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Frugal Tip: Make Your Own Pickled Eggs

Here’s a frugal tip, sent in by Lena.

I use the pickle juice from an empty jar of dill pickles to make pickled eggs.

They are so good – so much better then the pickled eggs you buy at the store!

I hard boil eggs, and when they are cool, I peel them and then put them in the pickle juice in the pickle jar for about 3-4 days.

Throw out the juice when they are done, and enjoy.

Don’t forget to keep your next empty pickle jar to do this all over again!

Do you have a frugal tip to share? Let me know!


  1. Leanne

    That is a fantastic idea!! Does it matter what kind? Sweet? Dill?

  2. angela

    that’s how my grandpa used to do them!

  3. Cassie Howard

    Leanne: It all depends on what you what the flavour of your eggs to be. 🙂

  4. Kent

    If you like a bit of kick, try adding a spoonful of crushed chilies.

  5. Lyndsey

    What a great idea! My nana used to do things like this all the time (before she lost her eyesight) It sounds like a great idea for me to do as well……except i love pickle juice and tend to drink the jar….n_n

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