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Grocery coupons in Canada

Grocery coupons!

Find Grocery Coupons

Canadian grocery coupons are some of the most sought-after coupons. Although I consider grocery coupons to be food, beverages, baby & pet supplies, beauty items, health care, and household items – many people consider grocery coupons to be for food and beverage items only.

For the sake of this article, I am going to go with those people and pretend that grocery coupons are coupons for food and beverages.

So, where do you find grocery coupons?

Although not as popular as other coupons, it is still possible to find grocery coupons. Let me show you. Here are the top 4 ways to get coupons for groceries…

Tear pad coupons

You can find tear pad coupons at many different grocery stores and drug stores. Look for these tear pad coupons either on the shelves in front of products, or on stand displays in the store.

Not all stores are created equal, though. Some stores offer more tear pad coupons than others. It’s also important to remember that if you hear of someone finding tear pad coupons at a certain store, don’t expect to find them there yourself. You may – or you may not find coupons there. Each store is different.

I often get grocery coupons (tear pads) at the following stores:

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Metro
  • Sobeys
  • Rabba
  • Highland Farms

I have found coupons at other stores as well, but those are the stores that I find them at the most often.

Grocery coupons are easy to come by on They release new coupons all the time. They offer mail coupons (that they mail to your home for free) as well as printable coupons.

Here are just some of the current coupons for groceries that is offering:

  • Coupon for Weetabix Cereal – $1 off
  • Coupon for Almond Fresh – $1.50 off
  • Coupon for Special K Granola – $1 off
  • Coupon for Healthy Choice Steamers – Buy 1, Get 1 Free
  • Coupon for Eggs – $1 off When You Buy 2 Dozen
  • Coupon for Astro Yogurt – $1 off

Check often, because new grocery coupons (and other coupons) are added to and removed from the site often.

Contacting companies

Did you know that you can contact companies directly and ask them for Canadian coupons? It’s true! Make a list of your favorite companies and email (or call) them, asking if they are able to mail you any grocery coupons.

Many of them will. Some of them won’t. Some of them will send coupons to your friend, but not you. Try again later.

Here is a list of Canadian companies that will mail coupons to you. You can email these companies every 6 months or so (some allow you to order coupons more often than that) to ask for new coupons.

Coupon trading

If you want grocery coupons but can’t seem to find coupons for the groceries you want to buy, consider coupon trading to find coupons.

When you have coupons that you don’t want, one of them best ways to get rid of them and find coupons you actually do want, is to trade those coupons with someone else. Get rid of unwanted coupons and stock up on the coupons you will actually use!

These are the very best sources for grocery coupons in Canada. There are, of course, many other ways to find grocery coupons, but I wanted this article to reflect the best ways to find those coupons. In other words, I wanted to list the places you are likely going to find the most grocery coupons possible.

Other places to find grocery coupons include:

Where do you find the most grocery coupons?


  1. Linda

    I mainly get my coupons from,, and the inserts in the papers along with my flyers. Although I did find and use a tear pad coupon yesterday at Metro. I would like to explore the coupon trading option, but I was kind of confused when I went to the Forum. Oh, I do get some coupons from companies like Clover Leaf, Tre Stelle and also restaurants like Red Lobster.

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