! Save your money for other things that you are going to need after baby is born!

How did you save money on maternity clothing?


  1. Virginia

    There are some great daily deals on They have lots of stylish and trendy maternity wear. Keep in mind though shipping takes about 4 weeks.

  2. Maggie

    Also, try to find maternity clothing that COULD work after your baby is born, that doesn’t scream PREGNANT LADY. I bought a few high end maternity shirts with my first, wore them for 3 pregnancies, and still wear them because they look great as just normal shirts. They were pricey, but I’ve had them ages, and nobody needs to know they could stretch over a baby bump. I agree about getting the best maternity/nursing bra you can afford. T-shirts can be bought anywhere, but get yourself a good bra!!

  3. KDot

    H&M also has some great affordable maternity options. My favorite pair of maternity pants, worn at least once a week, cost $30 at H&M.

  4. Karen

    I shopped at Value Village for my clothes. The Materniy section was small but I still managed to walk away the maternity dress pants for $6.

  5. Heather R

    I wore lots of non maternity clothing that was stretchy enough to fit and the bonus is that I’m still wearing the items. I accepted donations from moms who recently had babies. I shopped at the maternity section at Walmart and I did shop at Motherhood Maternity when they had great sales before I became pregnant but was planning to be in the next year. A bit hopeful there but it worked out. I also bought groupon type deals for local maternity wear shops so I got some really nice pieces at half price. You looked incredible when pregnant Cassie!

  6. Jaedyn S

    The only maternity clothing I really splurged on were a couple pairs of jeans from Thyme Maternity (I am really tall – they were the only jeans that were long enough – otherwise I would have used the cute ones from other places) and a swimsuit. I regularly shopped at Thyme & Motherhood, but I only searched through the clearance racks. I had a really nice maternity wardrobe for hardly any money!

  7. Lisa

    I found that Motherhood Maternity is WAY cheaper in the states. You can watch for promotions and jump the boarder for a good haul. For example…the nursing bras were $35 in Canada, and the exact same bra was $18 with a buy 2 get one free option… It was worth the trip to Buffalo!

  8. Stephanie

    I found so many good 2nd hand deals, especially from Ebay and “Mom swap” sites on facebook. I have bought shorts and t-shirts from maternity stores on sale as well for their quality.

  9. Jesse

    I like getting dresses. Pregnancy is one of the few time where I will happily wear a dress. Just get some nice empire waist dresses and you’re set. These are extra nice if you’re pregnant during the heat of the summer. And you can wear them after the baby is born since you’re not buying a larger size.

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