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How to create a study area on a budget

Nothing is more inviting than an organized study area. Create a welcoming study area on a budget to help launch the school year well. The smell of freshly sharpened pencils, a clear work surface and easy-on-the-eyes lighting…sure to inspire anyone!

create study area on a budget

How to create a study area on a budget

To create an effective study area, consider:

• Noise Level : Does your child need absolute silence to work? Do they concentrate better with some background noise?

• Safety First: Can internet access be in a well-traveled area for extra accountability?

• Parental Guidance: Does your student need you to be in proximity? One of my boys works best when I am close by to prompt, quiz, encourage etc. He does most work in the kitchen so I am accessible.

Revitalize your current study area

Maybe you have an ideal study spot already, but it needs to be freshened up. What better way to create a study area on a budget, then to use what you have. Clear everything out of the space and only bring back what is necessary or what will inspire learning. Repurpose a few baskets, magazine holders or a lamp for a no-budget overhaul.

Think outside the box

There may be a little spot in your home that you have never considered as a work area. Take a moment with your child and look around together. Kids are great possibility thinkers! Consider:

• An empty nook on the main level
• A small table that can be easily pulled out for homework time
• A bedroom closet

Set up your study area on a budget

Once you have established where to put the study area, brainstorm how to make an inviting workspace for your child. Here is some inspiration:

Two-in-one desks


Creative way to fit two workspaces into one spot. My two boys who like quiet LOVE this design! And repurposing a garage sale bookshelf would make this fit any budget.

Repurposing a closet
closet desk

Set your child up with an inviting closet study area.

Transforming an Armoire
For those who like all clutter tucked away, an armoire works perfectly! Bring out a fold down desk, and close it up at the end of the night. Sites like Kijiji have small-scale furniture options that can be repurposed on a budget.

High-end inspiration

Pottery Barn offers this amazing study area. Look for budget-friendly ways to create a similar look. Hang a calendar and cork board from HomeSense, 2 clipboards from the dollar store, and a black-brown IKEA desk to start the overhaul.

A work environment should reflect our kids. When they have been part of creating it, they will want to spend more time there. And that deserves an A+.

What hints do you have for creating study areas for your student?

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