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Foodland, Fresh Co, Price Chopper and Sobeys Canada Coupon Policy

Here is Sobeys, Price Chopper, Fresh Co. and Foodland Canada coupon policy (I received this response after asking them about coupon acceptance in their stores):

We accept original coupons for products we sell, providing the coupon is intact and legible, proper size of item is purchased, coupon has not expired, has a coupon offer code or UPC, and it contains a Canadian redemption address.

We accept one coupon per item. Coupon amount may not exceed purchase price of item.

Internet coupons may be accepted if they meet the above and the following criteria:

  • There must be a picture of the product on the coupon.
  • The printed coupon must not be blurry.
  • The face value of the coupon cannot exceed $5.00 off.
  • We do not accept free product internet coupons.
  • The expiry date should not exceed 6 weeks from the day it was printed. All internet coupons will have an expiry date visible.
  • The coupon must have a Canadian redemption address.
  • The coupon must have only one UPC (i.e. bar code).
  • The coupon must say “INTERNET COUPON” to be legitimate.

In regards to BOGO/B1G1 items, a coupon may be accepted for the item purchased but not for the free item.

I hope this clarifies our policy. Coupon acceptance is at the discretion of store management. Please feel free to speak with the Store Manager should you have any other concerns or questions.

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  1. Mia

    It`s unfortunate that more and more stores are not accepting online coupons, since that`s how I`ve been getting ALL my deals this week while waiting for my and other types of coupons to arrive in the mail.

  2. Carrie

    Sobeys banner stores will not be honouring online coupons – Wow makes Walmart look alot better.

  3. Jeanna

    Sobeys not accepting online coupons? Is that just printables or does that include save/websaver/go coupon etc ? Is that only their stores in Ontario? I got to the Thrifty Foods (Vancouver Island, BC) stores all the time (they are under Sobeys umbrella) and they seem to accept all of the coupons I’ve gotten and printed with no issues… which I am glad of!

  4. Cassie Howard

    Mia – I agree. 🙁

    Carrie – I was thinking the same thing!

    Jeanna – I believe they are just referring to printables. The email stated Ontario, but I’m pretty sure this policy is the same throughout all of Canada.

  5. Noella

    I just used printables in AB at Sobeys, no issues.

  6. Jacqueline

    I just came home from Fresh Co. They would not honor my websaver coupon.
    The cashier told me they don’t take it but coupons from are ok. I’m so confused!!! What is the difference between save and websaver? I will email Sobeys and Websaver and let you know what that whole thing is all about.
    It was Fresh Co. on Simcoe Street N. in Oshawa. If anybody has problems with websaver or not please post it here. thanks!!

  7. Jacqueline

    Just got an email back from websaver…

    Hi… Thanks for contacting us and sorry for your experience.

    Your cashier is misinformed, FreshCo (Sobey’s) does accept websaver coupons. In fack they accept coupons that are mailed on behalf of a manufacturer. They do not accept Internet printed coupons.

    I have emailed HQ office too. They incited they will speak to the store manager. They also requested you ask for the store manager and bring in your original coupons and original envelope to show them.

    Thanks for reaching out.

    Cheer ……websaver

    Wow I am impressed by websaver. Haven’t heard anything from FreshCo. I find it a little bit odd, probably the manager is misinformed and not the cashier. Maybe if I am up to it, I go tomorrow and show the websaver coupon ( was for green giant BOGO )and get my money back…tztz

    Your website is great!!!

  8. Jenny

    “Jacqueline says:
    May 31, 2011 at 3:35 PM

    I just came home from Fresh Co. They would not honor my websaver coupon.
    The cashier told me they don’t take it but coupons from are ok. I’m so confused!!! What is the difference between save and websaver? I will email Sobeys and Websaver and let you know what that whole thing is all about.
    It was Fresh Co. on Simcoe Street N. in Oshawa. If anybody has problems with websaver or not please post it here. thanks!!”

    Hi Jacqueline,

    I’m in Oshawa too, if you have an opportunity to make it down to the FreshCo. at Lake Vista Square, they take coupons from Websaver,, Brandsaver and GoCoupons. I’ve never had a problem using coupons there. Still can’t get them to take printables though…sigh..

    Best of luck!


  9. Claire

    I went to Sobeys the other day and they would not take my printed coupons. They told me they would take coupons that were mailed to me, from websaver and save but not coupons that I printed from home if they were for free items or for amounts more than 5 dollars. This was in Nova Scotia. Just thought I woulod let everyone know.

  10. Christine

    So then what is their policy on price matching that they advertise? I was at a Fresh Co in London and the would only honour two… I was ticked only because I could have gone to buy them on sale at No Frills and bought a whole shelf!! It wasn’t worth my time really to be honest and then I went to No Frills anyways..sigh… So now I’d like to know thier actual policy and have it in writting….not going through that again…not a happy customer this end.

  11. Cassie Howard

    You can find the price matching policies here:

  12. chrissy

    Funny – I went to 2 different sobeys in Halifax, Nova Scotia and used internet printed coupons!! They clearly need to be more educated on this, and I will continue to take advantage of them not knowing lol

  13. ellen

    they refuse my mailed coupons,actuall most all coupons.and any they accept what left are scrutinized and so am i -fell like im doing something criminal

  14. ellen

    it does not matter if you talk to the end not worth time or effort to save .50

  15. happy always

    Hi, in Toronto, all the Price Choppers have been replaced with Fresh Co.

    does anyone know their price match policy?

  16. Cassie Howard
  17. Cathy

    Sobeys in Oromocto New Brunswick will except internet coupons but they can only be up to a savings of $5. I had one where I would save $11.99 and they wouldn’t take it so I used it at walmart

  18. kat

    I went to the Fresh Co. location in Oakville, Ontario this week to purchase the 1.75 litre of Oasis Premium Orange Juice they had on sale for $1.97. Since I had 2 manufacturers printed online coupons for $1.00 each I decided to get two. Well, as I went to pay for my juice I gave the cashier my coupons and she told me that they don’t accept internet coupons only mailed out coupons from websaver and

    I did inform her of the new coupon policy which states that Sobey’s Canada accepts these coupons providing that they meet the requirements they look for. I didn’t get the juice as the result. When I got home, I spoke with I guess is the Cash Manager and she said the same thing and I advised her that your coupon policy changed this May and that the policy allows for these coupons to be used. The store Manager wasn’t in and I told her that I would contact the Manager the next day. I then called Sobey’s Customer Care and even then which was stupid, she told me that in general Sobey’s takes these coupons but not at certain stores. I thought, what? It’s either you do or you don’t not at certain stores will take them. I think that’s total bs. in my opinion.

  19. Ashleigh

    @Kat – it says right in the policy posted here that it’s up to the Store Manager to decide what coupons they will or won’t take. So arguing it with managers and corporate won’t matter – it’s already up to them.

  20. Emily

    The Freshco I work at accepts *most* coupons, just as long as the date is correct and it’s for the correct product. We don’t accept printed coupons because we’ve gotten a lot of fraudulent ones in the past. We always accept websaver,, etc, and other coupons found in store. As for price matching, I hate our policy of only two, but the way my store does it is two per flavour (ex. pizzas are on sale somewhere else, so we’ll give you 2 pepperoni, 2 deluxe, 2 cheese, etc).

  21. Debora

    So all these stores that will not take interent printed coupons – as consumers we should write to the manufacturer of product we wanted to purchase with their internet printed coupon and advise them that ”
    I am interested in purchasing your product however this store has refused to allow me to use the coupon you issued.”
    I would also copy the store manager where it was refused and head office. Perhaps if enough people wrote about a certain chain or store refusing the internet coupons something would be changed.

  22. Kim

    Due to the large amount of fraudulent online coupons circulating, Sobeys will not be honouring online coupons at this time. Coupons must be part of a merchandising program between the merchandiser and vendor. We do accept coupons from and

    Manufacturer coupons are accepted by stores provided the issuing vendor regulations are met. Each coupon is evaluated on an individual basis by store management. If you have any concerns please feel free to speak with the store manager or franchisee where you shop who will be happy to assist you.

    We strive at all times to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. Products advertised in the weekly flyers are offered at a discount price as an invitation to customers to shop in our stores. Pricing is continuously reviewed by our analysts and is determined by the competitive market, store banner and store location. We do not offer price matching at our Sobeys stores.

    Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

  23. Georgina

    I found out yesterday that Freshco does not accept printed coupons and they don’t price match Shoppers Drug Mart and Giant Tiger as advised from a manager who had to do all of the price matching items. However, since they aren’t too far but thought I’d PM at Freshco since SDM and Zellers are about 20 mins walk (and I don’t drive this my choice to save money this year), so I just told them that I won’t be taking those items so, I will walk up there tonight:)

  24. Patricia

    Walmart first last and always for coupons and PMing. They are the best. I only go to Fresh Co. now if its on my way home from work and there’s something I really need and the price is better there. Otherwise I dont’ bother. It would be nice if the cashiers were properly trained at Fresh Co. on their coupon policies and WHEN THEY CHANGE THEM so that the cashier is informed correctly. Walmart all the way. They don’t give you the hassle that Fresh Co. does. It’s just been my experience anyways. And I always follow the rules of any coupon etc.

  25. michelle

    So I went in save on’s website and only two coupons were mailable, all the rest were printables. If stores don’t take them what’s the point.

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