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Frugality Can Lead to Happiness

When some think of frugality, words like restriction, limitation, and great sacrifice come to mind. Finding happiness is not usually the first thought that runs through people’s minds.

Frugal living, however, is not what you would expect. It does not fill one’s life with longing, misery, and jealousy. It actually has brought true contentment and happiness to many. There are many people living a frugal life and enjoying it. In fact, those who have converted to the frugal living motto, often comment how they wish they started following that path sooner.

A frugal person finds joy in meeting goals, reducing stress, and freeing themselves of financial burdens. Each step they take towards being debt free or retiring early often feels like a huge success.  “Frugalites” don’t spend their time and energy focusing on what they don’t have or if they own something that is second hand. They focus on what really matters; do they have the resources to get done what they need to get done. For example, they don’t worry if they have a new car that has all of the bells and whistles. They focus on having a car, new or used, that will get them from point A to point B. That’s it.

Frugality also allows one to explore their creative side. Coming up with ways to cut your costs or how to stretch your “buck” can be a very thought provoking exercise. Frugal livers focus on cutting costs one category at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed. By addressing each category one by one, they can see results quicker, compared to spreading it out amongst many. Little progress is usually not noticed as much as big progress.

Frugal people also set goals. It is what keeps them motivated. Small victories on a daily basis are what drive them to continue from one day to the next. They know that each penny saved will add up; Each penny saved will get them one step closer to living debt free.

Can you even comprehend a life where you had no debt? All you would have is your main living expenses. Every extra dollar over that would be yours to use on your dreams. Retiring early, taking that big trip, or donating to that special cause would be within your reach. You would be able to follow your passions and dreams without having to stress about where you would get the money to do it. All of that money you have saved will go to a purpose that is important to you and not in some banks pocket or on possessions that you never use. Your money would be spent with meaning and intention.

Now wouldn’t that make you happy?


  1. Shannon

    As someone who lives frugal everyday I really appreciate this post. I am someone who actually finds joy in finding new ways to cut my costs and reduce my debt. It is a daily challenge that is as rewarding in the short-term as it is in the long-term.

    – Shannon From

    • W. Ying

      Yes. You are right.
      It is to reduce “invalid happiness” as much as possible.

  2. Miss T

    Thanks Shannon. Hearing that you relate to the joys but also accept the challenges is encouraging for all of us frugalites.

  3. Kevin

    Not having money stop you from following your dreams will definitely make you a lot happier. Money can allow you to be happier, not necessarily buy happiness.

  4. Miss Thrifty

    I have also found that frugality makes me happy – and a lot of that was to do with the realisation that I didn’t need lots of cash, lots of fancy products and lots of high-spec gizmos to make me happy. Whew – it was a liberation!

    • W. Ying

      Frugality makes me think the rich are foolish.

  5. youngandthrifty

    I find that being frugal in itself gives me happiness!

    I love being frugal- it’s like some sort of addiction for me lol.

  6. Financial Samurai

    Saving money can be a very fun goal for sure!

  7. Miss T

    Thank you everyone for the great comments. I am glad that you found some encouragement in my post. It is the support of each other that helps us all continue on the frugal road to happiness.

    • W. Ying

      Thanks a lot.
      If everybody can to this way, we can save the mankind from self-extinction happily and easily.
      I really think so.

  8. bob

    Being frugal is one thing being cheap is another. Many people use the word frugal to justify not paying their way when they should do so. I have 2 friends that when comfronted with their cheap ways become very upset & defensive. They actually have the nerve when they come to visit not to eat supper before arrival & expect food when they arrive even if its 11 PM. They use excuses like not wanting to waste time eating before arrival so they would not arrive too late. When asked why they wouldn’t take a motel if they were going to be that late they say we were expecting them.This is true but a quick phone call would let us know they would be 1 day later arriving. These people really annoy me & put a strain on our friendship. Saving is an admirable trait but one should not become wealthy at others expense.You ARE CHEAP admit it instead of hiding behid frugality.All you do is make yourselves look foolish be honest if you have the Cheap desease & admit it & find a cure.

  9. Robert

    I like what you say about it leading to your creative side. It can mean you think about how you spend and how you can do it differently whcih can be a fun experience which leads to you buying and then experiencing all sorts of new things!

  10. Albert Sparks

    This is the dream. No debt! No debt! I am giving myself permission to be frugal and recognized my limitations in order to become free of debt. Seeking professional advice is a significant step forward.

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