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How To Handle Cashiers That Won’t Accept Your Coupons

How To Handle Cashiers That Won’t Accept Your Coupons

What To Do When Cashiers Won’t Accept Your Coupons

Cashiers Won't Take Coupons

You’ve been planning this shopping trip all week. You received your flyers, saw the great deals, pulled your coupons and were prepared to bring home a ton of stuff for very little money.

Then, when sale day comes along, you head to the store and happily toss items into your cart. You finish shopping and head to a cashier to checkout – and that’s when it all goes downhill. The cashier refuses to take your coupons.

Here’s how to handle cashiers that won’t accept your coupons:

I Can’t Accept This Coupon Because It’s For $2 and the Item is Only $1.79.

Depending on where you are shopping, tell the cashier to just adjust the coupon to the price of the item (be sure to view the store coupon policy first to make sure they allow this).

If you’re shopping at Walmart or Giant Tiger, their coupon policies state that the cashier is to put in the full value of the coupon, regardless of how much the item costs.

I Can’t Accept More Than 1 of This Coupon Because It Says “1 Per Purchase”.

Tell your cashier that 1 per purchase, means 1 coupon per item, not 1 per transaction. Point to your 1 item and say “THIS is a purchase” and then point to the rest of your items and say “THIS is a transaction”.

That usually works for me.

I Can’t Accept This Coupon Because It’s in French.

Tell your cashier that Canada is a bilingual country and French coupons should be accepted everywhere in Canada.

If possible, bring the exact same coupon in English so they can compare the two and understand what the French one says.

I Can’t Accept This Coupon Because It’s Photocopied/Printed.

If it’s a photocopy, then the cashier is right. Photocopied coupons are illegal. If it’s a printed coupon, you will want to make sure that the store does in fact accept printed coupons by reading their coupon policy before you go shopping.

If they do accept printed coupons and your cashier tries to tell you otherwise, show them the coupon policy.

I Can’t Accept This Coupon Because the Item is Already on Sale/You Price Matched It, and It Says “Cannot be Combined with Any Other Offer”.

Tell your cashier that “any other offer” refers to any other coupon. More than 1 coupon is considered stacking and you can’t do that in Canada, except at select London Drugs & Save on Foods stores.

Having a cashier deny your coupons, for any reason, can be frustrating. Unfortunately, some stores do not train their employees very well in regards to coupons, and that’s why we sometimes run into problems.

When you have a cashier that won’t accept your coupons, if the above scenarios do not work for you and you feel it is worth your time to speak to a supervisor – ask to speak to one. Explain the issue to them and if they say the same thing that the cashier did, that’s when you ask for a manager.

Most store managers just want to make you happy and will do whatever they can to fix the problem. However, there are some managers that are also not well trained in couponing. If you have problems with the manager too, ask for their name (don’t forget the cashier and supervisor’s names, as well), store number and then tell them you will be calling head office about the issue.

The important thing to remember is to always be polite and stay as calm as possible. As the saying goes, “you catch more flies with honey than vinegar”.

What do you do when a cashier won’t accept your coupons?


  1. zak

    There’s just one problem with the photocopy, printed. The cashiers are responsible by union for any money from fake coupons. For instance, if you gave him a $2 coupon, and they accept it and it turns out to fake, which is very easy for photocopy/printed. Then the cashier is out $2 personally. If the manager says do it, or something of the sorts, then they are taking the responsibility for the coupon and they will be out the money if it goes bad.

    As for the rest, that is a newbie cashier, but the printed/photocopy is really to protect themselves personally. Once a supervisor or manager gives them the okay, they are then saying they will be responsible for it if it goes bad.

  2. Cassie Howard

    i understand that stores have to pay out of pocket if a coupon ends up being fake, but if the manager says to accept printed coupons, then cashiers should be accepting them. stores are notified of fraudulent coupons and they should educate their staff on these as well.

  3. Lynn

    Thanks for posting Cassie!

  4. JacAxx

    Why don’t you just get a job, pay for childcare, stop wasting time with coupons, and do other things in life? I can’t imagine spending $10 thinking of coupons a week.

  5. Cassie Howard

    i don’t know what you’re talking about with your $10 a week comment.

    however, i will not let someone else raise my child, which is why i stay home. and i do have a job THANKYOUVERYMUCH. 🙂 using coupons is soooo not a waste of time.

  6. katie

    Zak, I’ve never heard of a cashier being monetarily responsible for fake coupons before! Honestly, coupons aren’t given much thought by trainers at these stores, I should know, I think we spent an entire 30 seconds in my training at Loblaws on coupons…

    On printed coupons, yes most are told beforehand about fakes, but they are not always, stores find out about fraudulent coupons the hard way too.

  7. zak

    the Foods and service union, which cashiers belong to, at least here in Toronto, Canada. Cashiers are responsible for fake coupons personally. If money is missing from the till we arent ( provided we didnt steal / help someone steal it ) but for fake coupons we are. It also has the whole “Checking for ID” for over 19+ stuff, you could claim it looked real enough. Stores aren’t really notified of fakes, and by the time they are its usually too late for the most part and thats only if its been mass done.

    Yes, if a store is suppose to accept coupons, then they should. Thats not what im arguing. They should also be trained on such a matter but thats not always the case. If it isnt the case, then the best thing for them personally to do is to get the bookkeeper(Cashiers manager).

    Also to the above post, if the lesson was 30 seconds, then they probably didn’t have time to tell you that you are monetary responsible or they wanted you to think you weren’t, or the store management policy is to not make you responsible.(The union says you can be) They also probably try to deduct from your salary too when money is missing from your till, which is illegal. ;p

    I worked as a cashier, customer service non’the’less. (Grocery store)

    Also to admin, the store manager is the one that says they should be accepted, but that’s not the manager who trains the cashiers and suppose to teach them, it’s really the bookkeeper that should be blamed, not the cashier or store manager.

  8. Beatnik

    It’s funny to me that JacAxx has the time to troll couponing blogs just to tell people writing or reading the articles that they are wasting their time and should do other things with their lives. Other, more useful, things? Like trolling blogs perhaps?

  9. Erin D

    Hi Cassie,

    Last night I was at Superstore and there was a $1 store coupon for any Crest or Oral-B item. So I headed over to the Travel-size items section and grabbed 40 mini-toothpastes @ $1.09 ea. (Score!)

    When I got to the till, I was forced to go through a big riga-ma-roll about “This tube of toothpaste is a purchase. This load of groceries is a transaction” with the Cashier, then Supervisor, then Store Manager. Finally realizing I was right, the Manager became defensive and said, “Well, I can restrict your quantities, though.” She only let me purchase 20 of the original 40.

    What can I do to prevent this happening again? I did not clear the shelf, I read the coupon carefully. Seems I did everything right! So why did I have to leave the store feeling mistreated and frustrated??

  10. Cassie Howard

    Erin – Unfortunetely stores do have the right to limit quantities, but they usually only do that for mega sale items. It seems like that manager just wanted to be a jerk!

  11. Christine

    I wanted to start by saying thank you to everyone who puts the site together. It is a wonderful site.
    I am a cashier/ customer service/ manager at the store I work at, which is in the Loblaws chain. I have done this for five years now. I understand what everyone is saying about frustrations with store policies and having some people throwing kinks into the coupon plan. Please also take into consideration though, we (employees) are all responsible for what we do personally and professionally. There have been many times I have wanted to quietly look into a customer’s eyes and say “listen you maniac, I am doing a job, I am not immune to your unkind and rude behaviour.”
    I have been called alot of bad names by people because of the silliest things. For example, when we started charging for bags, when we changed policies about rainchecks, and when we started the most dreaded “multibuy” junk. Please remember, we probably feel the same way you do about these policies. If we made the decisions we would certainly not be working behind a till, self scan or doing returns. This I assure you of.
    Coupons are no different. In our store printed coupons are a no no. We have many, many small rules when it comes to accepting coupons, vouchers, freebies and the like.
    Enjoy your quests for coupons but PLEASE remember, the cashiers, new or not, do not make the rules. We follow them and when we don’t, we are reprimanded with either a write up (3 strikes and you’re out) or cash from paychecks, depending on which chain you work for. Loblaws does not remove anything from our paychecks in our banner but the write ups are far worse.
    Happy Couponing! Thank you again for this site:)

  12. shelley

    How do you handle stores who try and charge you the tax on an item that is Free or trying to charge you tax on items you are using the coupons on.

  13. Cassie Howard

    shelley: Walmart is the only store who’s coupon policy states that the consumer does NOT pay taxes on free items. Any other store, though, you do (unless the coupon states that taxes are included).

  14. angela

    my frustration is explaining how the coupon printer programs work (limiting copies for example) or that the stores should be up to speed on which coupons their product companies are putting out, is falling on deaf ears. had a stack of coupons that NONE of the stores up here will accept even after I suggested they go online and look it up themselves!

    Lean Cuisine had one with the customer’s name printed RIGHT ON IT for fraud prevention with a limit one per customer and that wasn’t accepted either! Its kind of ridiculous.

    I can sit here with a physical disability after my children are in bed and hunt for coupons while JacAxx sits around pointing the finger and probably facebooking all his/her friends. (Coincidentially, I used to work online from home until a machine replaced me. Next time you’re doing a google search, remember that once upon a time, people used to TYPE those results in for you!)

    My question is why are these companies not catching up to the internet age! At least get up to speed on which of your distributors are putting out printable coupons (easily done by way of message to their clients I would imagine) or update your system to SCAN coupons (2 separate stores told me they did not have that technology yet which was why they could not accept printed coupons as they had no way of determining whether or not they are real. However, the barcodes on coupons printed with a coupon printer ( or for example) DO work on properly equipped scanners which would determine pretty quickly whether or not a coupon was valid.

    A friend of mine actually told me that he uses his Iphone for coupons because it automatically searches out the coupons online, copies the barcodes and communicates with the check out… tempted to buy an iphone but then my question becomes, why are the online coupons accepted via IPHONE and not via paper?

  15. Bonnie

    I had to laugh at the elderly or middle aged women comment! You see, I am a middle aged cashier and I do know about couponing. Not all of us are jerks. I accept nearly all the coupons that come my way, don’t charge tax if the coupon doesn’t state “all taxes must be paid by the consumer”, I know it is 1 coupon per purchase, I don’t care how many you buy. I have had customers tell me they can’t use a coupon for an item on sale and I tell them that is the best time to use a coupon. I even accept coupons that may have expired by a week or so. Sorry, but I have been told by my cash supervisor that we do not accept coupons in french. I haven’t heard of cashiers being responsible for fake coupons. I often have the young cashiers asking me whether to accept coupons or not and I usually tell them to take them. I wish we could coupon like they do in the US. Please, don’t always blame the cashier, she is probably only doing what she is told, then the manager comes and gets the glory for doing what the customer wants and the cashier looks like a jerk or power tripper! And yes, I do know there are some bad and snotty cashiers out there, I have had the pleasure.

    • melanie

      yes bonnie! thank you! not all cashiers have bad intentions. thank you cassie as well for reminding us about the flies with honey saying… sometimes i can let my emotions get the best of me: on both sides of the till.

  16. Cassie Howard

    Bonnie: I totally agree that not all elderly and middle aged women are bad cashiers. I have had some very lovely cashiers that are over the age of 40. 9 times out of 10, the cashier is just doing what he/she is told.. but I know for a fact that some cashiers are rude and are on a power trip – just because they can be.

  17. Bonnie

    All it takes is one cheat to ruin it for everyone! Today, I had a woman making photocopies, it was of coupons. I was all set to tell her she couldn’t use them, but she didn’t buy anything, just the photocopies. Must have been for something else, right? Wrong!! Off she went to shop and cashed out at cosmetics, ripping off the store for about $76.00 in merchandise. What did she accomplish? Other than being branded a thief, now we can only accept 1 coupon per transaction, yes transaction, if it is an internet printer coupon because it is difficult to tell if it is from your printer or a photocopy. So if you have 4 of the same product now you can only use 1 coupon, not 4, unless it is an actual vendor coupon. Thanks a bunch lady!

  18. Brenda Pilon

    I am new to this website and I am ashamed to say that I was totally unaware of some many things I could legally do to save money at the grocery store. About 6 years ago I signed up for coupons and did use some then my good intentions fell by the wayside. Now when I go back in to the site I am advised that my password is incorrect, and after getting a new temporary one I am not advised that I have the wrong email address, which is the only one I have ever had. I am working on getting it set back up. I am getting too wordie here, but I must say I love the information I am getting and have recommended to a friend, who is 20 years younger than I, that she should go to the site and sign up for coupons and other information. Keep up the good work. This senior is counting on you.

  19. GENdMOM

    I had the most interesting and crazy first time coupon user experience. My friend hooked me onto coupons about 2 weeks ago, and she directed me towards a great deal. A printed coupon that was $10 off huggies or pampers diapers + the price matchup deal with the shoppers drug mart flyer. Well I printed off a ton of them and went on my way. This deal was amazing for me, I have 21 month old twins and a 3 year old in pull-ups…I NEED THIS DEAL. SO I choose Walmart to price match. The first day I go out it went wonderfully, they took the price match and the coupons and I got around 300 huggies diapers for $9.95. Then the next day happened. I had planned to go to 3 different walmart as they were putting limits on how many packs you could buy. The first cashier listened to what I wanted to do, looked at my coupons and responded “Oh, this looks messy, gotta call a supervisor.” the supervisor took the coupon looked it over and said she had to check with the manager. Okay, so the cashier and I stand there for about 10 minutes trying to make small talk while the super chats with the manager. Finally she comes back and says “We can not accept this because we have no where to redeem it” I say, “why don’t you redeem it at the store that is issuing it Save On Foods”, she says “that’s not a store thats the website that you got it from” No, No , No…Save On Foods is one of Walmart’s competitors and although it is in the Western Provinces and we are in Ontario it is still a COMPETITOR. I try and explain this to her. She tells me she has to go back to “Brian the manager” and check it out again…..more time passes….she comes back and says “No one here has ever heard of Save On Foods it must be American” Oh my god is all I can think do they not have a computer up in Brian’s Office. I said to her “So just because no one in your store has ever heard of this grocery store chain you will not honour my coupon?” So I whip out my phone and tell her I am going to check online and show her that it is a Canadian Grocery Chain. Thats when things really went ugly, she grabbed the coupons out of my hand and totally scratched me with her finger nails, (okay so first time out couponing and it has already gotten violent), she goes back up to Brian’s office and returns quickly and tells me they will accept the coupons this time but will not accept anymore coupons in the future from Save On Foods! WHY, their policy says they accept all Canadian Competitors Coupons.
    My next two stops were not so violent, but were very much the same hassle, they each had a different reason why they would not accept the coupon, one was because of the price match up with the shoppers flyer deal and the other was with the wording on the coupon itself. So it seems to me it is all up to whomever you encounter that day in the store who is working cash, or supervisor or manager!

  20. Jenni

    @GENdMOM Not to downplay your experience, but wouldn’t your store’s competitors be the ones within a specific geographical area? I can’t go in with a Save-On-Foods flyer from the west coast and try to price match at an Ontario store, because it is not a true competitor for an Ontario store, even if both stores are Canadian. If my store here in Ontario decides not to sell it to me at a certain price, I can’t hop into my car and shop at Save-On-Foods to get the deal since the stores are all on the west coast.

    Stores have the right to determine who their competitors are (usually says so in the fine print on flyers describing price matching policy). The point of price matching is to get you to buy 100% of your purchases in their store, rather than you spending only 60% of your money with them, and then driving off to another store to spend the rest of your money. Since their is little chance you will jump into a car or plane to buy diapers in Calgary or Vancouver, then Save-On-Foods is not your store’s competitor.

    Also, you mentioned that the Huggies coupon was a printed coupon. Walmart’s coupon policy states that printed coupons must have “Manufacturer Coupon” printed on them, and must have a valid name & Canadian remit address. The Huggies Save-On-Foods’ $10 coupon does not have an address anywhere on it and is a store-specific coupon not a manufacturer coupon and thus does not say “Manufacturer coupon” on it. The coupon only mentions “Overwaitea Food Group” which is the company that owns Save-On-Foods.

    I think you just should be grateful you were able to get such great deals on the diapers from the first cashier that accepted the coupons, and hope that that Walmart will be able to get their money back from Save-On-Foods. I think in this case, the cashiers and managers were actually in the right, although they should have been more polite about it.

    • Melanie

      I was once able to use a jo-ann’s coupon in a canadian michaels, but only “just that once.” I went in unsure of whether or not i’d be able to, and was just curious for the most part. since michaels also sells in the US, their company is technically competitors with jo-ann’s. they let me get 30% off my entire transaction and 40% from one item! I felt a little bad because it stressed them out a bit lol but at the end of the day, a store would rather lose a couple dollars to keep a loyal customer. I haven’t tried using an american coupon there again though, even if they did technically have to accept it.

  21. CarR

    @Jenni & @gendmom

    Very strong rebuttal, in terms of price matching flyers: may times i have not been able to price match using a flyer from out of town. for example using a zehrs flyer in Whitby Ontario or using a real Canadian superstore in Barrie Ontario because those stores, although in Ontario are not in the geographical region. so i would say depends on how you argue your case.

    there are manufacture coupons where the retailer is reimbursed. there are competitor coupons (like the ones found on the board inside the real Canadian superstore or zehrs front doors). the retailer will not be reimbursed however just like flyers or price matching it is a marketing technique to gain your business so that the store can move product thus making a profit. therefore it is fair to bring competitors coupons to a retailer and expect that discount as well.

  22. Shelby

    I agree, Im a cashier at Wal-Mart and some people really need to let-up on us, we don’t go through extensive coupon training on “what to take and what not to take” – If we are unsure, we call a manager or CSM, and I find at this point alot of us (me included) couponers get irritated – well we are just covering our butts, we aren’t doing it to irritate you, but we also dont want to get written up, so make sure you alowtime for this in your shopping trip when using lots of coupons. We can get in deep trouble for accepting expired or multiple coupons…we are just doing what we have been told, and to be very honest, the Coustomer Service desk also is a till (express at 1-10 items) so if you have some in the range it might be faster to go through there as they know exactly what to look for. There is only so much as we as cashiers can do, and we applaud everyone who is trying to save money! Smartest thing you can do right now! – We are techinally not even allowed to leave our till to help a coustomer find something, hense why we must call for everything. And coming from experince, and being a cashier, I ALWAYS READ THE ENTIRE COUPON. Yes, I know you have read it, but the cashier might not have and again we can get in big trouble – so they need to be 100 percent please dont get to irritated when that happens, we are just doing our job!!! So please, allow time in your shopping trip for simple things like that…it doesn’t make a cashier feel very good when some of us couponers are looking at us like we are idiots, or like we are judging them or even worse – don’t know how to do our job. Happy couponing everyone!

  23. Jennifer

    Great article and some great responses. I just wanted to say to Shelby that my best experiences have been at Walmart ( and my fave cashier is an older employee). But I have heard some horror stories and I know that my store is very good with their staff and we are very lucky. I have never had one instance where pm-ing or couponing has been difficult and with my fave cashier (Mary) she scrutinizes every coupon, but she always apologizes to us for taking so much time and we always apologize back for being difficult lol. It is money out of your cash and having worked in retail for a number of years I don’t begrudge anyone doing their job.

    It really irks me when couponers take advantage of the system and makes it harder for the rest of us. There was an article on another coupon website about the changes SDM is making to its Optimum program becuase people are taking advantage and ripping them off (buying their $50 worth of product so they can get their bonus Opt points and then returning the product).

  24. yasmin

    well ,I have a question that I could not get a clear answer for it. The Huggies peel off coupons says Limit one coupon per purchase so some cashier refuse to take them some do and when I ask my friends they say, those are stackable so I am confused are they stackable or not and does Limit one coupon per purchase means they cannot be combined with other coupons? and if yes how come everyone says they are stackable?

  25. Sully girl

    I am finding a total lack of ‘good food’ coupons lately. It seems I can always find tons of coupons for mouthwash, shampoo and cleaning products etc but I miss the great coupons for grocery items. We are all stocked up on cleaning supplies, toilet paper, shampoos and body wash – now I need some for food I can cook and feed the gang. This is where price matching has really been filling in the food coupon void for me lately – and I love it that No Frills has jumped on board with Price Matching all items not just staples like bread and milk as before.

  26. N.L

    Only problems I have experienced is Superstore accepting my ensure cheque but not taking off the total from my reciept I emailed company and the next the next time I went there to shop the cashier called her manager for help to redeem the coupons. And recently a cashier at Walmart said my similac cheque was expired and didn’t accept it so I took it back and later on I noticed that she read the “date printed” and the cheque didn’t expire for a few months always double check expiry dates and double check reciepts to ensure your coupons were taken off.

  27. Paige. In Virginia. ON

    Just an answer for Yasmin above about diaper coupons. and “stacking” if you have a coupon that says save $5 off cruisers when you buy swaddlers. you could use an additional coupon to get the swaddlers cheaper. same with most BOGO and WUB coupons you can use coupons to get the original purchase cheaper in most cases.

  28. Rena

    I don’t have any problems with the cashier to use the coupons, except Sobey, Freshco and Metro
    stores don’t accept interenet printed coupons.

  29. sonia

    The CSM of Longo’s refused to accept my “manufacturer” free product coupon because it didn’t have a bar code – now it has a product code on it! Its pretty frustrating. Isn’t it the law to accept all non photocopied coupons in Canada or Ontario?

  30. AT

    I had a cashier at Metro tell me they don’t accept printable coupons other than Metro ones, but she was really nice about it and suggested stores that DO take printable coupons. Then a manager was standing right there, and same thing. She apologized and suggested where I go and said she also hopes that the stores change their policy because she herself has issues with finding good printable coupons she can’t use. I am really new to this couponing thing and I find if you are nice about it most cashiers are really really nice back and VERY helpful.

  31. Anne

    Wal-Mart price matching, their flyers state “by a retailer in the local area”. I think I read somewhere that is within about 20km of the store you’re in.

    Now, I have a problem with “one coupon per purchase” because a manufacturer (Dare) told me when I asked them to explain that, that it meant if I had 3 coupons for cookies, and I was buying 3 packages, that I had to do 3 separate transactions, that I could not use the 3 coupons in the same transaction. Could be why I’m seeing more and more manufacturers stating “one coupon per purchase per transaction”.

    • Cynthia

      All of these were very informative, even as a long time couponer I did not notice that some coupons now state 1 coupon per transaction.I always try to make it as easy on the cashiers as possible,giving them my coupons especially fpcs,at the start of the order most are very appreciative of this,instead of having to check for the items at the end which takes a lot more time

  32. Annoyed Couponer

    Major problem in Canada especialy Ontario, is that the cashiers and, in many cases, the store managers, are not trained in couponing, they are also afraid of anything ‘new’ like couponing, and in some cases, the store manager is ignorant about printed coupons, refuses to accept them, and will not shift from their stance – I had one that was so rude, he told me “I make the rules, I decide we will not accept printed coupons, and this conversation is now over” and refused to even discuss it further. I told him I would call head office and he dared me to, saying that they would back him up. I got the manufacturer’s sales rep, and the local store’s owner involved, and got them to accept the coupon. But a week later, I ran into the same problem with another cashier, due to lack of training, lack of communication. Probably occurs more in small towns like mine, than in a big city like toronto.


    i find here ,that the cashiers dont know the rules on coupons..i had a problem about a month ago ..with a cashier wont accept coupns from Smart source ,i used them mant times before ,but this cashier said no longer tthey are taking printed i let it go and told her i will speak to manger about i head over to coustmer service and ask to speak to manger..i tild him what the problem is ..he explain to me they are losing on printed coupons..some are photo copying them ..and the cashiers are letting them to use them not knowing they are photo copy…i told him you can pick out a photo copy coupon and a print 1 ..he ask me how.,the next few days i went back wth a print coupon and a photo copy 1 .and ask him if he could tell which was printed and which 1 was copy the manger could tell which was print and which was copyed..i told him i rest my case lol

  34. Lisa K.

    I can understand the frustration. I have been on both sides of this situation: as a consumer who uses coupons and as a cashier/cash office manager who sees coupon use at work. I can attest that my specific store location does very thorough training with all cash employees (and management team) on coupon use, though I know this is definitely not the case everywhere. My tips (to add to the great ones in this article) are these (and they’re pretty simple):
    1) make sure the coupon is still valid. Stores cannot accept expired coupons.
    2) make sure it has an address on it for the country you’re in. In Canada, we cannot accept American coupons and I’m sure it goes the other way as well.
    3) make sure you are using it at the proper store. Many stores are owned by certain chains and so coupons can be used at all chain locations. However, you can’t use a coupon for a Loblaws chain store at a Sobey’s chain store.

    These are the three main coupon issues I run into at work, and while they may seem like common sense ones, I thought I would include them here.

  35. Aithnea

    I can attest that cashiers at most major retailers are well trained and well versed in coupon codes because using a coupon, especially on a sale item often means that the store loses money. Also, “Not valid with another offer” also includes sale items because that item is already discounted.

    • Cassie Howard

      The store does not lose money when you use a coupon. They are reimbursed by the manufacturer.

    • Kitty

      Not only are they reimbursed the value of the coupon, but they receive a handling fee as well!

  36. Susan

    Has anyone had issues with using coupons for clearance items at SDM? Example, I had found pacifiers for $1 and had the coupons for $1 off. The cashier told me that was not possible because then, I would be getting the product for free. *insert any expression you want here* I said that it shouldn’t matter because the coupon is still rendered to the manufacturer. I didn’t win, but two of my other clearance items rang up the wrong price, cashier said it was because it took time to update at the register (after I just had it checked by another staff member at their price checker machine), spoke to a supervisor, explained both the coupon and then the scanning code of practice, which she was aware of and somehow I saved $4.50 instead of $3.00. Anyways, sent in an email for a response and waiting to hear back.

    • Cassie Howard

      I’ve had that issue before (at various stores). It all depends on the cashier you get and the mood they’re in that day.

  37. Nancy

    I always look for young male cashiers. It’s sexist, I know…but – – I think this phenomenon is related to the male need to always hold the remote, and never ask for directions when lost. They will rarely question any coupon.

  38. Di

    Retailers not only get face value of coupons they also get a handling fee per coupon. So there is no $$ loss on the part of the retailer.

  39. Leah

    Great tips everyone. Don’t forget your scanning code of practice! Almost every time I go shopping I get something free or $10 off, look it up and happy shopping

  40. Susan

    Rexall Drugs will not except coupons on sale items anymore. Because of this I now price match at No Frills or Walmart. Last week though they only took one of my dove coupons because both had the same number on the coupon. Next time I will price match at No Frills

  41. Pat

    you have to watch for not valid with any other offer or DISCOUNT- meaning with a reduced sticker on it ex: 25%, 30%, or 50% item, the discount wording is the important one. Stores are audited for their coupons. Please be patience with your cashier, with PM & coupons, cashier’s have a lot to worry about and look at, besides having to listen to other customer’s at the same checkout being very rude because they are waiting. Another thing in regards to line ups, stores are alloted so many hours per week depended on sales. So unfortunately if you have a lot of people shopping an hour before store is closing and you have a few that are PM & coupons, they will be lines up, they are not staffed for a lot of shoppers, they are trying to get their stuff done for the day, so they can clock out on time and not stay late and not be paid. Bottom line, before you snip, snark, get ugly, think if you were on the other side, would you want to be treated that way.

  42. Sylvia

    This happened at my local Food Basics. Marc Angelo Hot Italian Sausages on for 2.99 and there was a $ 1.00 off ‘peelie’ on it and I had $ 1.00 off coupons for this product. Food Basics would not take both the peelie and the coupon. I see all the time where persons use a `peelie`and a coupon. Are they incorrect ! I bought them anyways because $ 1.99 is still a good price. Just curious what you think Cassie. Thanks.

    • Cassie Howard

      You cannot do this, as that would be considered stacking.

  43. jane

    Does Rexall accept printed coupons? The ones in Edmonton seem to refuse them, which is frustrating, especially because RCSS won’t price match to any of the drugstores (Lonon Drugs, SDM, Rexall, etc.)

  44. WalmartGirl

    I work at Walmart and because I also coupon am very knowledgeable about the rules and am usually really quick when accepting them. But my store doesn’t get coupons all the time (no offense, I work in a well off area so people aren’t always price matching and couponing). So when my co-workers DO get them, they need to grab their glasses/take a moment to read and make sure the item is eligible.

    I cannot understand the need to pick fights with cashiers/mgmt/head office because you couldn’t get $2.00 off a box of crackers? Really? Learn to LET IT GO. And yes, the printable coupons have gotten me in big trouble before. Unfortunately people are very dishonest and photocopy/cheat to get a few dollars off, which is why some stores say no.

    Luckily, most couponers/price matchers I meet are SUPER NICE (way to go!). Likely because they know the stigma, they know the people behind them are glaring, they know they’re holding up the line price matching orange juice at No Frills. So understand it goes both ways.

    • James

      And why should we “let it go”? If you feel so strongly about it, then take $2 out of your own pocket next time and give it to the customer. Sorry, but I won’t let something go just because a cashier is incompetent or feeling surly on a particular day.

  45. Meg

    Re: getting the cashiers name. Unless the cashier is rude or patronizing don’t involve them. Supervisors, maybe. The cashier may have been( most likely) told to do and accept this but not that. Dragging them through the mess risking them getting yelled at from head office and potentially fired is bordering on cruel. Managers not following policies however should be reported, they should know the correct policy and be following it. Many times it’s just a case of misunderstanding that can be solved. I like using coupons and price matching and while it can be frustrating to experience the disconnect between policy and enforcement if everyone remains polite (like most of us couponers are) it can be great.

  46. Pauline

    I noticed that Save On Foods no longer allows stacking, when did this change? It was only recently they allowed it again, now they’re not allowing it? Seems like a run around, which kind of sucks.

    I wanted to mention that in your information, it still states both London Drugs and Save On Foods accept stacking, but it has unfortunately changed. Just letting you know so you can update it. 🙂

  47. Liz

    I am a cashier at walmart and deals with different kind of coupons its is frustrating specially if the customer will bring up the coupons after the transactions and you have to dig every item just to check if they meet up with the requirements. Most of them are monster they are really scary, and they are mean customers they do want everything for free plus money back because they had their coupons copied… Coupons should have different bar code… I do use coupons too a lot but in a legal way. Just a huge favour to couponers please be polite and don’t act like a mean monsters to us, when you know how to listen we would be the same too. Don’t treat us like your slave and dumb. This website is helpful i hope someone could hear our side too as a cashier. Thanks

  48. Aly

    Scanning code of practice thats when the customers gets greedy…do u know where those get deducted from?? From our yearly bonus. we worked had and get nothing.

  49. Lynne

    I love the scanning code of practice! FINALLY a code that protects the consumer and if the stores don’t know how to train their employees probably to price items as indicated, then the consumer should receive what they are told the price would be on the shelf. I have saved more than $250 because of this practice and the grocery store I shop at not only tries to scam consumers with their shelf prices, but also their weighted produce! How many consumers think they’re buying something at a price per pound, go to the cash and pay a price per kg only to find out that the two do not match and the consumer is paying through the roof for this practice? I called their head office and launched a major complaint, but in the end, I won! Lots of savings in my pocket and if this practice is taken out of the employee’s bonuses, don’t blame us, blame your employer for bad business practices!

  50. SeriousSally

    I think the Scanning Code of Practice is a fair deal to customers, not customers being greedy. After all it’s a nice little reward for doing the retailer’s job. If I took the time to pick up a product that has a sale sign or a lower advertised price that’s incorrect the retailer should be thankful that a customer has pointed out the error their staff missed.

    BTW the SCOP is a voluntary program, not all retailers are obliged to participate, but for those who do they open themselves up to customer scrutiny and are obliged to honour it. So why wouldn’t a customer use this to their advantage?

  51. Karen

    I know about Scanning Code of Practice, but I have only ever had 3 opportunities to use it. Any tips to have as much success as you have had?

  52. JoAnne

    Price match at another store & use the coupon there; it is very unlikely you will run into another cashier that will not accept it.

  53. Olivia

    SCOP is a fair program to protect the consumer. I have had cashiers not familiar with it, then ask another cashier who also never heard about it. Finally, somebody down the line is knowledgeable enough.
    Retailers need to do their part. Even after giving the item free, many still don’t remove the shelf sticker, giving me the opportunity to do it again next time I’m in their store. Someone is not doing their job properly !!!!!


    Thank you for covering the most common complaints about couponing. I think people need to remember that some days you win- some days you lose- but the savings are always worth it!

  55. James

    Excuse me? Greedy? It’s a policy you’re expected to abide by. If you can’t be bothered to post the correct price on your shelves, don’t come online to whine about it and make up stories about where the money comes from.

  56. Christine

    Though Walmart coupon guidelines do state overage is given, when the coupon specifically forbids it (as is the case with the majority of P&G coupons that state “no cash or credit in excess of the shelf price may be given to the consumer or applied to the transaction”, Walmart Canada Head Office will tell you that when that wording is on the coupon, then the cashier should be adjusting the coupon value down to what the item is actually being sold for.

    So if a cashier makes that adjustment when that wording is on the coupon, the cashier is correct in doing so.

  57. L

    I can’t accept more than 1 of this coupon because it says “1 per purchase”.
    Tell your cashier that 1 per purchase, means 1 coupon per item, not 1 per transaction. Point to your 1 item and say “THIS is a purchase” and then point to the rest of your items and say “THIS is a transaction”.
    ^ Please do NOT speak to your cashier, or anyone over the age of 5 like this. It’s SO rude.

    I’m a cashier at a large chain grocery store, and I can confidently say if you treat your cashier like they’re an idiot, you should shop online. Being rude and condescending won’t get you anywhere.

  58. Cidalia

    Unfortunately, explaining the difference between a purchase and a transaction will get you nowhere at many stores. Apparently, No Frills (and basically Loblaws corporate) has decided to officially define a purchase as the entire transaction. I won’t shop in their stores anymore.

  59. Kevin

    The person that wrote this is not to bright is she? If there is a similar coupon in English why use the French one. Sounds to me like the person that made this post is six years old and still needs adult supervision when shopping

  60. Steve

    If your not finding many opportunities to use SCOP to your advantage that’s actually a good thing, it means the store (and it’s employees) are on top of things. And some retailers are better at updating there signage then others, where I live Real Canadian Superstore is particularly bad, your best chances for catching them is the day after a sale has ended and immediately after they’ve opened for the day. If you see employees walking around with carts full of tags and an inventory scanner this is usually a good sign that they haven’t adjusted all the prices yet.

  61. Chris

    A coupon completely in French was more than likely distributed to a province or area of the country where that language is the predominant language. Just because there are 2 official languages of the country does not mean a store must accept a coupon in either language.

    Since majority of coupon terms state a coupon cannot be transferred, sold, etc., a coupon put out in Quebec only, but being redeemed in British Columbia….well, sounds like the coupon terms have been broken right there.

  62. Shannon

    Canada may be a bilingual country…however, point out the law to me that states a private business MUST accept a coupon that is in French.

  63. Elle

    Thrifty’ s Grocery Store doesn’t not accept coupons writing in French although the coupon came from that store (attached coupons to Adams peanut butter jars ).
    This was a very bizarre since I have used same coupons at this same store with NO issues whatsoever. Until I reached to customer service lady …Mary D. and with help of assist manager went on telling me the store does not get paid for coupons in French language although the Barcode is on the French version side of the coupon .The lady went on basically suggesting I was trying to con the store (lol for $1 ) saying this is one coupon not TWO coupons . I was offended by her remarks and way she rudly delivered her argument. I went home called the store manager he told me would verify and call me back ( I am still waiting for that call )
    Next I contact customer service at their head office in Victoria this lady said would forward a email to Andrew (store manager ) to remind him. Just to make my point it’s not the face value of the coupon (manufactures) but I take customer service seriously this store needs to improve customer relations , educating their staff how to provide it .As a consumer we don’t expect to be insulted and treated like a Con artist at their customer service desk.

  64. Alex

    How about listen to the cashier. Despite what you say, we are trained properly most of the time and know under what conditions and what coupons our stores accept and don’t accept

  65. Gundy

    Imagine being such a Karen that you needed to write a blog post on how to irritate and harass a minimum wage cashier about saving a few cents. Have some human decency and realize that these people don’t want to get fired because they let you strong-arm your way to saving a few bucks. If you NEED that extra 50 cents in savings then maybe consider getting a second job.

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