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9 Items You Should Always Buy at Shoppers Drug Mart

9 Items You Should Always Buy at Shoppers Drug Mart

Shoppers Drug Mart is one of my favourite stores to shop at, for a number of reasons. Not only do they have an amazing rewards program, but they also have some fantastic deals on a regular basis.

There are some items that you should always buy at Shoppers Drug Mart, simply because you can almost always find them on sale there. Of course, full price is ridiculous, but watch for those sales, because on these items, they happen often.

Items to Buy at Shoppers Drug Mart

1. Diapers

I rarely buy diapers anywhere than Shoppers Drug Mart. You can often get a small package of Huggies or Pampers for $9.99, which doesn’t sound all that great, but if you can catch this sale at the same time there is a bonus points promotion (or there is a bonus points coupon available), this can actually be a really great deal.

I’ve even found diapers on clearance at Shoppers Drug Mart, so make sure you always check the clearance section in your store!

2. Eggs

It’s common for Shoppers Drug Mart to price a dozen eggs at $1.99 per pack, which is a great deal, considering the cost is around $1 more at grocery stores.

I’ve noticed that the $1.99 sale happens every few weeks, so there is always a chance to get this deal.

3. Butter

As long as you’re not brand loyal, butter is almost always priced at $2.99 for a large brick at Shoppers Drug Mart. This is a sale price, so you won’t be able to get this price all the time, but the $2.99 price is available regularly.

Buy enough to get you through until the next sale. If the price is lower than $2.99, which is sometimes is, you may also want to buy a couple of extra bricks to stick in your freezer.

4. Bathroom Tissue

I don’t remember the last time I bought bathroom tissue anywhere other than Shoppers Drug Mart.

The brand that is frequently on sale is Royale. I wait until the sale price is $3.99 for 12 double rolls, and use a $1 coupon from (you can order these coupons often!). If there’s a bonus points promotion on at the same time as a sale on Royale, I will pay up to $4.99, plus use a coupon.

5. Facial Tissue

Just like bathroom tissue, you can often find Royale facial tissue (6 pack) for as low as $3.99, and there is also a coupon for that on

Again, I try to only purchase these packs if they’re on sale and there is also a bonus points promotion going on.

6. Milk

Milk is regularly priced right around $4 at most Shoppers Drug Mart stores, which is the same or cheaper than many grocery stores, making this a must-buy if you’re looking to save money!

Some locations don’t allow you to earn points on milk purchases though, so keep that in mind if you want to buy milk during a points promotion (check with your store to see if it’s allowed).

7. Crackers & Cookies

Christie cookies and crackers – if you buy these, you’ll want to keep an eye on your Shoppers Drug Mart flyer, because these are priced as low as $1.50 each on a regular basis!

This price is so good that they have to limit purchases to 4 per person, so you don’t be able to stock up, but it’s still a great deal worth picking up if these are items you normally buy.

8. Chips & Pop

I seem to always find deals on chips and pop at Shoppers Drug Mart. Usually the chips are Lay’s or Ruffles, but I’ve also seen some very good prices on Doritos and Tostitos.

As for pop, don’t every pay more than 3/$10 for 12-packs of Coca-Cola or Pepsi cans, or more than $2 for 6-packs of Coca-Cola or Pepsi small bottles, because these sales happen very often!

9. Peanut Butter

Another item that I always see on sale for a great price at Shoppers Drug Mart is Kraft peanut butter. I’ve seen the large containers (750g-1kg) for as low as $2.99! That is a great price!

These are often limited to 4 per person, and are usually only available at this low price for 1 or 2 days, so pay attention to those details when you’re looking at this sale.

What are some items that you often buy at Shoppers Drug Mart?


  1. Lynn Duchesne

    I always shop at Shoppers Drug Mart I am on my way now….I gather my coupons for the sale items of the week…I first buy a GC, I have received so many freebies shopping ….and it is walking distance…I gave up my car recently, where I use to go bargain shopping wherever the deals are for that week…I often buy butter,eggs,milk,cheese,bacon,crackers,toilet paper,paper towels,k cups,so many specials…I like when they have the promo $10 GC=Tims and GC=Shoppers should be coming up soon!!!Have a great day

  2. janet

    Cheese – its I $2 to 4 cheaper at Shoppers than any grocery store, and Cereal , this also goes on sale a lot for $1.99 to $2.99 and if you have coupons I have paid $1 or $2 .

  3. ninojolly

    Life brand contact lens solution is uslly on sale for $4-$5 and bottled by Baush and Laumb

  4. Joy

    Life brand tissues and paper towels! Their .69 cent sales are awesome, you can get a double roll of paper towel or a box of tissues for that price. I always stock up.

  5. angela

    Life Brand Toilet Paper goes on sale regularly and is of great quality I prefer this brand to Royale as it lasts longer and does not leave the little pieces stuck on your behind.

    Also great prices on Cheerios, eggs, milk, paper towels, ritz crackers, chips, bottled water, always got to check their Sunday /Monday only specials.

    Sign up for Optimum online and they will send special points promotions to your address, I recently got a 5$ off coupon for purex laundry detergent, so I only paid .99 cents. Plus many offers for 20X the points on purchases that were already on sale so It was bonus, used the coupons they had sent me and save almost 38 dollars in one trip.

    • Patricia

      I recommend signing up online as well. I love getting my personalized weekly offers!

  6. Sharon

    I get the coupons emailed to me but it seems that you cannot use a personalized coupon along with a sale.. 🙁 Unfortunately, some of the prices you mention are not the same out West as they are for you. The Royale tends to be 4.99 here.

  7. Maeggan

    I’m out West, in Edmonton, Alberta region. I completely agree about the eggs, Royale toilet paper and facial tissue. Even the crackers and chips too.
    However, I don’t find that milk is cheaper at Shoppers…in fact this week Shoppers and Superstore both had it on for $4.59, whereas I ended up buying mine at Costco for $4.49 (this is a 4 litre of Skim Milk I’m referring to). My favorite place to get milk is Safeway when they have the buy two 2L for $4.00.
    And also…unless you absolutely need butter…you can usually wait for a good sale at other stores where it will be $2.49, instead of $2.99.

  8. Kate

    Dairyland Cottage cheese when it is selling for $2.99.

  9. Kathleen

    Flavoured creamer is almost always on sale

  10. Debbie

    I love all your suggestions, the one thing I think you should add is shredded cheese, when on sale it’s usually $3.99 much cheaper than the grocery stores!

  11. Shannon

    I often buy my tassimo t-discs here. I love the Chai tea lattes. They go on sale for $8.99! That’s about $3 cheaper than most places sell them for.

  12. Sameen

    I always buy paper towels from there

  13. Rosie

    Paper towels, fruit snacks, and gift cards (for the Optimum points).

    • Andrea

      Optimum points cannot be earned when purchasing gift cards, or so I have been told.

      • Olivia

        You do earn points on THE SDM gift cards only! which in turn you can use that gift card ( on a separate purchase with other items) to buy any other gift card available there . I do that every time I remember , even did it today.

      • Cassie Howard

        Only SDM gift cards get points.

    • Barbara

      There are no points even for the SDM gift cards anymore sadly……

  14. Carlene

    I like to buy Dempster bread and the shoppers brand carnation cream when its on sale for $.99. I like to purchase a shoppers gift card, you get 500 pts for $50

  15. Linda

    All that is in the article, plus the paper towel. I also buy my blue and green garbage bags there. They are at the same price at the grocery store, but at least at SDM I get points 😉 Bacon and cheese. Catelli Smart pasta at 3 for 5 $

  16. cyn

    Milk for 4.00???? Wow!!! Its like 7.99 for a 4L here… its crazy!

  17. Carrie

    I like when the 2kg bags of sugar go for 1.99

  18. Pam

    watch for their Chex gluten free cereals to go on sale 3 boxes for $10 which is much better than the grocery stores or Walmart.

  19. christine kempt

    The paper towel goes on sale for $1.99 regularly for 6 or 8 rolls – I always get a couple. Also, if you watch the P & G products, Shoppers will have a sale in coordination with when their coupon book comes out so you get a good sale price + you can use the coupons. I do that and then pay with points so I get a huge bang for my buck and then only pay the tax.

  20. Melanie

    Paper towels, 500g bricks of cheese, water/flavoured water, tide or other laundry detergent (often on sale for $3.99-$4.99), coffee, life brand sandwich bags/plastic wrap/tinfoil and of course all the things already mentioned. ONLY ON SALE though. I don’t buy these items when they are regularly priced.

    AND I always start my transaction by purchasing a SDM gift card. You get base points for gift cards. Then I use the gift card to pay for my purchase. Always, always, always. 🙂

  21. Michelle Delios

    I always buy milk, eggs and butter. The staples. I usually buy my creamer there as well (1.99 for a small one, 3.99 for a large one). I also look for their yogurt to go on sale or have manager coupon. Sometimes I buy my hair products if the deal is right or they send me coupons. For instance, I purchased my conditioner there for 1.99 (Garnier) the largest one, regular priced for 11.00. It was a coupon they sent me over the internet. Usually I get a milk coupon for either 800 points or 3.99.

  22. Sylvia Estey

    Nabob coffee on sale for $4.99, it is as high as $9.49 in other stores at regular price.

  23. Ash

    I always buy my laundry soap there along with toilet paper. I also get alot of 50%-75% off items or item that are $10 or a bit more for like $1-$2 it’s crazy sales and I absolutely love my local Shoppers Drugmart. <3

  24. Elaine Morine

    Quite often they have maxwell house instant coffee for $2.99-$3.49

  25. Meg

    President’s choice coffee

  26. sandra iseman

    All of these things are bad for the environment and you! Don’t buy any of that stuff – go vegan, stop eating junk, buy only recycled paper tissues and toilet paper, and do cloth diapers! And yes – if a single broke working mom can do it – anyone can!

  27. Joanna

    Those eggs for $1.99 come from hens that suffered significantly more than hens that lay eggs in Free RANGE conditions.

    The stress and cruelty these birds experience in insane. The can’t walk, they are cramped with 6-10 other hens into a tiny wire cage their entire life. The are under immense stress and never see daylight or the outdoors. You should see what they look like with their feathers torn out by other hens and the pain and fear in their eyes.

    We as humans should be more evolved and less barbaric. We are capable of compassion and need to practice it.

    FREE RANGE EGGS cost $5.50. I’m sure most people can afford to spend an extra $3.50 to not participate in such horrible factory farm food production.

    PLEASE DON’T BUY CHEAP EGGS, at Shoppers, or at any other store.

    I wish Shoppers would only sell cruelty free eggs.

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