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The ultimate guide to hidden coupons

Ahhh, hidden coupons. Those pesky money-savers that are hidden away from the main pages of Canadian coupon companies! The coupons you have to dig around to find if you even end up finding anything at all.

Guide to Hidden Coupons

Why do some sites “hide” coupons?

Sometimes a company, such as, will have a special promotion with a brand, such as Kellogg’s, and the brand wants its own page for the coupon. They don’t want to be on the main page – but on their own special page instead.

So, sites like will create these hidden coupon pages for the brands that request them. Then, they share the links with their users – sometimes. Other times, I don’t think we’re supposed to even know that those pages are there (the promotion is not starting yet, the promotion is almost over, etc.).

But – we can find them!

Which sites have hidden coupons?

There are a few websites that have hidden coupons. These sites are:


The complete guide to hidden coupons

So, how do you find these hidden coupons? Other than by checking in the MapleMoney coupon database, of course!

There are a few things you can do:

1. Check Google.
Type the following into the Google search box: site: (or whatever site you are checking). This will show you all of the different pages on the site. Pay close attention to the URL of each page to see that it is different from the main page, then check the link to see if there are any hidden coupons.

Also, if you click on “more search tools”, you can also search by time frame (latest, past 24 hours, past week, etc.).

2. Subscribe to mailing lists.
Make sure that you are subscribed to the mailing lists of all of the coupon sites mentioned above, because sometimes they will send you an email with a hidden coupon link that they haven’t shared anywhere else, just with their email subscribers.

I have found out about many hidden coupons this way!

3. Follow sites on social media.
You also want to make sure you are following the above sites on social media. Especially Facebook and/or Twitter.

Social media is one way that companies promote their content a lot these days, so you need to be present on those social media sites if you want to find out about hidden coupons (and free samples!).

4. Regularly check the MapleMoney pages
We want to eliminate all of the hard searchings for you, so we created hidden coupons pages on! We update these pages every week, adding and removing hidden coupons.

As you can see, there are quite a few ways to find hidden coupons. It’s easier than you think, you just have to remember to do it! So put it on your schedule – check for hidden coupons – at least once per week.

Sometimes the hidden coupons are the best coupons available from a website, so they are not to be dismissed.

Happy hunting!

Do you regularly search for hidden coupons?


  1. Krystal

    This information is amazingly helpful. I just recently started couponing and your website and blogs have helped me tremendously with finding coupons, organizing, planning my shopping trips, choosing what coupons to use and which ones not to waste my money on. Thank you for all of your help!

  2. Cassie Howard

    Thanks for your kind words, Krystal! Have fun couponing. 😀

  3. Linda

    I was without a computer for some months. I did get a cheap tablet, but was very limited on what I could do. I am slowly getting back into things and thanks for this info and your updated site.

    • Cassie Howard

      Thank you for the kind words, Linda!

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