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9 ways to decorate a baby nursery on a budget

I am expecting it. A nephew, that is. And in his honor, I have been scouring Pinterest for ideas to help my sister decorate her nursery on a budget. What better place to snuggle a little one than in a room decorated with love?

nursery button title

Think long term

The best way to save money on a nursery is to not decorate a nursery. Instead, outfit your little one with pieces that will grow with him. Choose a crib that converts into a toddler bed and even a double bed, if possible. Also, you will get many years out of a gorgeous recliner like this one, compared to a glider specifically for rocking infants.

Choose a theme

I love decorating around a theme {stay tuned for my car-inspired boy bathroom}. But choosing a theme that is too young means you will need to redo it quickly. Neutral fabric and animal shapes will last longer than pastels and teddy bears.

Repurpose items you already have

I’m crazy about this old dresser that had a complete overhaul by following these instructions. Love it as a new change table.
change table

Display pictures

Pictures of newborns can be displayed in many creative ways to fill the wall space in a personalized way.  What about this DIY project as a focal point with favorite black and white pics?


Accessorize with books

Children’s books are cute, colorful and whimsical. Rather than tuck them away on a bookshelf, use them as an accessory. How sweet is this wall of bookshelves?
book wall

Get crafty

Spend a few minutes on Pinterest and you can have decorating ideas for every corner of your house. From a DIY painted canvas to a transformed chandelier for stunning lighting. Budget-friendly possibilities abound.
chandelier before
chandelier after

Choose a focal point

In a nursery, a crib is a natural focal point. Consider adding a DIY project for over the crib, maybe something simple like these homemade arrows for under $15
Or this canvas painted and decorated with buttons.
button tree

Buy used

Sites like Kijiji offer a gold mine of nursery items at copper prices. Kijiji, thrift stores and garage sales are my go-to places when I am looking for anything.

Play up the color scheme

I have discovered that many Benjamin Moore stores hire staff who are trained decorators, or at least have decorating talents. They can help you (for free) choose a colour scheme that can go a long way in making a big impact in your nursery. And, while their paint may be more expensive, it offers long-term value. Love this combination of turquoise, green, white and orange.


Go bold on the wall

Paint can make a big impact, and is not too expensive, especially in a small room. Also, consider wall treatments and decals to decorate on a budget. I love a decal “tree” I bought from Babies R Us.


This round-up has inspired me for my nephew’s nursery. These score A+ on cuteness, without being overly ambitious.

What tips can you share to keep nursery décor on a budget?


  1. Olivia

    Great article, Karen! These ideas are so practical, easy to achieve and look great.
    Can’t think of any tips right now accept, accept hand -me- downs whenever possible……big savings.

  2. Olivia

    Sorry, first “accept” should read “except”. Oooops!

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