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Fields Canada coupon policy

Here is the Fields Canada coupon policy:

Coupon policy:

Fields accepts the following types of coupons, if they meet the requirements listed below:

  • Manufacturers’ pre-printed coupons
  • Coupons from Fields’ flyer, website (, e-mail blasts and in-store coupons
  • Internet coupons from Canadian Manufacturers

We are unable to accept:

  • Competitors’ coupons
  • Photocopies or scans of pre-printed manufacturers’ coupons
  • Coupons that do not meet the requirements listed below

All manufacturers’ pre-printed coupons must:

  • Be presented at time of purchase
  • Be for an item the store carries
  • Be an exact match to the item purchased (size, quantity, brand, style, etc.)
  • Be from Canadian-based companies
  • Have a valid, Canadian remittance address
  • Have a valid expiry date and not be expired
  • Have a scannable bar code
  • Have “Manufacturer Coupon” and all terms and conditions clearly printed
  • Not be tampered with or altered

All internet coupons must:

  • Comply with all Manufacturers’ coupon requirement above, except that they may be printed, in black & white or colour, on a home printer
  • Be legible and clearly not tampered with
  • Require a purchase (no free product without purchase)

Coupon use:

  • Fields will abide by any restrictions or limitations printed on any offer (Manufacturer’s coupon, in-store coupon, internet coupon, etc.)
  • Subject to the restriction above, for any type of coupon (e.g. manufacturer’s coupon, Fields flyer coupon), you may use only one coupon per item purchased. You may use an unlimited number of valid coupons in a transaction, as long as you purchase sufficient items. For example, you may use only one manufacturer’s coupon on a box of detergent, but you may use 10 manufacturer’s coupons on 10 boxes.
  • You may “stack” coupons, or use multiple types of offers on a single item. For example, you may combine a manufacturer’s coupon with an in in-store coupon and a flyer coupon on the same item. Stacking is permitted as long as it does not violate any printed restrictions on any of the offers. All coupons must comply with the requirements above.
  • Limit 1 Fields’ web sign up coupon per customer lifetime
  • There is no sales tax on any free merchandise
  • Coupons have no cash value. They may be used to reduce the price on an item to no less than zero. In the case where an offer, or multiple offers, has a higher value than the cost of the product, Fields will not refund the difference in cash or product.

Subject to the restrictions above, there is no restriction on the total number, or value, of coupons you may use in a single transaction.

Price match policy:

If you find a lower current price on an identical advertised item, bring in the ad and we’ll gladly match it.

  • The items must be identical in all ways
  • We must carry any item included in the offer

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  1. yvonne kopan

    thank-you for posting the fields coupon policy…love it!

  2. Joy

    *cries and pouts
    are there no stores in the east that stack coupons? every store I’ve heard of is ON and west…

  3. Nic

    when this first came out a few months ago I called the store and they said they didn’t know, so I called back a mth later and they said yes they were allowing stacking… We went in that afternoon, and the cashier said no, and the manager came over and said that although they stack they wouldn’t take our coupons because they said “Limit one coupon per purchase” I find it weird that in their policy they say that they stack but they do not give an example of what wording they won’t except!

  4. MaricrisMas

    good to know!

  5. Viv

    I work for Fields, and I can tell you that this coupon policy isn’t taught to at least some associates (namely myself and my co-workers. )
    A little sad that I have to find out about the ability to coupon stack on a non-associated website, but thanks so much for the info, and I’ll be passing that around tomorrow at work!

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