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40 frugal at home date ideas

Having frugal at home dates is an easy way to save a ton of money on entertainment with your partner. I often hear people talking about the dates they go on, and I can’t help but tally up the cost.

While it’s fun to splurge at times, here are some frugal at home date ideas – have fun without blowing the budget!

40 frugal at home date ideas

Frugal at Home Date Ideas

Savor the outdoors

1. Play croquet.

Croquet Frugal Date

2. Run through a sprinkler.
3. Wash your vehicles together – then have a water fight.
4. Have a picnic in the backyard.
5. Plant some flowers.
6. Sleep under the stars.
7. Go for a walk.
8. Go for a bike ride.
9. Read magazines in the backyard.

For the food lovers

10. Make some frugal desserts together.
11. Make his or her favorite meal.
12. Try cooking a new recipe together.
13. Bake his or her favorite dessert.
14. Pick up a decadent dessert to enjoy at home.
15. Make S’mores.
16. Barbecue something special.
17. Eat dessert first.

Dessert on Date

Game on

18. Play cards.
19. Play a board game.
20. Do a puzzle.
21. Play “3 truths and 1 lie” and see how well you know each other.
22. Work out together – especially if you made S’mores…

Making memories

23. Look through old pictures.
24. Make an online book together with your many photographs.
25. Watch a home movie.
26. Send e-cards to each other (to be opened up during your date).


27. Catch up on a show you love watching together. We love to borrow “24” episodes!

At Home Date Movie

28. Rent a movie from the library. Make sure you take it off the roof of your car.
29. Have a Youtube contest – find the craziest/funniest/most touching and share them at your date.
30. Play “Just Dance” on Xbox – First, ban mockery for us “non-dancers.” Then, get moving.

Simply be together

31. Light candles and talk.
32. Sit by the fire.

Couple Date at Home

33. Give each other a massage.
34. Learn about each other’s Love Language.

Other at home date ideas

35. Get one thing off each other’s “honey-do” list (my personal favourite).
36. Have another couple over and call it a double date.
37. Plan a theme night around the other person’s interests:

  • Chocolate: Rent Chocolat, eat chocolate, buy chocolate-scented candles/lotion
  • Sports lover: Watch an important game and serve food they would have at the game

Make future plans

38. Dream about your next vacation. What needs to be done to make it a reality?
39. Dream about your future. Where do you live? What do you do?
40. Schedule your next frugal at home date (this one is important!).

Every relationship can benefit from time blocked off to be together. No matter which activity we choose, our partner will appreciate our willingness to make them a priority. If you have children, get them to bed early so you can enjoy each other in a quiet house.

What is your favourite frugal at home date idea?


  1. CMB

    We like to go for drives, sometimes to look at where we’d like to buy our next house, sometimes out in the country. Maybe stop at a farmer’s market to pick up some local fruit and veggies that are in-season for dinner.
    If it’s nice out, go to the beach, pack a lunch and bring good books or magazines.

  2. Karen

    My hubby and I recently took a stroll imagining which cottage we would buy if we had a big inheritance….dreaming can be fun!

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