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10 beauty products you can make yourself

Have you seen the price of beauty items lately? They’re outrageous! $20 for translucent face powder, $12 for some facial pore strips, $8 for mascara, and $5 was the cheapest I found for blush (not including the dollar store!).

I can’t believe the prices we are paying to look and feel our best when it is so ridiculously inexpensive – and easy – to make most of these beauty products ourselves.

DIY Beauty Products

10 beauty products you can make yourself

Coconut Oil Face Wipes

Coconut oil face wipes
Homemade Translucent Face Powder

Homemade translucent face powder
Homemade Lotion Bars

Homemade lotion bars
DIY Pore Strip Mask

DIY pore strips/mask
DIY Homemade Mascara

DIY homemade mascara
DIY Homemade Makeup Remover

Homemade makeup remover
Homemade Lip Balm

DIY homemade lip balm
DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY dry shampoo spray
D9IY Homemade Blush

DIY homemade blush
Coconut Hair Mask

DIY coconut hair mask
The next time you’re about to run out and purchase one of these beauty items, think twice. Is it really worth paying those inflated prices, or can you spare a bit of time to make your own?

You don’t have to make everything yourself, but even just making one or two things on a regular basis, will add up to significant savings!

Do you make any beauty products yourself?


  1. Jennifer

    Yikes, you should NEVER use pore face strips! Not even “DIY” ones! I can’t believe that made your list! Horrible idea! It’ll damage your capillaries, cause your sebaceous filaments to get worse, and just make you look terrible.

    Just use OCM on your face – stick to ones like EVOO, Sweet Almond, or Sunflower. Avoid coconut on your face, as it is extremely comedogenic! And to moisturize, just use a small amount of what you did OCM with and leave it on your face. It may take a bit to find the right product, but it is infinitely cheaper and better for your skin than anything else.

    As for mascara, the mascara is all in the wand. The product itself can be the cheapest quality stuff, but the way your eyelashes look is mostly up to the wand. Get a nice wand, buy cheap mascara – bingo, beautiful lashes. Just ask any professional makeup artist, it is generally what they do if they’re not sponsored by makeup companies.

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