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Join coupon trains to save money!

Most people know how to trade coupons, but coupon trains are a bit different, and something many people are unsure about – especially new couponers that are just getting their feet wet in the couponing world.

If you’ve ever wondered about coupon trains – what they are and how to participate – this post is for you!

Coupon Trains


What are coupon trains?

Just like coupon trading, coupon trains are a great way to trade all those coupons you can’t use for coupons that you can.

There is one envelope of coupons that travels from person to person, and when it reaches you, you take out coupons you want and replace those coupons from your own collection that you don’t want, then you send it to the next person on the list.

That’s coupon trains in a nutshell.

How do coupon trains work?

The person who starts the train (the conductor) puts together a bunch of coupons that she/he isn’t going to use (usually a value of at least $100), and posts in a Facebook group or on a forum that they are starting a new coupon train.

The people who want to join the train send a PM (private message) to the conductor with their name, address, and their wishlist (a list of coupons that they want).

The conductor makes a list of all train riders, and also types up an information sheet with all the rider details, and mails the coupon train and information sheet to the first person on the list. That person takes out whatever coupons she/he wants, plus any that have expired or are about to, and replaces them with new coupons of equal value. Then she/he mails it to the next person on the list, and so on and so forth.

Coupon train tips:

  1. Don’t add any coupons nearing their expiration date. A good rule of thumb is 2 months before expiry (exceptions may be made for high-value coupons).
  2. Don’t add a ton of duplicate coupons. 2 or 3 of one kind is fine, but any more than that is not fair (again, exceptions may be made for high-value coupons).
  3. Pay attention to other riders’ wishlists (if applicable) and try to add in coupons that they would like.
  4. Be quick about getting the train in the mail to the next person. Within 48 hours is standard practice.

Coupon trains are a lot of fun, and are a great way to get new coupons added to your collection and offload the coupons that you don’t need and won’t use!

If you’re interested in joining/starting a coupon train, you can do so on our Facebook Coupon Group.

Do you participate in coupon trains?


  1. greeneyesgreen

    I just sent a request to join the coupon train, so how will I know if I’m accepted???…..thank you!

  2. Erica Ashley

    I have been accepting them as they come in. You should receive a notification on your Facebook account.

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