How confident are you that your future spouse will say, “I do” on that big day? Does she have any experience being a runaway bride or ladies, has your engagement been one of those romances that would make the next tear jerking chick flick or have you pulled him along kicking and screaming? Nobody needs to remind you that your wedding may very well end up costing more than a new Mercedes and that’s a lot of money to dish out if you’re less than sure that when that big day arrives you’re going to end up with a table full of gifts and memories that last a lifetime.
Luckily, the insurance industry has you covered. For a nominal cost, you can purchase wedding insurance that will insure your investment. What do you need to know about wedding insurance and do you really need it?

Actually, wedding insurance does have a change of heart clause but unless your future spouse decides that you’re not the one at least 6 months before the big day, you might be stuck with a broken heart and a broken wallet. Wedding insurance actually covers expenses of a more practical nature.
One wedding insurance website lists events like a tornado destroying the wedding venue, stolen rings, a seamstress losing the bridal gown, the caterer going out of business, and the tuxedos somehow being rented twice. (Wouldn’t you like to hear the explanation for that?)
These aren’t low dollar losses. The tuxedos, for example, were a $2,300 mistake and those stolen rings were $15,000. How do you tell your future spouse that you think wedding insurance is a good idea? Remind them that a wedding is a complicated and expensive event with a lot of people being trusted to provide the perfect event. Just one mishap could be very expensive.

What not to do

First, tell your wedding party not to do anything fun because your insurance doesn’t cover it. If anybody is injured in your wedding party that causes the event to be postponed, your wedding insurance won’t cover it. What are they not allowed to do? Hunting, skiing sledding, racing of vehicles, sky diving, and other aquatic events are just a partial list.
Next, don’t schedule your wedding at or near a nuclear power plant. If your pictures or videos are damaged as a result of nuclear action or war, you aren’t going to collect any money from your wedding insurance. Last, if your car was unlocked and your rings were stolen, you’re out of luck. Keep your car locked if you’re going to keep thousands of dollars worth of jewellery in it.
Although it’s easy to joke about such events, it can’t be denied that a wedding may be the largest single event you ever pay for and for everybody but possibly the English monarchy, wedding expenses can’t be replaced if something goes wrong. Consider insurance for those unforeseeable events and if you have your wedding at a nuclear power plant, don’t say we didn’t warn you!

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