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Adorable DIY Valentines Kids Can Make for School

Adorable DIY Valentines Kids Can Make for School

Valentine’s Day is coming quickly. If you’re a parent, don’t make the mistake of preparing too late. Whether you’re buying Valentines cards or making them with your child, leave lots of time for little hands to write their own name many times. Depending on their age, I recommend starting at least one week in advance so your child can sign a few cards each night.

My favourite place for purchasing cards is Walmart, Target (get them while you can) and Rexall Pharmacy. But if you are feeling crafty, here are some ideas to make your own Valentines with your children:

DIY Valentine Ideas

Adorable DIY Valentines Kids Can Make for School

Let your child pick their favourite idea and figure out how much decorating and printing they want to do. If they don’t want to print their name 32 times, consider typing it in so it is part of the printable.

Be a Heartbreaker

If your child is allowed to bring in candies (check with the classroom teacher), these heartbreak candy holders are sure to be a hit. Recipients have to break the heart to get to the candy.

Be Mine…For Crayon Out Loud

Use heart-shaped silicone tray to melt crayon bits and send this valentine message. Step-by-step instructions detail temperature of oven and cooking time. Have your child sign the back of the card before attaching the crayon with glue dots.
crayon heart

You’re My Hero Tic Tac Wrappers

Buy tic tac containers in bulk and print off these Big Hero 6 free printables. Easy peasy.


Your Friendship is a Lifesaver

An economical idea if you buy a large package of lifesavers and divide them into Ziploc bags yourselves. Attach this adorable printable and call it a day.


Extra Awesome Valentine

Print off these printable cards onto cardstock and tape a pack of Extra gum to it.


Superhero Tootsie Pops

Whip up a batch of super hero Valentines in no time at all. Attach felt capes and printable emblems to tootsie pops.

superhero 2

You Rule Valentines

This one might win the award for being practical and simple to put together. Buy multipacks of rulers, print out the “You Rule” message on coloured paper and let your child add their personal touch. This mom printed the child’s name on the note which would save a LOT of time with a little one.


You Are Just Write

Another practical gift kids will love to give and receive. Dig into your stockpile if you bought a lot during back to school sales. Buy a packages of pens and attach them to these printable hearts.

just write

Love Bug Valentine

Your bug lover will go crazy over these Valentines. Attach a bug to these mason jar printables for a cute giveaway.

My Heart Glows

This made the list because I know how much kids of all ages love glow sticks. Purchase a few packages and attach them to these printables and you will have a Valentines the recipients will be thrilled with.

Play Doh Valentines

Love this idea for kindergarteners to hand out. Buy multipacks of playdoh and print off these theme-based circle stickers. Voila! Done.


You Blow Me Away

Kids will be proud to hand out bubbles to each classmate with this printable tag. For an older version of this, the blogger also included a bubble gum option with a cow label. Too cute.


Hope this inspiration helps you and your little one started on this February project. Can’t wait to show my son a few options and get started making Valentines for his friends. Might even be able to finish early this year.

What does your son or daughter like to hand out for Valentines at school?

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