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Club Sobeys Being Replaced By Air Miles

Club Sobeys transfering to Air Miles

Following in the footsteps from Western Canada, Ontario Sobeys stores will now be making the switch to Air Miles.

All Club Sobeys points can easily be transferred to Air Miles reward miles and if you transfer by April 9, 2015 you will receive 50 Bonus Air Miles reward miles. This bonus will be awarded to your account within 8 weeks after you set up the transfer. Any remaining Club Sobeys points will be converted at the rate of 1 Air Miles reward mile for every 14 Club Sobeys points.

If you have a BMO Club Sobeys MasterCard you can earn 2x the Air Miles by switching to the new BMO Sobeys Air Miles MasterCard and you can also receive 400 Bonus Air Miles, but if you do not make the switch by March 3, 2015 your card will be automatically converted over to the BMO Cashback credit card on April 1, 2015.

For more information and to transfer your Club Sobeys points visit the CLUB SOBEYS website.

Club Sobeys will end in Ontario on March 27, 2015


  1. helen

    do my clubsobeys card can be change to airmiles..sorry that am not aware of changing of it on or before the deadline…will it be possible to change even though its already finish the deadline..hope for your kind consideration..

  2. Janette

    i have been trying to transfer my sobeys point to my air miles but it wont let me please tell me how I can thank you Janette

  3. Dylan

    I had moved and not near a Sobey’s grocery store, I had a club Sobey’s with points that I would like to be transfered to airmiles, please advise how to do it.

  4. Sharon

    I would like to switch my sobeys points to air miles. Please advise.

  5. Eveline

    I would like to change my club Sobeys on to my air miles card how to….?

  6. karyn murray

    same here. my sobeys reward card miles were never transferred to my air miles card

  7. Jan Wildeboer

    In 2014 we moved to a town without a Sobeys’ store so I did not realize you had switched to air miles. I would like to switch my sobeys points to air miles. Please advise how to do this.

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