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Frugal regrets: 3 times I should have spent more money

On this website, we sing the praises of living frugally. We find deals and celebrate successes. But what about the flip side of the proud, frugal life? Have there ever been times you wish you had spent more money? I’ll share a few of mine to get us started.

Frugal regrets: 3 times I should have spent more money

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Everyone said it, but I didn’t listen. Don’t cheap out on a wedding photographer. Alas, you really do get what you pay for. My wedding photos are fairly bleak with tacky backgrounds and stuffy poses. My sister learned from my mistakes and ended up in a bridal magazine because her pictures were AMAZING. We might just have to try again for our 25th anniversary one day.


When my husband and I were first married we thought we were busy. We weren’t. We thought we were broke. We weren’t. At the time-traveling seemed expensive so we chose to do creative, low-budget vacations.

Fast forward to the present.

4 kids later, traveling would really be expensive now. My children are quite certain the closest they will come to an airplane is one that is made out of paper.

Frugal regret? We should have traveled more pre-children, and should probably start saving so our family of 6 can make this dream come true together.

Home improvements

In my post 10 Questions to Ask Before Buying Anything, I suggest curbing spending by picturing your spouse’s disapproval if you spend too much or too often. I know this because I am an eyebrow-raising spouse. Sometimes it helps my husband spend less, but this one time it backfired dismally.

My husband had to do his semi-annual trip to Rona for a few fall projects. He put quite a few items in his cart and then could picture my disapproval at the bill. Horrible, I know. So like a conscientious spouse, he started putting a few items back.

Doesn’t sound like a frugal fail yet, does it?

When he arrived at the front checkout, he was handed a scratch card. Can you see where this is going?

He got 100% off his order. Yep. That nagging frugal wife’s voice in his head meant he put back a lot of items that could have been FREE.

Rather than stay in a place of regret, I will press on. I will try to splurge more on things that are important and hold less tightly to my cash. I will continue on the quest for handling my money in a balanced way.

Any frugal regrets you’d care to share?