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Multiple Coupons

Even though I have a frequently asked questions page with the answer on it, I always get asked this one question multiple times each week:

How do you get so many of the same coupon?

The answer varies on the type of coupon.,,,

My friends and family often order coupons for me through their accounts. I also trade coupons with others to get these extra coupons.

Tear pad coupons

If I see a tear pad coupon for a product that I know I buy a lot of, or if it’s a high-value coupon that I think may make a product free at some point, I will take a bunch (about 10). I will only take this many if there are still lots left for other people.

I absolutely would never take the entire tear pad, that’s just bad coupon etiquette!

Coupon inserts in the newspaper

All of my friends and family (and neighbors, too!) know how much I use coupons, so they always save their coupon inserts for me to pick up the next time I’m in their area. I also know a lady who delivers papers around here and she gives me her extras as well.

Finally, one of the best ways to get extra coupons (of all types) is to trade with others and join coupon trains.

How do you get multiple coupons?


  1. Laura harris

    I don’t get the paper that sends out smart source…..can I buy buy the newspaper at the store to get that insert?

  2. Kelly

    I do get the paper that apparently has the smart source add however, I have ever actually received it. Do you know of a way to just get a copy of smart source?

  3. Kelly

    200 inserts!!!!! Oh my goodness thats alot! I just traded for 20 or so brandsavers and I thought that was a lot!

    Good for you!

  4. Tiffany

    I know in Quebec you can buy the paper that includes smart source!!
    Good luck!!

    What are some good coupon sites for trading/trains??

  5. christina

    If you do not need all 200 I could gladly come pick some up 🙂 ….

    seriously lol.

  6. Linda S

    Wow! 200 inserts!! Crazy lol
    I have just started trading, and I can say that I’m getting addicted hihi

  7. Cynthia

    What paper in Québec do you get the insert from?? I had no idea we had these smart source inserts in Québec.

  8. Cassie Howard

    christina – Come on over. 😛

    Linda S – Trading is lots of fun. 🙂

    Cynthia –

    laura harris – Yep!

    Kelly – If you are not receiving your inserts, I would suggest contacting your local newspaper.

    Tiffany – I use 🙂

  9. paapu

    200!!! wow!!! Would you mind sharing?

  10. Cassie Howard

    Let me know what you would like. 🙂

  11. Veronica

    Dear Cassie,

    I encountered a situation today at my local Shoppers Drug Mart where a sales associate confronted me about taking too many Tearpad Coupons (I took only 3). She said that I am only allowed to take a Tearpad coupon if I was planning on purchasing the product. I told her that I was planning on waiting till it was on sale before using the coupons, and that the other 2 coupons were for my other family members. It got to the point where she tried to threaten me by calling the manager, and I hit back with offering to go to the Shoppers Head Office. Please advise me on how I can better deliver this confrontation on my next visit to Shoppers Drug Mart.



  12. Cassie Howard

    Veronica – This employee was just plain WRONG. The store doesn’t even own the coupons (the company that delivers and sets them up does), so they have no say over how many you can take or when you can take them. I would have told her just that.

  13. Veronica

    Hi Cassie,

    Thank you so much for your message. It really helped me understand the situation better. The employee made me feel so embarrassed that I have been reflecting the scene all day in my mind. I hope I will not bump into that employee ever again, but when I do at least I will have your supportive words to lean on.

    Thanks again,


  14. Cassie Howard

    Veronica – I have left a store feeling embarassed (and frustrated!) too, and it’s not fun. You were not treated fairly, and if I were you, I would be calling head office to let them know how difficult of a time you had shopping there!

  15. Linda S


    So sorry you had this happen to you. :hugs ON some other board that I’m on, someone used to work for coupons company, and she said that she recommand that we take what we want/need, as they trow a lot in the garbage anyway. I don`t remember the number exactly, but it was HUGE!!

  16. Veronica

    Hi Cassie and Linda,

    Thank you so much for your support. I will send a message to the head office of Shoppers. Hopefully, they can re-educate their employees on the coupon policies in stores.

    Warmest regards,

    Veronica 🙂

  17. Veronica

    Here’s an update: I could not find the contact for the headquarters of Shoppers, but I did call the store to talk to the manager. Apparently, the employee knew she did something wrong and already informed the manager of the incident. The manager has re-informed all the employees of their coupon policy, and even offered to have a more formal apology on my next Shoppers visit. Thanks again for all the help!


  18. Cassie Howard

    Aww, well that’s great, Veronica!

  19. Sarah

    I’m in Newmarket, ON and haven’t met anyone else that coupons but CONSTANTLY get loads of baby coupons I have NO use for. If anyone knows someone in my area that would trade let me know!

  20. Amber

    Sarah, trading with people who live in another province is often better for you… they might get different coupons than you do in your area.

    If you’re interested in trading some of those baby coupons for some Alberta coupons, feel free to e-mail me ([email protected]). Good luck, either way!

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