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Freeganism – dumpster diving for dinner

Have you ever considered getting your dinner from the dumpster? Did you know you can find tons of fresh produce, bread, and more from inside those big huge bins?

You can – and a lot of people do! These people are called freegans. Freegans are a large group of people who salvage food and other goods from the trash.

Most of the food that is found is still in the original packaging. Things like bagels, muffins, cookies, cereal, crackers, cheese, and even meat. Most of it is either just slightly past the sell-by date or nearing the sell-by date.

Items such as cartons of eggs are thrown away just because one of the eggs in a carton is broken, even though there are 11 other good other eggs inside. Fruits and vegetables are often thrown away because they have small dents. Grocery stores throw away this perfectly edible food mainly for cosmetic reasons, which is a shame.

I do have some concerns about safety while dumpster diving and if it is even legal (I’m sure in some areas it isn’t).

I’ve been watching some videos and reading articles about this topic over the last few days and am absolutely shocked at how much perfectly good food is thrown away. In one video, someone found 8 packages of corn on the cob that was bright yellow; perfectly fine! I would totally eat that. This same person also found an entire crate full of perfectly good fresh parsley. Crazy!

I’m starting to re-think whether or not I would actually dumpster dive for food!

Freegans don’t only go ‘shopping’ for food. They also look for things like office supplies, furniture, clothing, and books. They often find it, too. Often in excellent condition. It’s amazing what people will throw in the trash.

Are you a freegan or would you ever consider being one?



  1. Alicia

    Yeah, freeganism sounds interesting… but I don’t think I would ever do it. I am shocked at what they find though! I saw an episode of British wife swap, and one of the wives was a freegan. She brought her “new” family dumpster diving, and she found a whole bag of perfectly good Maltesers that were only thrown out b/c the bag was torn! ( The maltesers were those individually wrapped ones)Crazy! Love your blog, keep it up!:-)

  2. Erica

    I have a feeling I am somehow going to get dragged into this..and we are so going to need to document it if it happens. lol

  3. Cassie Howard


    and thank you alicia! glad you love my blog. 🙂 i need to see that wife swap!

  4. ~Carla~

    Gotta be honest here, NEVER, EVER, would I “dumpster dive”. lol! I am saddened/amazed at everything that gets tossed however. I think it should be donated to local charities/homeless shelters, etc…

  5. Cassie Howard

    yes, most stuff should definetely be donated. 🙁

  6. Kristy

    I have been a freegan for furniture before but never food. Dog house, wood coffee table

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