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How to fight frugal fatigue

I’m sure we all experience frugal fatigue at one time or another. You know, the times when we just don’t want to be frugal anymore?! We get tired of making food from scratch every day and would rather just buy it premade. Or we just really want to blow $100 on that pair of jeans we’ve been eyeing – even though there’s not enough in the clothing budget.

If this is you right now, and you’re feeling tired of frugality, here are some ideas to help re-inspire your desire to be frugal:

Make sure your budget is realistic.

Living for today is just as important as living for tomorrow. If you’re throwing as much money as you possibly can into your savings account, it’s possible that you’re feeling fatigued because your budget is not realistic to where you’re at in life today.

Reassess your budget to make sure you’re not shorting yourself on an important aspect of life – having fun! If you’re making your child go hungry at snack time because there’s just not enough in the grocery budget, stop putting so much money away for a rainy day. After all, frugality is about using your resources wisely, not forgoing everything good in life.

Work some indulgence into your budget.

This point goes hand in hand with my last point. If you plan for it, you can spend it. If you work a daily coffee or weekly movie into your budget, by all means, spend that money – and don’t feel guilty! I think it’s important to have some regular indulgences just to keep you from feeling like frugality is a burden.

Concentrate your efforts on the area where you see the most savings.

Are you currently implementing every single money-saving technique out there? If so, you’re most likely setting yourself up for frugal living burn out. It really is okay to not make everything from scratch or to stop using coupons for every possible thing imaginable. It’s impossible to do it all.

Cut back to the area(s) where you see the most savings and skip the smaller money saving ideas that you don’t enjoy or take more time then they’re worth.

Remind yourself of your goals.

Are you trying to save for a down payment on a home? Or are you anxious to pay cash for your next vehicle? It definitely doesn’t hurt to remind yourself frequently about why you’re living the way you are.Sit down and take a look to see how far you’ve come with your goals. There’s nothing quite like seeing how much progress you’ve made to inspire you to keep going!

Reward yourself every time you meet a milestone.

Celebrating milestones along the way is important. If you’re trying to pay off all of your credit card debt, plan a fun family day (or something else you would enjoy) every time you pay off a credit card. Or, every time you save another $100, put $10 into a vacation fund. Knowing there is a reward each time you accomplish something, can be enough to keep you pressing forward.

What are some of the ways that you fight frugal fatigue?

Taya enjoys the simple pleasures in life, deal hunting and being creative on a budget. She is also a soon to be (end of March!) stay at home mom living in beautiful British Columbia. With the help of her supportive husband Jesse, she writes daily on her website, – which is dedicated to making the frugal lifestyle more simple for Canadians.

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