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Clipping coupons – how to find the time

How to find the time to clip coupons.

Time to Clip Coupons

Do you ever wish there was more time in your day? Are you always letting your coupons pile up because you never seem to have time to clip them and put them away?

I know the feeling.

Don’t let that pile build up any longer! Here are 4 ways that you can sneak in some coupon clipping time:

1. While watching TV.

This is what I usually do. I love to clip my coupons in the evenings while I watch some TV before bed. I find that during commercials I am clipping like crazy and when the show is on, I’m still clipping – just not as fast. I can usually have all of my coupons clipped and put away by the end of a one hour show.

I’m going to be watching television anyway (it’s our nightly ritual), so I might as well put my hands to work! I don’t do this every night though, because I prefer to actually relax while I watch TV and I don’t find clipping coupons to be relaxing. I limit myself to once a week. That’s all it takes to get my coupons under control.

2. During your commute (when you’re not the driving).

If you have more than a 30-minute commute (going anywhere, not just to work or school), and you aren’t driving – you might as well make the most of your time.

Clip some coupons and stick them all in a big envelope or zip-top bag to organize when you get home (unless you’re able to do that in the car as well).

3. While you’re on the phone.

Take advantage of the time you spend on the phone talking to friends and family.

Talk about everything under the sun, and while you’re doing it – clip some coupons. It’s an easy way to “distract” you and make clipping coupons a bit more enjoyable.

4. While the kids play outside.

If you have kids, clipping coupons while they are playing outside can be a great idea.

As long as you can still see them playing, you can clip your coupons indoors (or go outside to clip).

As long as I don’t let my coupon pile build up for too long, it really doesn’t take me much time at all to clip them.

Honestly, clipping and organizing is probably the most boring aspect of couponing – but it’s essential to getting great bargains, so that is why I make the time to do it.

If you really don’t like clipping coupons, why not try the “full sheet” method?

Stick all of your coupons (large sheets from or coupon inserts that come with your flyers) into a large plastic file box. Organize by expiry date or type of coupon (, printables, inserts, etc.) and you’re good.

Clip only the coupons you know you will use for sure and keep the others in that box. Then you can clip out what you need, when you need it.

How do you find the time to clip coupons?


  1. Amanda

    So you don’t cut ALL coupons? What are the sections you have on this filing system? And what else do you keep your daily coupons in? Or are they ALL in this big file box thing?

  2. Cassie Howard

    personally, i cut all coupons. but you dont have to, i know lots of people who dont. they just file the inserts by expiry date. all of the coupons they are not sure they will use stay in this box. all of the coupons they know they WILL use stay in a coupon file folder pouch that they keep in their purse. 🙂

  3. Gina Marcella

    I work full time as a single mom so I cut all coupons right away as soon as I get them in the mail, Redplum comes in, etc. I find if I stay on top of them and file right away, it only takes a couple of minutes at any given time. I stack multiple sheets and match grid lines and cut away. I keep the ones I am taking to the store in a small photo album with 2 sided pages that fits in my purse and the rest go into a big binder at home. My son will help me cut/file them too – it’s fun to do it together.

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