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7 habits of highly effective couponers

Couponing is a learned skill. When you first start, you hand the occasional coupon to a cashier and call yourself a beginner. But to save significantly, try some of these habits of highly effective couponers.

Use the shortcuts

The first time I found the coupon matchup section on MapleMoney I couldn’t believe the work the team had done. They search through all the flyers, highlight the best deals, and match them up with coupons that are out there. An ominous task of saving by couponing became a whole lot easier.

Create a realistic routine

Having a manageable routine is the key to having success with couponing. Here is a sample to get you started:
Monday: order the latest coupons from web saver, Gocoupons, the brand saver (10 minutes)
Tuesday: view the sneak peeks for Checkout 51 on MapleMoney (they are only available Thursday elsewhere) (5 minutes)
Wednesday: clip & file new coupons and throw out expired ones (10 minutes)
Thursday: create a shopping list using flyers and coupon matchups (30 minutes)
Friday: bring flyers to store for price matching and grocery shop (45 minutes)

Maximize your minutes

Many small tasks towards couponing can be accomplished while unwinding, watching the news, etc. The important thing is to be intentional about your purpose online so you won’t start wandering into the adorable pillow section on Etsy. F-o-c-u-s.

You can multiply your efforts by enlisting helpers too. Children can learn to spot deals, clip and file coupons and even menu plan eventually.

Keep your eyes wide open

Every outing is a place to find coupons. In stores, in magazines, on product packaging. Effective couponers learn how to spot coupons by staying alert.

Play to your strengths

I am a starter and my husband is a finisher. If we embrace our strengths, we make a fabulous team. I find the deals, organize the coupons and he crosses the finish line by doing the grocery shopping each week.

Join a group

There is strength in numbers. Join a couponing group to trade coupons, share tear pad spotting, and keep the couponing momentum going.

Set a goal

Set a goal for yourself to keep you motivated to save with coupons. As a lover of numbers, my goals are usually numerical. Find what motivates you and make that part of your coupon-saving goal. Maybe:

  • reduce grocery bill by 10% each month
  • use at least 2 coupons each time you shop this month
  • track and set aside coupon savings to go towards a family vacation

Each of these represents the habits of highly effective couponers. Couponing is not complicated, but it is a skill that is refined one habit at a time.

Did I miss an important couponing habit that you would like to share?

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