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Frugal lunch ideas

Frugal lunch ideas.


Eggs are so versatile – you can do many different things with them. My favourite is eggs over-easy with a slice of whole wheat toast. Yum! You could also make scrambled eggs, an omelette, baked eggs, boiled eggs. There are many great options. Eggs also give you energy, so they are a great meal to have for lunch (breakfast, too!).


A few frugal sandwhich ideas are egg salad, peanut butter & jelly and tuna. Have a small salad on the side and you have a filling lunch for less!


When you make dinner every night, try to make a bit more than you need so that you can have the leftovers for lunch the next day. This is a great way to eat lunch for “free”.

Fruits & vegetables

Add lots of fruits and vegetables to your plate (or lunch bag) at lunch time. They will help to fill you up, are relatively cheap (when purchased in season) and are of course, very healthy.


You can often purchase a bag/box of pasta for only $1 (or less if you catch a great sale). Add in your favourite pasta sauce and top with a bit of shredded cheese. Delicious and inexpensive!

Soup & salad

If you stockpile groceries, I’m sure you can find some cans of soup in your stash. If not, they don’t cost much at the store (when purchased on sale) – or you could make your own. This meal is not only low in cost, but quick and easy to prepare.

Grilled cheese

What could be better than 2 slices of bread and a bunch of gooey cheese in the middle? This tasty lunch idea is a favourite at our house. We often have tomato or vegetable soup on the side and it is very filling.

Please share your frugal lunch ideas in the comments.

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