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Frugal New Years Eve ideas

New Years’ Eve ideas.

New Year’s Eve usually involves some sort of party or other celebration. One year is over and another is beginning. It’s very exciting, and many people like to celebrate this milestone in a big way, which usually means big money. If you want to go easy on your wallet this year, consider some of these frugal New Years Eve ideas:

Stay home

While it might sound boring, staying home on New Year’s Eve can be just as enjoyable as going to some big, lavish party – not to mention a lot cheaper.

Sip some hot chocolate and watch the countdown on TV.


If you really want to host a New Year’s Eve party at your home, consider making it a potluck? Avoid a sit-down meal and just have a few finger foods such as sandwiches, raw fruit & veggies, pretzels, and some salad.

Ask each guest to bring one thing to serve – a fruit, a vegetable, a dessert, a drink, etc.

“Countdown location”

Instead of watching the countdown on TV, if the location is close enough to your home, why not go out there and celebrate in person? These events are often free to attend.

Just bring a mug of hot chocolate and dress warmly. Counting down to the near year with hundreds (or thousands!) of other people can be so much fun.


Don’t buy expensive fireworks for your celebration – buy some cheap sparklers instead. Everyone can run around outside with them.

Try writing your name in the air with your sparkler, that’s always fun!

What are you doing for New Year’s Eve this year?


  1. Ashley

    Hubby & I are mainly staying in this year. We are going out for dinner (a splurge thanks to my Xmas bonus), and then staying in the rest of the night. We’ll most likely watch the countdown on TV. First year in quite a few years that we aren’t going out somewhere or to someone’s house. What are you doing this year?

    • Cassie Howard

      hey ashley, we will probably go to richard’s momma’s house for a few hours (they have a NYE party every year), but i doubt we will stay until midnight because elliott goes to bed at 8-9pm.

  2. Tara

    Well, I work until 9pm–making money, lol. Depending on when it’s on tv, I’ll watched Great Big Sea on tv… they are at Niagara Falls… and then… it’s home to bed.. I assume before midnight, lol.

    • Cassie Howard

      haha tara, i will most likely be in bed before midnight as well. 😛 i’m so old.

  3. brendan keyport

    Sparklers are the #1 source of burn and ER visits around here. They’re dangerous, deadly (because they still burn underwater) and should be outright banned. Even M-80’s are safer than sparklers.

  4. Mabel

    Not a dang thing, unfortunately.

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