Last week I wrote about how you can find money from an old bank account. I had hoped to hear from any readers that were able to find themselves in the Bank of Canada's database, but there were none. I did hear from a reader that found some money owed to her, not from her own forgotten bank account, but from a company that had gone bankrupt.
Jennifer was able to get over $100 for unused minutes at a tanning salon that went bankrupt and she assumed she had lost the money owed to her. Years later Jennifer found out that there's a way to search for money owed to creditors from bankruptcies and searched her name.
To help you find out if you are owed money from bankrupt debtors, the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy Canada maintains an Unclaimed Funds Database. To search this database, try any possible variation of your name in the “Creditor” field. If you find that there is an amount owed to you, keep in mind that there is a $30 claim fee so you wouldn't want to pursue an amount for anything less than that.
The Unclaimed Funds Database currently has almost 75,000 records equaling a total of over $13 million. The largest single amount they are holding is just under $180,000!

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