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How To Become A Coupon King (Or Queen)

My friends laugh at me sometimes for using coupons in almost every situation. This includes paying for an oil change, eating out at a restaurant, or purchasing some food at the grocery store. I have a friend named James that has even nicknamed me the ‘Coupon King’! I enjoy using coupons and I look at it as a way to save additional money to keep in my pocket for other things (like paying off debt).

It is free money that shows you the large margins that companies have to work with.

Most consumers believe that clipping coupons and actively seeking coupons is a waste of time. The fact is that most people’s income after paying all taxes is significantly less than their paycheck. One way I look at using coupons is trying to keep more money that you earned in your pocket.

There are lots of places to find coupons other than the weekly newspaper:

Download coupons online

Many coupons are going digital, and these days you don’t even need to subscribe to the newspaper. Our website ( has all the printable coupons you need to get started for many items (including a $5 off coupon for Motrin, 10% off coupon for M&M Meats, and a 25% off coupon for Chapters), and all you have to do is print, clip and save. All it costs you is the price of printer paper and ink (tip: print in draft to save your ink!).

Three other top Canadian websites to print coupons are:,, and

Join a coupon club train

A coupon club train is a group of people that exchange coupons via regular mail. The conductor is the person that starts the train and they gather the list of names and addresses of people who want to join the train. The conductor then takes a large amount of coupons and puts them into an envelope and sends it off to the first person on the list. When that person receives it, they take out what coupons they want, and then replace them with other coupons of the same value or more. For example, if I took out $5 in coupons, I would put back $5 in coupons into the envelope. That person mails the envelope off to the next person on the list (which will be included in the envelope) and so on.

Anyone can start a coupon train if they wish and of course more than one train can run at a time if there is enough interest. You can get some great money saving coupons by doing this. On the forums of our website is an area to create a coupon club train.

Contact the manufacturers of the products that you purchase.

Manufacturers love to hear good things from their customers. Sometimes manufacturers will reward their customers with a coupon or special offer. I often ask manufacturers of products that I frequently purchase for coupons or to be put on their mailing list so that they can send coupons if they become available.

Product packaging and store displays

You will find coupons hanging right beside the products in the stores. If you have the time, but you don’t need many things during your shopping trip, gather up all the coupons so that you can use them for the future.

You may find a coupon good for something you may need next month. Stock up on those coupons (take more than one if the expiry is far enough into the future that you will be making multiple purchases).

Sign up for shopper loyalty programs

Grocery stores are the most common examples of this type of program. Save-on-Foods in Alberta and British Columbia present members-only coupons at kiosks. Safeway Canada e-mails weekly Air Miles bonus coupons. Being a member of Scene Canada – the loyalty card for Cineplex Odeon – gives me 10% off concessions. Often, it is worth the time to register to receive these extra coupons.

Final Thoughts

Personally, as a family we keep track of all the money we save throughout the year using coupons and last year it added up to a romantic weekend in San Francisco. Other people may use the money they save from coupons to pay down any non-tax-deductible debt. Others may save the money to put towards an RRSP (another way to reduce taxable income).

Hopefully you find these tips to find extra coupons worthwhile.

Anyone know of any other ways to find coupons to save money?


  1. Jason

    Excellent tips! You know I might just try out these coupons. I don’t usually bother with it but yeah you have a point here. Every dollar saved counts. The economy as bad as it is, we might as well make the most of our paychecks by getting discounts and special offers.

  2. Jessie

    I’ve never been a big coupon-er either…but perhaps it’s worth a try.

  3. Steve Zussino

    It is worth a try to start couponing. I recommend compiling a few online (really easy – just print a few you think you would use on DRAFT mode).

    Always bring them when you go shopping or else you can’t use them.

  4. RainyDaySaver

    I love the ‘coupon train’ idea. But for now, my dad and I swap Sunday coupon circulars and other coupons we find for items we use. We get more coupons that way!

  5. Lina Zussino

    Couples that save together stay together!! Awesome article Steven.

  6. The Rat

    Coupons rock! Anywhere you can save money, more power to you! I also find that many grocery stores have ‘clearance’ items that are going for fire sales. For example, they had Tropicana juice going for 2 bucks a pop last week at my local store because the juice was expiring in a few days. In my view, that’s a good way to get some good deals. I also find that the meat sections often have good sales when meat has been packaged a day or two ago, and its still fresh.

    Nice thread.

  7. Pengar

    I do always clip coupons from magazines and daily news papers. I probobly make a few hundres every year thanks to that!

  8. Johan

    Excellent tips! I’ve never been a big coupon guy. But maybe its worth a try. Thanks.

  9. Martin

    How great is this this?! I love it. I never really thought that this coupon thing was really worth it. Obviously it is!

  10. ETF Investor

    Hey Steven, I was curious if they had anything like Groupon in Canada? Maybe some kind of clone for the Canadian market? These kinds of sites are really exploding in the US so there is really never a need to eat at full price!

  11. Wes

    A lot of people are buying more and more things online these days, and there are more and more online coupons available, for things like clothing, electronics, household items, books, toys… saving money on food and other basics is important, but you can take it a step further and save on other things you might want!

  12. Maria

    I have found a very useful software – couponsavingsoftware.With this

    Search coupon data like you search in Google.
    You can edit and delete data manually.
    Auto-delete option for expired coupons.
    No cutting and clipping of coupons required.
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  13. Tanya

    I track all the money I save from coupons as well. It’s a great way to really show yourself and others how much of a difference coupons can make.

  14. Save a Loonie

    couponing has become very easy to do in Canada now, their are many resources to use to get your coupons!

  15. ash

    This is great stuff! For all of you that love groupon and living social, I found a few sites that bring all those deals from all the “groupons” out there so that we dont miss any deals in the future:


  16. Paul

    Excellent tips, thanks! I often check out for restaurant vouchers in Vancouver

  17. Canadian Free Stuff

    I found Once I started Couponing – Other things really fell into place
    Such as Grocery Price Checking – Knowing when to buy lots ( with or without a coupon)

    Example Laundry Soap try to buy for 10 cents per load if not Brand orientated.

    Buy Heinz Keatchup when on sale for $3
    Stock up on BBQ sauce for $1.00
    Where before I would shop and try to buy brands on sale, and not really stock up, but buy an extra one or two.

    Nice Article Steve:)

  18. ay caramba

    How great is this this?! I love it.

  19. freebie king

    Printing in draft, now there’s a great tip. I always worry about the amount of ink I am using.

    You have some great ways to save money and use coupons effectively.

    Thanks for sharing this very useful information.

  20. Canadian Savers

    I noticed that a lot of Canadians have been using coupons lately! What a fun way to save 🙂

  21. Margarita

    Awesome post! I’ve discovered that also has tons of great coupon codes.

    They’re even running a contest this week where you can win a $50 Sony gift card if you share their post!

    Yay for free stuff 🙂

  22. Mike

    Other people neglect to see the value of coupons but they don’t know that their letting lot of money pass on their pockets. In every small saving you save by using coupons, if summed up could be astonishingly high amount. That is the point that other people can’t see with coupons. Thanks for sharing this great article. Let’s keep using coupons and save lot of money.


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  27. Rachel

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  28. Cassie

    I’m surprised by just how many people think couponing in Canada is impossible. Not only is it possible to do, but it is easy!

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