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Do you like FREE stuff? Check out Freecycle!

Saturday was Richard’s nephew’s birthday party. We had a great time playing with all the toys and kids and family members! We enjoyed some delicious food and even got to take some of the leftovers home with us! It was a very good day. 🙂

When we came home that evening, I spotted something that looked like a gift bag on our front porch when we were pulling into our driveway. Upon further inspection, we saw that it was an open box of cat litter. It didn’t look used and was almost full. We were so confused!

At first, I thought maybe one of our neighbors had a cat and it died or something so they were giving us their leftover cat litter. However, I don’t recall ever telling our neighbors that we had cats. They don’t go outside either, so the neighbors couldn’t have seen them. Weird.

We left the box on the porch all night.

The next day, Richard went outside to install Elliott’s new car seat in the van and one of our neighbors saw him and asked if we’d seen the cat litter they’d left on our porch. Richard said that we’d seen it, but didn’t know why it was there so we didn’t bring it inside. She said she put it there the day before (probably while we were away at the birthday party).

She had bought it thinking it was laundry detergent! Oh man, what a surprise that must have been when she ripped open the box! She said she had seen our cats in the windows before so that’s how she knew we had them and thought we could use it since she couldn’t bring it back to the store once it was already opened.

How thoughtful of her! We were very appreciative of her thinking of us and thanked her over and over.

This made me remember about Freecycle. Freecycle is a great program designed for people to give things that they no longer want away to people who really need or want them. I have used this site for the last year or so and have given away maybe 30 things.

Baby clothes, small toys, stockpile items, food that we tried but didn’t like (yes people will take opened products).

I don’t like throwing away perfectly good things just because I have no use for them. I would love to drop a bunch of stuff off at a thrift store or shelter (and I do) but that takes time to plan, so I often put things on Freecycle.

I have received some stuff as well. Mostly clothes, toys, and other baby items that I got while I was pregnant with Elliott. I look on there all the time for new postings to see if something that I need pops up. It’s great!

If you like free things, you like to give things away (you have to give in order to receive, the fair is fair!) and you don’t like seeing the junkyards full of things that could have easily been recycled and reused – you should definitely check out Freecycle.


  1. Jeanine

    I love freecycle. When I was pregnant with #2 we got a ton of diapers and other baby goodies from it… we werent so lucky with #3 and #4 I totally forgot about freecycle during those ones! 😛

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