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Easy ways to find amazing deals on instruments

Finding amazing deals on instruments is possible with some research and creativity.

Four years ago I was determined to buy a keyboard so my children could begin piano lessons. Except we were committed to a tight budget. Very tight.

When things feel impossible, this thrifty mama gets more determined. So I started doing some research, rolled up my sleeves, and got to work. Here is what I learned.

Easy ways to find amazing deals on instruments

Deals on Instruments

Step 1: Become instrument savvy

Researching your instrument is the most important step. Musicians and music teachers can offer qualified suggestions. Ask music stores about recommended brands, brands to avoid, and costs of repairs. Research prices for brand new instruments and second-hand instruments, so you will be ready to spot a deal.

Step 2: Find your instrument

Perhaps friends and family have instruments they no longer want. People are often keen to do what they can to help children pursuing a new interest. A family friend kindly offered our son a free set of Bongos when she heard he joined a Drumming Band at school.
Shop online
It is no secret that I love to shop on Kijiji. I did a lot of research about Yamaha’s keyboards and began searching for a particular model on Kijiji. I drove an hour to buy one that was hardly used for $600, regularly $1400 +tax.
That is a lot of money to pay for an instrument, but with 4 children I am hoping it will serve us for many years. And the cool electronic features made it almost irresistible to my button-pushing boys!
Plus I did it all without touching our budget envelopes (keep reading to the end….).
Set up a want ad
Inform sellers of your need. My friend placed an ad on Kijiji asking for a beginner saxophone for her son. A kind gentleman replied that he was looking to downsize his saxophone collection. They settled on an amazing price of $125.
Shop online
If you know what you are looking for, online auctions,, and eBay can be great options for getting deals on instruments. My neighbor purchased a like-new trumpet for her son at an auction. It retailed for over $400 and she paid $150, including a case.
Explore pawnshops
Pawnshops can be excellent resources for buying reduced instruments. And workers expect you to haggle, so do your research and try an offer. If you live close to a few pawn shops, call ahead to ask if they have the instrument you are looking for on hand.

My husband frequents pawn shops for unclaimed treasure. Two years ago he purchased an acoustic guitar for $250, which was valued at $650. Another year he purchased an electric guitar for half of the retail price. All quality brands and highly recommended.

Step 3: Pay for your instrument creatively

Readers of have many creative ways of purchasing those “extras” and I promised to share my keyboard story.

I began selling items on Kijiji to raise keyboard money. And then I had a huge surprise. I drove past a friend’s house just as her husband was bringing ALL OF THEIR BABY ITEMS to the end of the driveway and marking them FREE.

They were thrilled for me to take their treasures and I sold within a month for $600. Honestly. It felt so good to pay cash for a keyboard that I never expected to be able to afford so quickly.

Instruments are significant purchases, especially when you are on a tight budget. Following these steps will ensure you acquire quality instruments without breaking the bank. And we know, having bought a keyboard, 3 guitars and a saxophone. With Bongos on the side.

Stay tuned for a post in two days about getting music lessons for {almost} free…

What have you done to find amazing deals on instruments?

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