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Frugal Vacation Ideas That Stay on Budget

Frugal Vacation Ideas.


Summer seems to be the time of year when everyone is going on vacation (or at least thinking about going on vacation) – but that’s not the only time vacation ideas are thought about. Vacations can be very expensive if you’re not careful. Depending on where you want to travel, there’s the cost of transportation, lodging, food and entertainment.

If you’re looking to save money on your next vacation, here are some frugal vacation ideas.

Do You Know Someone With a Vacation Home?

My husband and I are lucky because his mom owns time share in Florida and she lets us stay there for free whenever we want to. If you know someone with time share or a vacation home, consider asking them if you could rent it for a week. If they aren’t using it themselves, they are likely to offer it to you at a discount. Or, if you’re lucky, they will allow you to stay for free.

Visit Friends or Family.

Make a vacation trip into visiting friends and family. This way you get time away from home and you will also (most likely) be able to stay for free at your friends/family’s home. If you are lucky enough get this special treatment, be appreciative. And remember – if they are ever in your area, be sure to return the favour and let them stay with you.

Go Camping.

A vacation doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stay in an expensive hotel, eat at fancy restaurants and spend lots of money on souvenirs. Camping can be a fun and cheap vacation idea. A lot of camp grounds actually have many amenities, including showers, toilets and drinkable water. If you really don’t want to be sleeping on the ground for a week, you could always look into renting a cabin where there are beds for you to sleep on. Or, bring a blow-up mattress to put in your tent.

Save Money on Your Vacation

Book Early.
Once you have finalized your travel plans, book your flight and accommodations right away. This will ensure the best deal and will also leave you one less thing to worry about.

Look For Discounts.
Check Retail Me Not for discount codes on hotels and flights. You should also consider booking package deals (flight + hotel) from places like, as these are often cheaper than booking those things separately.

Vacation With Another Couple or Family.
A great way to save money on vacations is to bring other people along with you. They can help pay for food, lodging, fuel for the car – pretty much everything. Split the costs down the middle and everyone will get to enjoy a vacation on the cheap (depending on where you go, of course!). The bonus is that there will be extra people to spend time with, as well!

Don’t Bring So Much Stuff
Many airlines now charge for every checked bag. If possible, cram everything you have into one large suitcase and have the rest in carry-on bags (one for each family member). If you want to be even more frugal – don’t check any bags at all. Get as much as you can into the largest carry-ons you are allowed to take on the plane.

Bring Your Own Food
Bring as much of your own food and drinks as possible. Otherwise, this could end up being a costly aspect of your vacation.

Stay Close To Home
“Staycations” are a fantastic way to save money on your vacation. Staying close to home will save on airline costs and fuel if you would be driving.

Vacation During Off-Season
Off season is the best time to find a deal for vacations. Fall is the best time to find deep discounts on travel. Since this time is the least popular for travelling, you won’t have to worry about dealing with crowds, either!

It is possible to enjoy a vacation with your family and not spend thousands of dollars.

The key is to be flexible and creative and you are bound to have a great time!

Please share your frugal vacation ideas in the comments!

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