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6 Ways To Get Free Music Lessons

6 Ways To Get Free Music Lessons

Getting free music lessons was not as difficult as I expected.

When I first realized there was little money in our budget for my kids to learn to play instruments, I had one choice. Give up or think outside the box. This dilemma helped me come up with a few different ways to get free music lessons.

Save Money on Music Lessons

1. Cash in at School

If your children are fortunate enough to have a music program in their school, be sure to take advantage of it. At year-end concerts you will be amazed at how much the kids learn in a group when you hear the difference between the grade 6, 7 and 8 bands.

And to really maximize these opportunities, encourage your child to join specialty clubs like jazz band, world drumming etc.

My son is entering his third year of free music lessons, learning the bass guitar at school. This savings allows me to pay for his piano lessons instead (much to his delight-ahem). And his music teacher has pointed him to many opportunities (like performing at the Living Arts Centre) he would never have had without learning this instrument. That’s money well spent…..except it was free.

2. Barter

Bartering is a great option for swapping services, instead of using cash. What a great way to get free music lessons. I know people who have:

  • Offered free baseball camp in exchange for piano lessons
  • Swapped music lessons (i.e. you teach my son bass and I will teach your kids piano

Do you have any skills you could swap in exchange for music lessons? Could you clean someone’s house? Babysit their children? You could post your idea on a local parenting forum and see if anyone is interested.  Sometimes the craziest ideas actually work.

3. Sell Things

I have paid for many piano lessons by selling items on Kijiji. I have sold big things and little things. It is amazing how quickly it adds up. The cash goes into an envelope clipped to the fridge for lessons.
And not only am I paying for lessons, but I am also simplifying my house. And I have still not run out of things to sell.

4. Shuffle the Money

This is a game I like to play when I have an expense that is not covered by our cash envelope system, like music lessons.
Let’s say I have $250 in my envelope for car expenses. If I use my Air Miles Cash to get $100 in free gas at Shell, I can take $100 from car expenses to pay for….music lessons.

5. Gift Creatively

Do you have relatives who are always looking for gift ideas? Aunts, uncles of grandparents that never know what to buy? What better way to invest in your child than giving them an experience, in this case music lessons, instead of more stuff. But I would only recommend this if your child really enjoys their lessons.

6. Maximize Technology

You can learn almost anything on the internet, and playing an instrument is no exception.
My son taught himself to play the acoustic guitar by learning chords off Youtube. After two weeks, I overheard his 11 year old buddy say, “Dude. If you were just a bit better I could listen to you all day!”

Jenn Hoskins, a homeschooling mom of 6, compiled the best online resources she could find to get free music lessons.

Now, this won’t replace the priceless value of a music teacher, but it could supplement lessons. For example, one of my boys signed up to learn saxophone this September. He wanted to get a head start, so he looked up “how to blow your first note on the sax.” Once he mastered this on his own he felt ready for music class.

This week we’ve helped you purchase your instrument on a budget. Pair that with free music lessons and you will be set to sing a thrifty tune.

How have you been able to get budget-friendly or free music lessons?


  1. TL Dyck

    Please please please, from a qualified and experienced music teacher, do not expect to learn the right way to play an instrument from youtube. There is no replacement for proper instruction. Could you imagine your child learning a language or a sport online with no other instruction? Also, please consult your teacher before purchasing any old instrument. They can help guide you and give you tips on how to find something within your budget. Just because it is a good deal does not mean it is a good instrument, and cheap junk will only impair the student’s progress in the long run.

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